Thursday, July 07, 2011

Your Chapter can make a big difference in this IPMS election cycle

It is "Election Time" and I'm appealing directly to you to enlist your aid in "getting out the vote" in this IPMS election cycle.

Please make the effort at your next chapter meeting, or whenever and wherever you might see your chapter members, to circulate a copy of the ballot. Please consider collecting thos ballots during the meeting, placing them in an envelope, and sending them to the National Office. The mailing address appears on the ballot. Your members can remove the ballot contained in the May/June issue of the Journal and have it in the outgoing mail in under five minutes. Or, if you wish to save some postage, you can go online and register to vote on the IPMS website. It takes only about five minutes, is easy to do, and we promise that the electrons you use will be recycled.

The url for the online voting system is http://voting.ipmsusa3.org/

You are being encouraged to vote "in favor" of the amendment by both the Constitution Review Board (a committee of indivuals who are not currently serving on the E-Board) as well as the current members of the E-Board. The recommendation statement by the CRB is available in both the Journal and on the website. If you do not approve of the amendment then please, by all means, vote "no".

Lastly, only two of the current E-Board officers wish to change office. I am not running for President but am seeking the office of Secretary. Larry Randel, the current Secretary, is running for Dir.of Local Chapters. All other offices are uncontested and are being sought by individuals who are seeking office for the first time. Please vote "Yes" for the five candidates who are running unopposed. They have made the committment to serve IPMS and its membership back in January when nomination petitions were made available. Now they need your support and your vote will provide that very important and much needed statement of support.

There you have it. A simple request from me to you. Please vote. Please encourage your friends who are also IPMS members to vote. Please do it now and do not put it off for another minute.


Dick M.
Int.Plastic Modelers Society-President

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