Friday, April 17, 2009

Bulletin: April 2009

T h e M i n u t e s

by Bobby the Blue

March was another cramped and busy meeting. In Ray’s absence, Vice President Israel A. presided over 24 members and 3 guests who brought in 6 models. Six? C’mon guys! We can do better than that!

March Meeting

New Members: We acquired our first new members of 2009! Kevin A. and Tony G. came to three meetings and showed us examples of their work so we voted them in! Welcome to the fold, gents!

Decal Swap Night: Decals were brought in, traded and sold. A particular treat was a massive collection of decals that belonged to founder Joe Turner for the members to put to good use.

Well-Marked Theme Display: This didn’t go as well. Instead we had everyone who brought in a model to display tell us a couple words about it.

Loss of a Founder: Founding member of the BPMS, Joe Turner (IPMS #90!), passed away days before the January meeting. We raffled off donations from our VP, Israel, and the Trez, Jeff, and generated some money for trophy packages in Joe’s honor. We’ll, likely, be holding another raffle in March since we’ve gotten Joe’s name on some awards. Any donations of kits from the members for the cause would be greatly appreciated. Bring money for tixx.

You can see pics from each meeting either at the Club Website or on Gordon’s blog:

On the agenda: April

WIP / Fav Model Night: What are you working on? What is your favorite model? We kindly ask the members to bring in their works in progress and / or their favorite models to show and to tell the group a couple words about. We’ve had a lot of fun with this previously; I look forward to it again.

Take A Part / Leave A Part: Gordon will be heading this one up. Every one of us finds that we have parts left over when working on a kit. Gordon has volunteered to bring in a basin to keep any parts that you might consider tossing away. He’ll bring it in for each meeting for people to add or take away from the club parts box. This is something we can all benefit from!

BPMS Magnets: Last month I unveiled the new BPMS magnets. Nothing too fancy, it’s the club logo and web address with a meeting reminder imprinted. The club will be selling them for a mere $1 each from now on. We, also, still have club logo patches if anyone’s interested.

Our next meeting will be on April 17, 2009.

Reminder: “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Modeling Contest” will be held on June 19, 2009

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Anonymous said...

BPMS - I just learned of the passing of Joe Turner, being somewhat behind on my IPMS Journal reading. I just wanted to pass along my thoughts to his family & friends from BPMS. He had already moved to NC by the time I was active in BPMS, but we met at a show & remained in fairly close touch. I even saw him in Georgia, where I went after NYC - he came to Andersonville NHS with a cousin who lived near and I gave them a personal tour. Saw him a lot at the Atlanta Regionals in the late 1990's. I was fortunate to have known him. Eric Reinert BPMS 95-97