Monday, December 06, 2021

12/2/21 BPMS Zoom mini meeting report

Eighteen people attended the meeting. For IPMS members who are also BPMS members, Frank C needs to know the expiration date of your IPMS membership for our charter renewal. You can find it on the address label of your IPMS/USA Journal. Please email it to Frank asap. Thanks in advance. Mark recapped the Hudson Valley Club's 2021 Turkey Challenge, where you start and finish a kit in four days. It can be done and he had the pictures to prove it. Chuck, in addition to preparing for the Dyker Heights Christmas Light extravaganza, it trying out different airbrush pressures to see which gives the best clear flat finish (35psi too high, 24 psi is promising). Having finished his P.180 Avanti, Vaughn told us about the design and performance of the actual aircraft. Bob gave us a bit of scale model trivia. Around 1968, Dumas produced 2,000 vacuform kits of the Creole Queen, to be sold exclusively on the paddle-wheeler, which is still in service. Who knows, maybe some are still on board, below decks in an old locker. Ask around next time you're in New Orleans. New releases to watch for: Zvezda's C130 J-30 (1/72) and T-62 (1/35) and Revell's SR-71A (1/48). In progress and completed work included: Dr.1 (with an incompletely molded wing. Damn!), P.180 Avanti, A 6-M2 Zero, WW2 US Marines w/ dogs, Houndstooth spacecraft (masks by Aztek Dummy), X-36 (a model of the model radio-controlled drone used to test tailless aircraft), Su17, An 225, Ant 25, Tu 22, Yak 130, Tu 195 (Igor has been busy), River Tam figure, MiG 31 and Haunebau 2 (masked with an AK flexible stencil). The tool of the week was a set of nail art brushes. They're inexpensive and good for fine work. Because the meeting was so well attended, there was no time to discuss pigments, so we'll do it next time, 12/9/21 at 8 pm. Frank C will host. He's already sent the invitations.

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