Wednesday, December 28, 2005

CatsTheme Contest

Gordon was so kind as to document all the entries and associated information about the entries for the CATS THEME CONTEST on his blog. Have a look here:


Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Holidays

Have a Happy Holiday Season and we'll see you all in the New Year!

~Bob for the BPMS

Friday, December 23, 2005

Region 1 Update, 12/23/2005

Holiday Greetings one and all,

This will be the final update and Year End, Rear End Review for the year 2005, except if any news coming in between now and then.

To start, I hope everyone has sent in your charter renewals by this time. Time is dwindling to get this accomplished, and if you need help, let me know ASAP. Remember, chapters that have not renewed on time WILL be dropped from the insurance, so to ensure smooth, uninterrupted coverage, act now. Operators are standing by!!

Attached is the list of approved events for the coming year. If your chapters event isn't listed, and it's been approved, please contact me and I'll correct it right away. If your chapters event isn't on it, and it hasn't been approved yet, what are you waiting for? In my last update, I mentioned the fact that we see a good number of events really close together. If you'll note the current list, you'll see no less than six events planned for the month of April. This is the reason I've asked every chapter to look at their dates and try to spread things out. Six events in a month isn't cool, with the remainder of the year being quite sparse in terms of events. I know there are still events that need to be approved for the fall, and expect the usual suspects to come forward. But the bottom line is all six April events will suffer due to the tightness of the scheduling. I'll go on record as saying there will not be six events in the month of April for 07. I will not approve that many again. So I say to all chapters, do what you must to get these dates spread out somewhat. And please, don't leave it to me to mandate changes, lets all work together to get this situation sorted out with a high quality event schedule set for 07. Every chapter will benefit!!

As mentioned in an earlier Update, there will be a number of Constitutional amendments on tap in the coming year. Some are general housekeeping measure, while others may effect the way IPMS is operated. Look for a complete list after the first of the year, then vote on them during the time allotted. The future of our Society will be governed by how these are voted on. Check the web site for more information.

On a personal note, I'll be undergoing surgery on my right wrist for Carpal Tunnel on 16 January. The doctor has told me there will be a 3-4 week recovery period, and after that, I should be as good as new. Working a keyboard will be effected, so if you find you need the services of the RC, please call me, rather than send an e mail. 203 323 6442 I hope to get rehabbed and back on track as soon as possible. Then I can start thinking about having my left wrist done as well. It really sucks trying to build, and dropping tools and such on a regular basis.

Plus my hands falling asleep doesn't help!!

That about brings us to the end of this update. I hope of you and your families have a great Christmas and Holiday season, and you find good amounts of plastic, resin and brass in your stockings. Until next time, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!
and as always, please share this with the officers and members of your chapter.

Semper Fi

IPMS/USA Region 1 Approved 2006 Event Dates

1 April 2006 RepLIcon
IPMS Long Island

2 April 2006 Valleycon
IPMS Wings and Wheels

2 April 2006 MASSCAR

9 April 2006 Buffcon
IPMS Niagara Frontier

22 April 2006 Can-Amcon
IPMS Champlain Valley

29 April 2006 Downeastcon
IPMS Maine

19/20 May 2006 Noreastcon
IPMS Wings and Wheels, Patriot, Bay Colony and Granite State

15 October 2006 Granitecon
IPMS Granite State

22 October 2006 Syrcon
IPMS Syracuse

As of 23 December 2005

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Model of the Year Competition

Model of the Year Competition: This is the final throw down to see who reigns supreme in each category. The three models with the highest vote counts by different modelers gets to compete. It's a one time contest that will be taking place during the January, 2006 meeting that the members vote on. Here’s the list:


Hugh A. – P-47D, 4Q

Frank C. – Mirage III 5-P, 2Q

Nestor M. – DC-6, 1Q


Jimmy T. – Marder III, 2Q

Frank T. – M4 Sherman, 2Q

John I. – M60, 1Q


Kay C. – Lara Croft, 2Q

Russ H. – Motorcyclist. 4Q

John I. – German Tanker, 1Q


Adrian D. – USS Indianapolis, 2Q

Charlie N. – U Boat, 1Q

Phil B. – Monitor, 3Q

Sci - Fi

Jeff E. – Civet Grav Tank, 2Q

Ray K. – Republic Star Destryer, 4Q

Bobby P. – Desert Zaku. 4Q


Bobby P. – Godzilla SD, 1Q

Russ H. – Dr. Zira, 3Q

Petey S. - Lego Fort, 4Q

Cats Theme Contest, December 2005

CATS THEME CONTEST: Sponsored by Adrian, Russ, and Jeff. We had quite an incredible turnout for this one. And the winners were:

Gold: Jimmy T, Tiger I
Silver: Ray K, Tiger I
Bronze: Kevin B, Sabre Cat

HM: Frank C, F-5E
Frank T, Hellcat F-6F/3N
Ralph R, Hellcat F-6F/3N
Maria R, F8F Bearcat
Dan M, Leopard

Special Theme Awards

Coolest Cat: Bobby P, Catwoman

Craziest Cat: Russ H, Catapult

Friday, December 09, 2005

BPMS Annual Contest Winners: 2005

The AWARDS CEREMONY was during the December "Holiday Dinner" Meeting. It was a good year for competition. Here are your winners:

1st: Hugh A.
2nd: Frank C.
3rd: Nestor M.
HM: Adrian D., Charlie N., Ralph R.

1st: Jimmy T.
2nd: Dan M.
3rd: Frank T.
Tie: Kevin B.
HM: John., Ray K.

1st: Kay C.
2nd: Russ H.
3rd: John I.

1st: Phil B.
2nd: Charlie N.
3rd: Adrian D.
HM: Petey S.

1st: Jeffrey E.
2nd: Ray K.
3rd: Bobby P.
HM: Gordon C.

1st: Bobby P.
2nd: Russ H.
3rd: Petey S.
HM: Dan M.

1Q: Charlie N. - U Boat
2Q: Adrian D. -USS Indianapolis
3Q: Kay C. - Felcia
4Q: Hugh A. - P-47 D

TOP GUN AWARD 2005: Kay C.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Dragon kits and PE sets for sale!!!!!

Season’s Greeting!
Dear fellow hobbyist,
I am an IPMS member who running an online hobby shop, only specializing on Dragon/DML plastic kits and Voyager & KMY PE sets. I import them directly from the Far East so some of them are not available in the US.
You are sincerely invited to take a look to my little shop at www.FarEastHobby.com and I will highly appreciate that if you could tell your club members about my shop (they may be looking for something which is not available in their nearby hobby shop, or even in the US). To thank you, I will free ship any order $100 or above. Furthermore, you can take an additional 10% off on every order $200 or above from my low-already prices.
As a hobbyist myself, I understand that you are expecting No Inflated Postage, Mint-in-Box kits, Easy to Order and Fast Shipment. You can expect all these from my little www.FarEastHobby.com !
Any question please feel free to drop me a line at webmaster@FarEastHobby.com
Thank you in advance and Happy Modeling!
Kit Lam (#43382)
15951 Via Paro, San Lorenzo, CA 94580-2443

Thursday, December 01, 2005

This just in from Doug RC1

I receieved this just this morning from John Noack, IPMS 1st Vice Presdent. If anyone has any questions as to why we need to support our troops, the answer is within this e mail from Captain Wallace. Thanks to eveyone that has taken part in providing our troops overseas a small respite from the daily grind.

Semper Fi

Every once in a while something happens that makes an otherwise cruddy day into a much better one. The following email is a letter from a US Army Captain stationed in Iraq at Ft. Tall Afar. Captain Wallace wrote me a few weeks ago to ask if I could assist in getting some modeling kits and supplies to his troops - they had been recent victims of two suicide bombings along with all the "normal" stuff (if that's even an appropriate word) that happens in a combat zone. Anyway, I made some contacts inside and outside IPMS and, as you might expect, people opened their hearts, their wallets, their model stash, and their stockrooms. To those of you who were involved, or continue to support this activity - thank you very much indeed. If you've not been involved and would like to do so, please contact me here, or at jnoack@ipmsusa.org.

Let CAPT Wallace tell the rest of the story:

To: John Noack

Subject: Happy Belated Thanksgiving Day!
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 19:52:13 +0300

Hello Mr. Noack and IPMS friends,

Just to update you on the clubs activities so far.

Thanksgiving Day was a slow day for us; almost a day off. Our friends in the Iraqi mess hall prepared a great, traditional meal complete with turkey and all the trimmings. Later that evening we were able to watch a little football on the Armed Forces Network (AFN) TV. The day before we received a logistics convoy with a truck load of mail and I'm happy to say that there were several boxes addressed to the Ft. Tall Afar Hobby Club. Me and a few other guys opened the boxes and inventoried them and found a lot of great kits, building supplies, paints, candy, snacks, magazines, books, and even Christmas decorations from just about every corner of our beloved USA. We ran out of room on our shelves and began stacking kits on a set of bunk beds. The hobby club was off to a great start.

It is hard to keep good news a secret here and later that day soldiers got wind that we had a stash of models and wanted to know if they could get a few. I was trying to hold off until we were better supplied with paints and such so they'd have what they needed. But then I thought, what the heck? This is a holiday, and almost like a day off, so we opened up the club "unofficially." Once the word was out, all sorts of guys came down to check out the hobby club. When the guys entered the room they were dumbfounded and awestruck. They wanted to know where all this stuff had come from.

I told them that everything in the room had been sent from people back home that supported their soldiers. Several seemed overwhelmed by the true display of support manifested by the stacks of kits. Then, once they recovered, they were looking through the kits, finding just the right one. It was beautiful! Now, we have guys throughout the fort, building models like crazy. We showed a few of them to the Iraqi soldiers and our interpreters and they are ready to start building too. So, it looks like a new country will learn the true joys of modeling thanks to the forces of democracy. Pretty neat, huh??

Model building here is not just a hobby; it's good therapy. Time and time again, guys have come up to me and told me how much they enjoy modeling. They say that when they are building models, they are no longer in Iraq, at least mentally, and they are actually able to relax. Sharing in the model building experience has also helped the various units here to develop closer working relationships and develop personal friendships. I can't find the words to express the gratitude for all the support that everyone in the IPMS community has shown us. It is truly moving.

In the future, I will try to add some pictures to the emails so you all can see our progress and all the wonderful projects that we have going on. Thanks to each and everyone of you for your wonderful support. You have deeply enriched our lives and have given us a great way to spend our free time. We are in your debt.

Many Thanks,

Dave Wallace