Friday, November 14, 2014

Bulletin: November 2014

T h e

M i n u t e s

by Judge Bax0jayz

October was a relatively full meeting. We had 24 members and zero guests who brought in 14 models, most of which were Pledges.

October Meeting

nominations: Has two years gone by already? The current regime has put in their time, and it’s time to see some new faces taking the helm. We nominated Gordon Cheung to ascend from the Veep seat to the presidency, and Joe Bergman for vice-president. Congrats, gentlemen! Good luck during your terms! 

model pledge: The attendance was a little lower than usual, and the model count wasn’t very high, but the proportion of pledge models was impressive. Most of the models on the tables were for the pledge, so congrats to those members who took advantage. Each will get an extra FIVE super raffle tixx! Remember, you can bring your pledge model back for the 4th quarter contest!

Holiday dinner: Looks like it’s NORA’S again!

3019 Quentin Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11234
(718) 376-0033

We're confirmed for Nora's Park Bench Cafe (3019 Quentin Road, Brooklyn) on Dec 6 from 1pm to 3pm. Menu includes choice of soup or salad with house dressing and choice of: fried shrimp dinner, broiled fillet of cod fish, chicken parmesan, roast beef dinner, grilled chicken dinner, penne pasta w/ chicken in vodka sauce, hamburger or Cheeseburger deluxe and coffee or tea. Price will be discussed during the NOVEMBER meeting. Please come prepared with numbers to be in attendance.

RAFFLE: We had a monthly raffle with a large assortment of items.

On the agenda: November

COntest night – 4th qtr 2013: This is the final installment of the quarterly BPMS Annual Contest so it is your last chance to try to rack up some votes for 2014. Pledge models are welcome as well as anything you haven’t already entered into a contest previously.  

super raffle: This is the reason why you must fill out your paperwork at each meeting. For every new model you brought in over the course of the year you get ONE SUPER RAFFLE TICKET. If you completed your pledge model you get an additional FIVE super raffle tickets. You cannot buy tickets for this raffle. You must earn them! The more you built, the more tixx you get. We’ve been buying items for the Super Raffle all year, but if you would like to donate anything, feel free to do so! Who built the most in 2014? I’ll announce the name at the meeting.  

Meeting Date: 
November 21st, 2014
Same time,
Same Place!

November Bulletin in PDF format.
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Saturday, November 01, 2014

A list of the BPMS Theme Contests over the years

1997 – Science Fiction
1998 – Israel
1998 – To the Rescue
1999 – Conceptual
2000 – On Patrol
2000 – The Marines
2001 – Humor
2001 – Diorama
2002 – Space
2002 – “Old Model”
2003 – Things With Teeth
2003 - A Moment in Time
2004 – Adversaries
2004 – US Military
2005 - In the Movies
2005 - Cats
2006 – Worn, Weathered, and Working
2006 – Star Wars / Star Trek Anniversaries
2007 – Vintage 1965
2007 – We Mean Business
2008 – Warsaw Pact
2008 – NASA
2009 – A Mad, Mad, Mad Theme Contest
2009 – Size Matters
2010 – Naval Aviation
2010 – Things That Sting
2011 – Monogram
2011 – The Twilight Zone
2012 – 70s
2012 – End of the World
2013 - Television

2013 - Sloppy Seconds 
2014 - Asian Invasion 
2015 - Western European Tour 1944 - 1945

Friday, October 31, 2014

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