Saturday, August 28, 2021

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting Report: 08/26/2021

Fourteen people attended the meeting including a new guy. Welcome Mike, glad you decided to check us out. 

We haven't heard anything about the reopening of the Community Center. Not to worry, weekly Zoom meetings will continue. The Hudson Valley Club is meeting outdoors. They'll hold their annual show in Poughkeepsie in October. Other shows in October - Armorcon (Southbury Ct) and Replicon (Freeport NY). Any more we should know about? 

Lou reports older Kitty Hawk kits are available again. No new kits yet. Academy, however, does have a new one, a 1/35 Panzer 2F. In progress and completed work included: Tiger 1, 1990 vintage resin Robin (the Boy Wonder, not the bird), USS Susquehanna hull , Corsair XF4-U conversion (Dr. V is performing major surgery, backdating Tamiya's F4U-1), P.180 Avanti (with interior that can't be seen), Kamov (Ka-28?), 1956 Chrystler 300, French Submarine Cruiser Surcouf and Merkava 4 (aka Frank's Tank). 

This week's dollar store find, plastic domed display cases suitable for 1/24 figures. 

For the featured topic, recent model shows, Don talked about the National Convention in Las Vegas. There were 2980 models in the competition plus a large number of "display only" models. Seminars were good. Vendors were well represented. Their kits were mostly older and their prices were either low or high (questions? ask Don). I expect we'll see some of his Convention photos in future. Until then, he recommended the 5-part YouTube showing all the entries. Inspired perhaps by "My Cousin Vinny", Don served as a Judge in Las Vegas (be advised, Convention Judges can't fix parking tickets so don't even bother to ask). Discussing judging and categories, several people wondered why there are so many categories for aircraft (single engine, multi engine, WW1, WW2, Cold War, Airliner, Helicopter, etc. and in various scales, to boot) and so few for Sci Fi/Fantasy? Was that ever a problem for you? We also saw photos from the AMPS Regional in Indianna, 244 entries. Mr. K plans to attend the Cherry Point Air Show next month. If he takes pictures, our more technically gifted members will find a way to share them. Thanks in advance. 

Lastly, some painting tips. Vallejo bottles with black caps are for brush painting. Bottles with white caps are for airbrushing. A base coat of Tamiya, with a finish coat of Vallejo works well. 

The next meeting is 9/2/21 at 8 pm. Frank C will send the invites and host. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend. 



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