Monday, October 04, 2021

BPMS 9/30/21 Zoom Meeting Report

Thirteen people attended the meeting. Clubs we've come to know during the lockdown have been meeting in person for a few months, although attendance is down. The Hudson Valley show is still on for Oct 23. Mark sent everyone copies of the flyer. The Cherry Point Air Show was held but with fewer aircraft on display. Maybe we'll see pictures? With the Community Center still closed, how about another lunch meeting? Let's say Brooklyn, first Saturday in November at 12 o'clock at Nora's Park Bench Cafe or, to make it easy to remember, NORA'S, NOON, NOV 6. Details to follow. Several new releases were reported. From Border Models, Bf-109 G6, Tiger 1, Boeb. Panzer 4 J (all 1/35) and from Hobby Boss, F-18 E Super Hornet (1/48). In progress and completed work included: Ferrari 250 GTO engine, Ford Cobra, AB-41 Armored Car, Duane Johnson figure (who knew Kevin was a tattoo artist?), Quasimodo's body is ready for either Anthony Quinn's or Charles Laughton's head, Corsair2 (in tiger stripes), Fokker G-1, Bristol Racer, DC-3, DHC Otter, Creature from the Black Lagoon (with Chip Brush vegetation), Corsair XF-4U, Saab J-21, P. 180 Avanti, Stagecoach and Revolver (both from Metal Earth), Mi-24 Hind. Two acquisitions this week, SF-37 Viggen Recce and South African Mirage F1 AZ/CZ. We saw two paint related tools, the VM-370 Touch Function Lab Vortex Mixer (good for mixing paint in a closed bottle) and the Ivation 9 rack food dehydrator with adjustable time and temperature settings (useful for drying enamel paint jobs). Like its namesake, the paint mule discussion headed in a different direction and we wound up talking about testing airbrush settings, memorable builds, storing built kits, keeping track of spare parts and disposing of kits. Next meeting is 10/7/21 at 8pm. Invites to follow. Hope to see you there.

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