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BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting: December 26, 2023

Featured Discussion: Get anything fun during the Holidays?

Zoom Meeting Report – December 26, 2023

With many members still traveling or digesting after Christmas, the last BPMS Zoom meeting of 2023 drew just seven people but still provided worthwhile discussion of kits, tools, and techniques. Incoming Vice President Kevin K reported Julio’s Manhattan group build had drawn good notices on IPMS web forums and may inspire imitators elsewhere.   

After some slow weeks, Lou shared news of some welcome kit arrivals. Hobby Boss has released a new U-2R spy plane and a MiG-29K carrier fighter, both jets in 1/48 scale. Hobby Boss as also released a 1/700 scale Titanic with photoetch parts.  Still to arrive is another version of the 1/35 German Land-Wasser-Schlepper.

Kevin announced his first commission work-in-progress, the Hunter-Killer drone from Terminator 2 to be finished in chrome. He is also sculpting the Missing Link from the animated Monsters Vs. Aliens movie and has begun painting the Ghost of Christmas to Come from John Bennett Castings. Frank C revealed an Academy MiG-29 partially camouflaged for the Myanmar Air Force. Gil continues his commission project, a 3D-printed Michelle Pfeifer Catwoman from Batman Returns.  

Few of the Zoom members got kits or hobby tools for Christmas gifts. Kevin observed, “Luckily, I’m in a spot in life where if a model shows up, I just order it.”   Jimmy ordered 1/35 German halftrack and Panther crew sets made by Stalingrad in Russia but admitted, “I could never buy anything again and still have stuff left at the end.” Gil acknowledged his substantial stash and noted, “I could be here for five years and I’d never have to go to a hobby store.” He has begun collecting digital models for 3-D printing and wants to sell off some plastic kits. Gil asked rhetorically, “How many models is too many models?” Rather than reply, Frank C simply showed off his new Sword RF-8G recon Crusader and a couple of RF-84F Thunderflashes that arrived for the holidays.

Gil’s tool tip for the week was a rechargeable Ryobi 1 power tool with a low-speed setting that won’t melt plastic. Bob P. showed mini- and regular-size sprue nippers, one tool with right-angle blades. Part of the evening discussion was when to cut support stubs from 3D printed kits. Removing the artifacts before final cure is a lot easier than when the parts are fully hardened.  

Frank G. found a Facebook store with original Aurora figure and armor kits and declared, “We’ve found the Mother Lode.” He also cautioned, “I don’t know what the prices are.”

After New Year’s Day 2024, the next BPMS Zoom meeting on January 2 promises to be a sobering experience.  Invites to follow.


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