Monday, February 27, 2006

Subject: Speicher Model Group

From Hugh:

[I got this last week from MAJ Samouce. Would you post to the blog, please? Hopefully, we'll get some cars. I talked to the winner of the Best Maritime award and told him about Bart Holmes. Bart had his name on the trophy. Hopefully, they'll either post pictures on their website or send me some. Thx, Hugh]

Subject: Speicher Model Group

Morning Hugh,

Thanks for the email.

We have PLENTY of aircraft, soldiers seem to really like the modern military wheeled vehicals and cars. Can always use more paint and glue.

Thanks for your help and pass on my regards to your group.


MAJ Duke Samouce
FA 57 Simulations Officer

[Note from Hugh: I talked to Eric Reinert (sp.) at the Richmond show. Eric's current group has been supporting a group in Iraq and he said liquid cement was taboo because of the flammability, but tube glue was OK. Similarly, acrylic paints are OK, but not enamels and lacquers.]

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Recent Galleries

From Gordon:

To BPMS Members and visitors,

BPMS Members' Work January 2006 had already been posted. Easy reference links to all members work for January's meeting is right here.

BPMS 2/17/2006 1st Quarter Contest Photos are being posted alphabetically by first name. One members work posted daily from Monday to Friday. You can find daily posted members work at
http://gmobile17.blogspot.com .
The reference link will not available until all members work(s) had been completed.

Thank you all for visiting my blog page and keeping it busy. BTW... the page got a make over, hope you like!


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Winners of the Model of the Year Competition

Hugh A: P-47D Thunderbolt

Jimmy T: Marder II

Charlie N: Type IV U-Boat

Russ H: Motorcyclist

Jeff E: Civet Grav Tank

Bobby P: SD Godzilla

Find links to the pics on Gordon's Blog:

Volunteer for supporting FOB Speicher model group

This just in from Hugh:
I followed up on the item Frank C. brought up on Friday night. FOB Speicher is where my daughter is stationed and the POC for the modeling group is in my daughter’s brigade. I’m willing to collect kits and supplies each month and ship them to Speicher. I’d appreciate it if we could put a note on the blog and in the newsletter to let folks know we’re supporting our troops this way. Oh, yeah - assuming that it’s OK with everyone to do this in the name of BPMS. I emailed Frank and he’s sent a box already.

No prob. ~B2

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Online Bulletin: February, 2006

By Bobby t3h Blu3

January was a perfect way to start the New Year, as it usually is! We had a full house. Tons of members and models. 2006 is getting off to a great start!


MODEL OF THE YEAR COMPETITION: It was the final throw down to see who reigned supreme in each category. The votes are in. The numbers have been crunched. With any luck I might even be able to have the awards ready for the February meeting.
***crosses fingers***

KIT SALE NIGHT: Goodies were brought in and were sold. People love to see the boves of stuff come in!

FIRST NEW MEMBER OF THE YEAR! We voted in our first new member of 2006, Joseph G! Welcome to the fold!

On the agenda: February


CONTEST NIGHT 1ST QTR: This will be the first installment of the annual contest for 2006. Start racking up votes NOW!

BTW: Don’t forget to fill out all your forms. There are models being displayed without the kit slips. I can’t keep track of the model count accurately unless all paperwork is filled out. And, of course, don’t forget your contest forms. You can’t get votes if you don’t have a contest form filled out.

SHOW US YOUR TOOL: Everyone’s favorite activity, and not nearly as vulgar as the name may let on. Just bring in some item that you use in modeling that you think the others might be interested in knowing about. It can be a tool, adhesive, putty, an adaptation of a technique, etc. Bring it in and let us know about it!


Worn, Weathered, & Working Theme. Hugh A., Frank C. and Frank T. offered to sponsor a theme contest that commemorates the works of the late Captain Bart Holmes, items that show the rigors and abuses of regular (and not so regular) service. This can easily be applied to all aspects of modeling.
* * * * *
Who will sponsor the December theme contest in 2006?

Will it be our amazing Award Maker? Ed has offered to sponsor a theme! Called "Vintage 1965," The guidelines are thus:

“A modeler can submit a kit of any subject in any scale but it must be a kit that was available from 1955 - 1965. The idea is that you could walk into a hobby shop (or Five and Dime) back then and spot this kit on the shelf any time in that decade; an era which many consider to be the "Golden Age" of plastic kits.

The kit can be a re-release too, for example a Revell "Special Subjects Program" edition from 1997 of a kit orginally produced in 1960 is OK.

However, I ask that modelers resist enhancing the vintage model with too many modern day doodads like resin and photo-etched parts, things you would not be using in 1965. You can add a few but don't go nuts with aftermarket goodies. Scratchbuilding parts is OK though, since you could have done that 40+ years ago.

Modelers can choose from these manufacturers: Aurora, AMT, Revell, Monogram, PYRO, Jo-Han, Airfix, Hawk, Precision, Lindberg, Palmer and Renwal - all companies operating back then.
I already have an award design in mind and will make all of them myself. (Probably even the honorable mentions too!)

Since this contest requires a little more time, research and prep work than usual, I suggest it be offered for 2007.

And yes, I have some ideas for my own entry which would not be in competition - for obvious reasons!!

Toss it around with the boys and let me know. Thanks for listening.”
OTHER Themes

Do you want to sponsor a theme? Some concepts we’ve kicked around are: Experimental, Take One for the Team, and Things That Sting. This year is also the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek, plenty of kits for that one. Contact the officers if you want to sponsor any of those or anything else for December. Also the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars is coming up in 2007 right when all the kits are re-issued!


By Adrian D.

I doubt few of you all who are reading this don’t know the tragic story of the USS Indianapolis. So for brevity, and a large dose of laziness I won’t repeat it here.

When Tamiya first announced the release of this kit I knew that she would one day grace my worktable. She has always been a favourite of my Fathers, and I guess he passed it on to me. The kit represents her, as she looked in July 1945. I always thought she looked dashing in her Measure 21. However for me there was a problem. You see the Curtiss Seahawk has to rank as one of my least favourite aircraft. I simply did not want to build that aircraft. So looking at my references I decided to model her after her November December 1944 refit. So I could include a couple of Curtiss Seagulls.

The model was a pretty straightforward affair. Here is a short list of some of the things I did.

· Re-scribe the forecastle deck, and replaced all the deck fittings with scratch built details.
· New 20mm anti aircraft position to the bows.
· Replace most of the bulwarks with styrene, for scale thickness, and height. There is nothing worse than having bulwarks that only come up to a figures knee. That pretty much led to the scratch building of most of the foretop.
· New Masts, these were built from styrene rod, stretched sprue, and brass rod. I was dreading the main mast, but that was surprisingly easy and more importantly, fun.
· Scratch built catapult towers, topped with a mixture of WEM and GMM catapult parts.
· Etched parts from various sources. But the main ones are TOMs, WEM and GMM.
· Painted both by airbrush, and hand painted. Using Colourcoats, Humbrol and Vallejo.
· The ship and the two aircraft are rigged with a combination of Lycra and stretched black sprue.
· The 20mm and 40mm guns are all WEM castings, as are the Paravanes.
· The Seagulls are also WEM, but I carved away the canopies and replaced them with carved and polished acrylic ones.
· The aircraft decals are GMM, and the flag is Dunagain.
· The crew is from GMM. Surely they must be the navies biggest supplier of man power by now?

Two years later, this is what I ended up with. I’m sorry if I got all the nautical terms wrong. You see this language is all new fangled to me. This is my second ship, (not the last I hasten to add). I normally build jets.

Aptly, this model now resides in a private collection in Indianapolis.

Thanks for listening.

Approved Region 1 Events Listing 2006

Howdy again,

[Following] is the latest, greatest listing of all Region 1 Approved events. If your event isn't listed, it's hasn't been approved. Contact me for approval. And as always, please check with the host chapter for more information.

As always, please share this with the officers and members of your chapter.

Semper Fi

Approved 2006 Region 1 Events

1 April RepLIcon
IPMS Long Island

2 April Valleycon
IPMS Wings and Wheels


8 April Mosquitocon (Region 2)

9 April Buffcon
IPMS Niagara Frontier

22 April Can AMcon
IPMS Champlain Valley

29 April Downeastcon
IPMS Maine

19/20 May Noreastcon (Regional)
Marlborough Mass.

IPMS Wings and Wheels, Granite State, Patriot, Bay Colony

2/5 August IPMS Nationals
Kansas City MO

17 September Rocon
IPMS Rochester

24 September Cape Codcon
IPMS Cape Cod

8 October Modelfest
IPMS Stratford

15 October Granitecon
IPMS Granite State

21 October Mid Hudson
IPMS Hudson Valley

22 October Syrcon
IPMS Syracuse

5 November Baycon
IPMS Bay Colony

Check with the host chapter for more information

Region 1 Update: 02/11/2006

Hi and Howdy to everyone,

First, I'd like to thank everyone that expressed concern and kind words in regard to my recent surgery. It went very well, and I went back to work this past Monday. Thanks again!! During my convalescence the Doctor said modeling would be wonderful therapy and I took full advantage of the situation!!! Also during this time my computer went into convulsions, and needed to be replaced. I'm now working on a brand new HP that is really cool. And now on to the IPMS news.

The biggest news relates to the Journal. Beginning with the April/May issue, we will see a new Editorial team taking the reins. The new editorial team will consist of :

Editor in Chief Jim Woody, Managing Editor Chris Bucholtz , Art Director John Heck, Business Manager Nat Richards. These guys bring a wealth of experience with them, so join me in welcoming them to the IPMS team in this capacity. They're all fine gentlemen that will be working very hard to make our publication better. I've been told we can expect some format changes in addition to other changes that will be very apparent when the first issue rolls out. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Also join me in wishing outgoing Editor David Von Almen the best in the future. David has held the reins of the Journal for over 16 years of tireless service to our organization. He brought IPMS from the days of the Update/Quarterly publications into what we know as the Journal today. His dedication to the Society has been rewarded with a lifetime membership in IPMS, which I feel is richly deserved. Thank you David!!!

The new Executive Board has taken their seats at the table, and are now on the job. My predecessor Jack Kennedy has assumed the roll of President, and Dick Montgomery, whom many of you have heard from is now Director of Local Chapters. Check out the IPMS web site for a full run down of the new officer corps.

Other news around IPMS centers on the creation of the new Region 12. Region 12 has been carved out of the super-huger Region 3, and consists of the Carolina area. The RC named to represent this new region is Rick DeNatale, a former Region 1 native who used to live down here on the Gold Coast of CT in Old Greenwich. The creation of the new Region 12 was necessary due to the huge size, and number of chapters being served in this area.

Also, a new Regional Coordinator has been chosen for Region 7, which comprises the Pacific Northwest. Replacing the departed Kent Eckart is Michael Tsoumpas. I mentioned in my last update the addition of John Vanek as RC in Region 6, and I know all three will work very hard for their respective regions, so please join me in welcoming the three new RC's to team RC!! Welcome aboard gentlemen!!

On to the Regional news. Noreastcon is rapidly approaching, and that means it's time to submit nominations for Region 1 Person of the Year, and Chapter of the Year. The deadline for submissions for both awards is March , and as always both will be awarded at the banquet at Noreastcon. Please consider submitting YOUR chapter and an individual from your chapter for consideration. As I always say, we have some excellent chapters and individuals in our Region that should be considered, but I can't do that if you don't submit something. Time is running out on getting this stuff to me, so act today!!

I hear the Noreastcon Committee is still hard at work making preparations for this years event to be held May 19/20 in Marlborough Mass. The web site, at:
shows a host a great activities you won't want to miss out on, so make plans to attend this awesome event. And consider sponsoring a trophy package at our region's premier event, our hosts need the support!! And you'll feel good about participating.

I'm still receiving requests for event approvals for the coming year, so my next update will contain the up to the minute listing of coming events for the year. Some chapters are seriously looking into moving their event date for next year to open up the schedule as I requested. Many tanks to all that are looking at the schedule. Believe me when I say I understand the difficulties faced in this effort. It isn't easy to change something as complex as our event schedule, and I do appreciate the efforts. Also, I'll ask all the chapters that boarder other regions to at least be aware of what's happening in the other regions when looking at dates. There have been some issues in other areas due to boarder chapters not paying attention to what's going on around them. It hasn't happened here in Region 1, but at least keep your eyes open to it.

That brings us to the end. Please consider submitting nominations for Chapter and Person of the Year soon, time is running out!! And as always, please share this with the officers and members of your chapter.

Semper Fi
Doug Hamilton