Monday, March 27, 2006

Region 1 Update: 03/26/06

Hi everyone,

I'm now back from a 16 day jaunt out west. The wife and I had a great time, but will tell you the weather wasn't what I was expecting out there. It was cold, cool, rainy, snowy, cool, and generally crappy. It finally warmed up the last three days of the trip. That's about right!!!

We went to the Vegas Cup race two weeks ago, and let me tell you, it was the coldest I've ever been at the race track. Cold winds blowing at about 30 knots, cloudy, and so cold you couldn't sit there and watch the racing. The best part was on Friday. The Thunderbirds, who are based across the street at Nellis AFB were practicing their show for the better part of the day. It was spectacular to see them do their thing wile watching the cars on the track. As cold as it was, it was worth freezing to see it all. They did the fly-over on Sunday, and made five passes in various formations before the race started. Very cool (Pun, what pun?) indeed!!!

When we got home, I had a HUGE bag of mail waiting for my attention. One of the more interesting items I received was the Noreastcon event information. As I've said before, John and the whole Noreastcon team is putting together a fine event for us this year. Get your registration back to Event Registrar Bob Magina soon, and avoid the rush!! And of course, they're still looking for sponsorships!! Please consider sponsoring a category at our Regions premier event.

The latest issue of the IPMS Journal has been mailed, so everyone should be receiving theirs shortly. I haven't gotten mine yet, but from what I've been hearing, outgoing Editor David Von Almen has used it as a platform to trash everyone he associates with his ouster. It's too bad he decided to take the low road out of town. He's done a fine job over the years in keeping our publication on track and on time, and taking such a low tack in his final edition will not enhance his legacy. I know there have been quite a few complaints on the quality of his editorship over the years, but to use the official publication of the Society as a personal bitch stump on the way out the door just isn't right. I have to reserve judgement until I actually see it, but if what I'm hearing is true, it will certainly lower my opinion of the man.

Also, after a long wait, the Judges Pins from Atlanta have been mailed. Hurrah!!! I receive mine while I was away. If you judged in 'Lanta, and signed the book, you should have gotten yours by now as well. If you don't get yours within a week or so, contact the Atlanta crew. They're very nice, and look similar to the event pins.

There isn't much else to report at this time. I'm back, and ready to get back into the saddle after a fine vacation. The time shift will be something to deal with, but after a few days, I should be alright. I'll have more to pass along as I get back up to speed. Please share this with the officer and members of your chapter.

Doug Hamilton
Region 1 Coordinator

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