Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bulletin: October 2006

by Bobby P.

September had a great turn out. There were 29 members and 1 guest in attendance who brought a grand total of 25 models including a bunch of lovely blue ones.

BLUE MODEL NIGHT: We’ve already had “Green” and “Gray” themed nights this year. We had BLUE model night last month. We had a bunch of things going on, and totally spaced on the discussion part. Oops!

SWAP NIGHT: All you have to say is “swap night” and guys bring stuff in to sell. You don’t even have to say it and there’s stuff for sale! Needless to say, there were exchanges of kits for money at the meeting.

A MOMENT OF SILENCE: We observed a moment of silence for Larry Muntner who had recently passed away. He’ll be missed.

STAR WARS / STAR TREK Theme Contest: In a nutshell, build something from Star Trek or Star Wars! Many more details can be found in this Bulletin.

On the agenda: October
WORK IN PROGRESS NIGHT: Got stuff you’re working on? It doesn’t matter what stage it’s in, bring it in so we can see it! Be prepared to tell us a couple words about your projects. This has always been a fun and educational activity!

NOMINATIONS: Time flies. It’s already been two years since Vinny took over as President with Jimmy as the Veep. I guess we’ll see who’s next on the conga line as nominations for elected positions occur this meeting.

Our Location: Bergen Beach Sports Complex
From Belt Pkwy: Take exit 11N - Flatbush Avenue North. Go North on Flatbush Avenue and make a right onto Avenue U (Kings Plaza). Continue on Avenue U to Bergen Avenue; Make a right onto Bergen Avenue. Go straight on Bergen Avenue 3 blocks. Sports Complex on left.

THEMES FOR 2006 December: Star Wars / Star Trek Anniversaries Theme
The December Theme Contest will be a combination STAR WARS / STAR TREK Theme Contest. This will commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek and the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars. The sponsors are: Jeff Eng, Rob Garitta, Ray Keegan, Scott Margo, and Bobby Pokorny. As you may notice, that’s a lion share of the sci-fi modelers of the club. I’ve designed entry forms that will have a registration number and not names on it. We will, likely, have other people judge this one so we may enter the contest as well. The theme: Build any Star Wars or Trek kit. This is to celebrate 30 / 40 years of the best science fiction that world had ever known. There are TONS of kits out there to kit any taste, style and budget. I recently ran a search for “Star Wars Model” on ebay and found anything from dirt-cheap plastic kits all the way up to limited edition resin kits. With that said we already have a plan for awards, and many certificates for certain works that may include:
  • “Most Bad-Assed Starship,”
  • “Best Cross-Over / What If,”
  • “Unusual Paint Job,”
  • “Best Hot Rod,”
  • “Best Legs,”
  • “Best Figure,”
  • “You came in that???”
  • “Best Weathered,”
  • “Coolest Hero,”
  • “Toughest Adversary.”
Who can honestly say they don’t have a single Star Trek or Star Wars model in their stacks? So we hope to see a lot of people try something different and build for this. If you should have any questions, feel free to speak with the sponsors directly.

How's this for a Star Wars / Trek crossover?

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