Friday, September 09, 2016

Bulletin: September 2016

by Bobby B2 Blue Pokorny

AUGUST was a big meeting. Free pizza always seems to get the seats filled! We had 21 members and no guests who brought in 21 models, mostly for the quarterly contest. 

August Meeting
LOSS OF A MEMBER: Since our last meeting longtime member John Irwin passed away. He was 74. Our sympathies to the family.

PIZZA NIGHT: Possibly one of the top favorite BPMS annual activities. PIZZA! The group made quick work of the stacks of Brooklyn style. Your humble narrator couldn’t have been more proud!

CONTEST NIGHT – 3Q16: So the third installment of the BPMS contest is in the books. There were some exquisite models on the tables so the members had a tough job voting. 

FUTURE OF THE HOBBY: Tom Knoll brought in a 3D printed detail kit from SHAPEWAYS to show the group. While the technology is growing fast, it’s still pretty expensive. At the moment, we aren’t staring down the barrel of a 3D printed hobby, but the future seems limitless! 

RAFFLE: We didn’t have a raffle in August. We’ll likely be starting it up again for September. 

On the agenda: September
BASIC SKILLS: Joe Bergman and Joe Barrett will be your hosts discussing more basic skills. Mr. Bergman will start us off with tips on priming and Mr. Barrett will show us assorted tricks he uses including making some of your own tools.

Holiday Dinner: Yeah, yeah. It’s only September, but we only have a couple meetings before December. We should sit down and look at a calendar and select a date while it’s early. 

Meeting Date:
September 16, 2016

Same Time,
Same Place!

See you at the BBSC!

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