Friday, July 10, 2015

Bulletin: July 2015


by Bobby B2 Blue Pokorny

We had a good sized group for the first theme contest of 2015. We had 20 members and one guest who brought in a total of 27 models, 21 of which were for the theme contest.

June Meeting

Modeling with the stars: It’s finally happened and we couldn’t have been happier with the turn-out! With so many models in the theme contest, we really had our work cut out for us!

The Winners:
1st:         Bob Epley, JS-2
2nd:       Joe Bergman, Lunar Module
3rd:       Ray Keegan, Battlestar Galactica
HM:     Kosta Lukyanov, Catalina
              Ed Johnson, Stalins
Special Awards:
FALLING STAR: Joe Bergman – Dr. Strangelove
            Joe Bergman - American Paratrooper
STARRY NIGHT: Bob Epley – ’53 Studebaker
FILM STAR: Ray Keegan – B-24
SHOOTING STAR: Jimmy Tissot – Stalin Tank

The quality of the entries was spectacular and I can honestly tell you that on behalf of the sponsors, we were overjoyed to see it! Thanks to the members who took the time to build for our contest, and thank you to the sponsors for another fun theme to build for!

BBQ NIGHT: The summer means BBQ time at the BPMS. The price for the supplies went up so we had to up the charge to $7 per person. Good food and good friends means we ALL had a great time!  

SUMMER LUNCHEON: We tried to pound out details for a summer luncheon similar to what we have for the year end. However, we've been speaking with some members and it seems the general consensus is that the summer luncheon that we were tentatively setting for the day after the July meeting may have been too rushed and lacked serious planning. As a result we only had a list of a dozen members and there were several maybe's on it.

We think that we should cancel it for July 18, and hold additional discussions at the upcoming meeting. Perhaps aim for the end of August or the beginning of September. Worst case scenario, we pass this year, but use it as a learning experience for next year, start the planning a bit sooner. If you think about it, we start Christmas discussions in September, usually.

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK: The next theme contest has been announced! Find details HERE.

avenel hobbies: There are fewer and fewer hobby shops around and it’s a shame to hear about one of the last local stores closing up shop.

raffle: We had a kit sale and a raffle during the meeting. It’ll probably go the same way for July.

On the agenda: JULY

BASIC SKILLS - AIRBRUSHING: We haven’t had a basic skills clinic in a while. President Gordon and Jimmy T. will host a discussion on AIRBRUSHING. If you want to join in, feel free to bring in equipment, supplies, or just be prepared to say a couple words on the topic.

WRITING A WILL: Every so often this topic comes up. Your humble narrator will have a couple words and a template for the members on the subject. 

July Meeting:  July 17, 2015
Same time,
Same place!

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