Sunday, September 19, 2021

9/16/21 BPMS zoom mini meeting report

Twelve people attended the meeting which began with thoughts on the passing of early BPMS member (sponsor of the Box of Junk contest) and hobby industry legend, Andy Yanchus. Several people spoke about his skills as a model builder/designer and his friendly, helpful and encouraging manner. His efforts to get IPMS recognition of science fiction as a legitimate category are well known. Andy was the subject of a 2020 YouTube video. Here's the link https://youtu.be/luue2Xle4xQ. RIP. Andy.
Kosta reported on and shared photos of last week's Maritime Heritage Festival in New London. It wasn't too crowded and he got to see Coast Guard and merchant marine vessels, local fortifications and, of course, submarines.  Some new releases from Hobby Boss: Russian SAM 2 Missile with Launcher Cabin and BM-21 Grad Multiple Rocket Launcher (both 1/72) and Panther G early (1/35). Tamiya's new 1/35 M-18 should be available in about 2 months. In progress and completed work included: F-5 E, 1937 Ford Panel Truck, Do-335, Ju-86D, Tiger 1 (nice rust effects), Tiger 2, BM-13 Katyusha, P.180 Avanti, XF-4U, VW Transporter T-1 and 1956 Ferrari. This week's acquisitions included: Polar Bear (from Revell's Endangered Animal series), 1972 International Harvester Scout 2 and Ford F-100 Service Truck. Gil showed us how a magnetic drill bit holder from Harbor Freight can be used to hold hobby knives. Use a 21/64 reamer to make a nice fit, AND DON'T FORGET TO PUT COVERS ON THE BLADES! (If you saw it loaded up, you know what I mean). We talked about assembling Metal Earth Model kits and bending photoetch parts. Bending tools may be best for large pieces but a smooth surface (glass, metal, ceramic tile) and a pair of single edge razor blades or chisel blades also works well. Maybe we'll have a real time demonstration of bending and folding techniques in the future?  Next meeting is 9/23/21 at 8pm. Invites to follow. Hopefully the recent problems some of us have been having with Zoom will be resolved by then. Log in and see for yourself.


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