Friday, May 06, 2022

Tuesday, May 10, 2022 BPMS ZOOM Mini Meeting Report

Fourteen people attended the meeting. We meet in person next Friday, 5/20/22, so there's no Zoom meeting next Tuesday. On 5/20/22 we'll have our first Quarterly Contest in two years. Two years? You must've built something. Bring it in, enter the contest, ask Bobby to explain how to mark the Ballot.
In industry news, Zvezda has released an up-armored T-15 in 1/35, ICM will be releasing The Ghost of Kyiv MiG-29 in 1/72 and Tamiya's new P-38 is expected in July.  In progress and completed work included: F-84 G, F-84 F (?), GTK Boxer A2 (built in less than an hour, it was definitely not a T&M job),  Armored Troopers Scopedog and Brutishdog (Gordon would have recognized them, but I had to ask Armita what they were), 31 Ford pickup (Metal Earth, pre-painted), Tyrell Formula 1 racer, McLarin-Mercedes Formula 1 racer, Panther, Manhole as Foxhole vignette (with baking soda for snow), unarmed Roman Centurion (good one, Mr. K),  Hurricane 2C, Sea Serpent, Griffon, SF3D armored suit, Panzer 4 G and Stug 3.  Acquisitions included: Panzer 3 (in 1/16), M-20 vignette base, PT Boat and FW 187 A. In the tool segment, Gil showed that a wire rack made to hold CDs can also hold and organize sprues during construction. The featured topic was basic bases. Many of us use foamboard covered with prints of runways, highways, maps, etc. Rigid foam insulation is good for larger bases. Hard plastic cases for cassettes and CDs can be easily refashioned into durable bases, unlike faux wood trophy plaques. A clear acrylic block provides a stable base for a rocket or missile. Some white or yellow lines turn a small blackboard into a highway.  The most basic base we saw was a cardboard circle, painted black, with an irregular patch of white, upon which the model sat. Very effective way to display smaller models. 
The next meeting will be in person on Friday 5/20/22 at the John Malone Community Center, 2303 Bergen Ave. Brooklyn 11234. No invites needed.  Door open around 6:30 pm. Hope to see you and your models there.
 To those that asked about the workbenches during the meeting, these are the ones: https://www.harborfreight.com/60-in-4-drawer-hardwood-workbench-63395.html

Some digging around Youtube showed some of the cool modifications that were made to these tables for a variety of workspaces, drawer types especially. Search link here for anyone curious: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=harbor+freight+workbench+modification

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