Monday, December 06, 2021

December 9, 2021 BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting Report

Ten BPMS members and valued friends attended the December 9 Zoom meeting. Live meetings are still expected to resume in January, pending Omicron, the Decepticons, and other imported surprises. Mike D. signed on to the December virtual meeting with a truly historic background – his 1/48 scale Tamiya Zero in the markings of the real fighter flown by Shigeru Itaya commanding the First Wave air attack on Pearl Harbor. Research led Mike to correct the tail number in the kit decals and remind the group, “Just because the instructions say something doesn’t mean that’s what it is.” Kevin K. showed his nicely detailed and weathered Hound’s Tooth spaceship from the Star Wars cartoon series. Igor signed in from Russia with his 1/30th scale KV85 tank, 1/72 scale Su-22 jet and AN-2 biplane and a fun-size Sherman caricature Toon Tank. Bobby P. outshone the scale modelers with video of his restored 1:1 scale 1937 Chrysler backing out of his garage.

Work-in-progress included Kevin’s 1/72 scale Muroc Models X-36 remotely piloted vehicle and Frank C’s embattled Zvezda MiG-31 interceptor. Joe B. showed the group newly-acquired Dolman figures including the 1/24 scale/90 mm Rocket Girl and Navy Girl and 1/10 scale Wild Bill fighter Ace from 1941. He also flashed a rare Pocher 1/8 scale Bugatti Dinner Jacket coupe. Gill H. spoke highly of Gpaint pre-thinned lacquer paint formulated for use on Gundam robots but mixable for other models. The evening’s discussion settled on pigments (powdered colors used in paint) and pastels (powdered colors in a binder). With proper binders or overcoats, both can be brushed on to produce subtle weathering and shading effects. Pastels can, for example, soften flesh tones under the hairlines of figures and pigment slurry can simulate mortar between diorama bricks. Gil showed how he uses a tea diffuser to grind stick pastels for weathering and a paper blunt to soften the effects of weathering powders.

The next BPMS Zoom meeting is this Thursday, December 16 at 8 PM. Virtual meetings will continue weekly, said Bobby P. “This is it until we have butts in seats in Bergen Beach!”

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