Friday, July 13, 2012

BPMS Bulletin July, 2012

T H E 
by Bobby the Blue

June was another great meeting. We had 29 members and 1 guest who brought in 24 models, of which 20 were for the theme contest despite the unbelievably bad traffic conditions. That’s dedication!

June Meeting

BBQ NIGHT: Food was ready on the early side so we made quick work of the business meeting so we could dig in while the food was still hot. Some yummy treats there! Thanks to the cooking staff, as well as the members who brought in extra goodies for the group.

THAT 70s THEME: It arrived and the members made a great showing of it. The bulk of the models on the tables were just for the theme.
First Place: Bob E. – Don Garlits & 426 hemi

First Place: Bob E. - Dan Garlits and Hemi 426
Second Place: Joe B. – Forgotten Prisoner
Third Place: Jeff E. – Angel Interceptor
Frank C. – Huey
Russ H. – German Squadleader
Israel A. – Voyager

Special Awards:

On behalf of the sponsors, Hugh, Joe B, Tom K, James M, and your humble narrator, we’d like to thank everyone who built for our theme contest. The quality of the work was very good and made our job as judges VERY difficult. Thank you all for supporting our theme. And the group would also like to thank the sponsors, without whom these theme contests wouldn’t exist.

With this one out of the way, we can now look forward to THE END OF THE WORLD! (Find details HERE.)

On the agenda: JULY

THE QUEEN THEME: '52 - '12: It’s a theme night commemorating the Queen’s reign. Bring in anything relating to Britain from 1952 – 2012 to display. There will be separate tables for the theme, and please be prepared to say a couple words about your model for the group.

SWAP NIGHT: Bring in kits, accessories, etc. to sell or swap. It might be a good idea to bring a little extra cash as there is no tab at this bar!

Meeting will be on
JULY 20, 2012
Same time,same place!
See you there!

• Air – Bert Berg: Frank C - Huey
• Armor – Art Gerber: Kosta – JS-2
• Figure – Leon Kestenbaum: Joe B – Forgotten Prisoner
• Sea – Cap’n Bart Holmes: Frank T – U-Boat
• Sci-Fi – Dave Cockrum: Jeff Eng – Angel Interceptor
• Misc – Joe Turner: Bob Epley – Go Mad Nomad

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