Saturday, December 25, 2021

Dec 23 2021 BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting Report

Seventeen people attended the meeting. Vinny reported the Community Center will remain closed for the foreseeable future. In case you were wondering, Pegaso and Muroc models are still active. New releases: Kinetic's 1/48 F-104 A/C, MiniArt's 1/35 US Army 1 1/2-ton truck, ICM's 1/48 B-26 K and OV-10A. In progress and completed work included: Mirage 2000-5EI, Sea King Mk 42 B, F4F Wildcat, Horten 12, BMW Strahlbomber, Whirlaway, An-2V, A-50, Su-27, Ekranoplan A-90, An-12, Icebreaker Lennin, Ford Bronco, Me 262, Ju-88 (air sea rescue), Fw-190 D (with torpedo), B-47, Zero, Bob Cratchit figure (Kevin met his Christmas deadline), McDonnel Douglas X-36, three Mosquitos (waiting for paint) and Jotnar (from Troll Hunter). A few guys couldn't wait for Santa so they acquired some new items: F-117 A, Spitfire, VW Bug, 1934 Ford, Buick Wildcat and Eduard's Tora Tora Tora dual combo (Rommel highly recommends it). The discussion on snow was timely (overnight flurry in Brooklyn) and informative. Woodland Scenics Soft Flake Snow is relatively inexpensive, easy to apply and maintains its color. From the UK, products from Precision Snow and Ice can produce a wide variety of winter effects. The next meeting will be 21/30/21 at 8pm. Join us as we close the book on 2021 and plan for the club's 50th (yikes!) anniversary in 2022. Invites to follow. Happy Holidays to all.

From the mention of the snow effects at the zoom meeting,  here are a few vids from You Tube. Woodland Scenics -



Precision Snow and Ice's whole channel is about the effect. Sit back with some coffee and plan a future snow scene - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF298G1YWuEXHFq0fFWv-Aw/videos


Merry Christmas to all that partake and until next time - enjoy.

~Kev K


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