Monday, July 24, 2006

July Update for the Speicher Model Group.

July Update for the Speicher Model Group.

Hello again from FOB Speicher, Iraq,

All is going well here and most of us are looking forward to ending our year here and returning to our family, friends and lives in the next month or two. We have seen a replacement of the Air Force personnel and thus a lot of new Airmen have come in and are participating in the group. Even with the shelves we installed, they are now full and we are in need of more and have gone to hanging finished aircraft from the ceiling. We have three airbrushes and they are in constant use now. A great number of people have and are learning how to use the airbrush and the results in quality of completed kits has been amazing.

Again, I would like to pass on my thanks and the thanks of all the soldiers and airmen that have received model kits and supplies from all of you. I would like to recognize the following people and groups for there generous donations to the group -

Groups – IPMS Space Coast Chapter, Southern Maryland scale Modelers, MyE28.com BMW community (my other expensive hobby). With continued support from Brooklyn Plastic Modelers Society.

Individuals – Mark Lindstrom, Tim Kelly, Jerry Sudduth, Bryon Taylor, Brian Scroggins, Richard Weems, Jeremy Novak, Robert Ketwlhohn, Randal Womack, Christopher Spargo, Buck Dawson

I am a month out from returning to the states and have coordinated for a new point of contact for you to send kits and supplies. I will have the full address soon. As of July 15, the new address will need to be used due to mail service to me being suspended on 1 August.

Below are some up-to-date pictures.

Thanks again!

MAJ Duke Samouce

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