Sunday, October 11, 2020

10/08/2020 BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting Report

We've been holding weekly Zoom meetings for seven months and it's safe to say we know how Zoom works. It's also safe to say a simple Agenda would make the meeting move more smoothly, eliminating dead air and cross talk. So here it is: 

Item 1- Club and Industry News (10 min) Talk about other clubs, new releases, status of shops and on-line vendors. 

Item 2- Individual Updates (20 min) Moderator calls on each person and gives them a minute, if they want it, to discuss what they're working on. Feel free to ask questions, but don't change the topic. Think of it as the "talk about your model" part of the meeting. 

Item 3 - Open Discussion (50 min) Talk about techniques or equipment, share photos of contests, museums or your favorite model or share your knowledge in a clinic. 

As for last week's meeting, fourteen people attended. In progress and completed work included: Tu 16, F4, MiG 21, F 22, F 35, Panther A, T55, Nuclear Powered Flying Wing, Lenticular Reentry Vehicle, Ka 25. New acquisitions included: Bell X22, Hiller X18, 67 Impala, 77 Monaco with Joker figure and another Cthulhu. We saw an impressive (1/6 scale?) 3D modeling project, Ray Harry Harryhausen, in his studio, filming some of his creatures with other creatures scattered around the room. Nice work, David. We also saw photos from the Chattanooga Nationals. Thanks, Mark. Next meeting is October 15. Invites to follow. Hope you can make it.


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