Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A new offer to IPMS members

This just in. Please share it with the officers and members of your chapter.
Semper Fi
www.historicalwarfare.com is a new web site for those interested in military history. It aims to bring the different aspects of Military History together on to one site, to create a one stop web site to save those interested in military history the one thing few of us have a lot of, time. We firmly believe that while many people are passionate about a specific period or a specific way of recreating that period, few are blinkered to the degree they ignore other areas.
Historical Warfare is a subscription web site because we believe that subscription web sites offer a better user experience that are not reliant on advertising to pay the bills. Consequently no pop up ads, banner ads or Google ads. This also allows the site to be impartial. We appreciate that www.historicalwarfare.com is not fully developed yet, so consequently, in January we are offering a permanent subscription rate of $1.95 a month. If you join in January 07, that is all you will ever pay, until you decide to cancel.
For IPMS-USA members, we are also offering 10 days free trial. Just use the promotional code MMJAN when joining. This will allow IPMS members to have alook and see if it is of interest, at no cost. We will keep this offer open until the end of February.
If you could forward this via your regional network, it would be greatly appreciated. Apologies to those I have already sent something to.
Best wishes
Adam Hill

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