Friday, February 11, 2022

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting Report: 02/10/22

Seventeen people attended the meeting. The lunch meeting is tomorrow, Saturday 2/12/22 at Nurnberger Berghaus, 817 Castleton Ave, Staten Island at 12:30 pm. Hope you can make it. Here's a 1/32 good news, bad news story. Good news, Hong Kong Models put out a B-17 E/F and a Lancaster Grand Slam. Bad news, reported list price is $500. Above your budget? Great Wall Hobby has a 1/32 P-40 B that lists at a little over $200. Lou explained manufacturers are going after the international market, where most of today's customers are. But Star Trek fans won't have to cash in their Bitcoins. The new Polar Lights/ Round 2 USS Grissom goes for about $50. For the rest of us, Kosta reports a Russian bookstore on Brighton Beach Ave in Brooklyn has Zvezda kits on sale. Frank found a 3D printed Bolt 117 bomb and other ordnance at https://www.ebay.com/itm/403216848317.  In progress and completed work included: SAAB J-21 jet engine conversion, FW-190-night intruder, warrior & beast vignette, Alpha jet, P-51 D (Old Crow markings), Ju-87D-1, USS Monitor (box scale-Atlantis), USS Monitor turret (1/35 scale-Verlinden), Yak-42, Me P.1107 (with spot camouflage decals, lots of decals, lots of tiny decals), Battlestar Galactica (illuminated), Protector (Galaxy Quest), Panzer 3, T-34/76  and Mirage 2000. Acquisitions included: 1/8 Porsche 917 KH, 1/12 Alfa Romeo 2300 roadster, Himiko Water Bus, 59 Caddy ambulance, Belgian Air force C-130 decals, KV-1 and JSU-152. In the tool segment, Gil showed us how to build any size flex-i-file, using coat hanger wire, alligator clips and sandpaper strips. We revisited ultrasonic cleaners and after the meeting Gil was kind enough to send everyone a recipe for ultrasonic cleaning solution and some tips on using the machine.  We closed the pre–Valentine's Day meeting with photos of work people put their heart ONTO (Russ' B-1 bis turret) as well as work they put their heart INTO (Michael's Hello Kitty F-8F Bearcat and Bobby's restored 1937 Chrysler Royal). The next meeting is 2/17/22 at 8pm. Invites to follow. Lunch is tomorrow at 12:30, no invite needed. 
You may not be a romantic but you may have built a Valentine tank, a Hawker Hart (spelling doesn't count), a Flower class corvette, or you may have used hearts or flowers in nose art or squadron markings. Show us anything you've built with even a remote connection to Valentines Day, which is the 14th in case you forgot.

Part 1 starts promptly at 8PM EST.
Part 2 starts at 8:42 if we need more time.

Members and guests are cordially invited to join our group for our weekly online meeting!

If you would like to join, DM us your email address and name so we can include you in the email list with Zoom Meeting details (meeting numbers and passwords)!

On the agenda:

BPMS Club News.
IPMS News.
Other clubs news.
Hobby News.
What's on your workbench?
Featured Discussion - Put Your HEART in it!

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