Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bulletin: October 2007

T h e M i n u t e s
by Bobby the Blue
September was a good meeting, or so I hear. My sources relayed the information of the meeting to me. We had 22 members and one guest bringing in 21 models.


Surprise BBQ: There were some left over vittles from the August meeting, so we quietly put them aside for a low key BBQ II in September. There were limited quantities, but with limited numbers at the meeting, it went well. Thanks to the team who get it all done.

Camo Theme Night: These theme nights are always fun to see how members interpret the concept. This time we got to see all sorts of goodies dressed in their finest camo patterns: ranging from armor to air to sci-fi we had quite a good showing. Thanks for participating!

Swap Night: Other than Lou from Ace Hobbies, who had a nice assortment of the latest and greatest kits, there wasn’t much. How about a Swap Night Part 2 for October?

You can see pics from each meeting on Gordon’s blog:


On the agenda: October

Nominations For Officers: What?!? These guys are only in their first year! Fuhgettabouttit!

Work In Progress Night: Do you have something(s) that you’re working on? Well, toss some works in progress into a box and bring it to the meeting to show the group what you’re up to. We’ll be telling a couple words about our work, so be prepared!

Swap Night: Okay, here’s another chance at selling stuff off. Please, feel free to bring in stuff to sell or trade. Don’t forget to bring cash to buy goodies with, there’s no tab at this bar!

Theme contest alert!!!
It’s OCTOBER!!!!

Before you know it December will be knocking on the door and the theme contest will be upon us! Remember, the December meeting is usually on the second Friday, which will be the 14th. Will you be ready? Now is a great time to get started for…


“We Mean Business” will be a theme contest honoring the memory of founding member Bert Berg. He’s remembered fondly as being a business man, first and foremost. With that in mind, the sponsors (Frank C, Russ, Jimmy M, Frank T, and your humble narrator) are bringing a theme contest all about PRODUCT PLACEMENT to the BPMS in December. Does anything else scream out capitalism more than the Christmas Season? With that, we’re asking the members to build something showing product placement. It can be real, eg: a jumbo jet with some markings from some airline, a race-car with sponsor labels, or you can invent something. We encourage the use of imagination! Since we are in the beginning stages, we may yet come up with some special awards, let’s say, for ingenuity. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the sponsors, we’ll be happy to assist!

We are also thinking of some special awards that may include the following: Funny Business, Monkey Business, Out of Business, Big Business, Small Business, Mom & Pop Business; Risky Business. Have fun with it! Here are some ideas…

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