Thursday, February 29, 2024

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting: 02/27/2024

Sixteen people attended. We welcomed Emiliano, a modeler from Queens, who found us on Facebook. 
Lou reports Border Models' 1/35 IJN Akagi flight deck with Kate, Dragon's 1/72 M-142 Himars and Magic Factory's 1/700 Gerald R , Ford are available. Tamiya paint brushes #87014,015,016,017,018,028 #87045,046,047,048,049,050 
and #87227 are also available (get specifications online). Mr. K told us about Fire Scale paints and he mentioned several AK Interactive colors Kevin may find useful. 
Saturday's Pier 57 Meet-Up was very well attended. It was a good way to meet modelers who can't make it to our in-person meetings at the Community Center. Photos are on the club's Facebook page. Thanks again, Julio. 
Noreastcon will be Saturday, 3/23/24 at the Freeport Recreation Center. 
In progress and completed work included: B-26, Hawker Hurricane, Wolfman (Benicio Del Toro version), Universal Carrier, '65 Coronet, F-22 Raptor, Pzkw 2 F/G, Capt. Enoch figure (3D printed), Silk figure (Gil painted the flesh on the figure with flesh colored ink), Jagdpanther, T-80 (Kosta wanted 1/72 reactive armor, Jimmy told him where to find it), F-35 A, Crusader and Schwimmwagen. 
Acquisitions included: set of three Tiger 1s, set of three Hetzers, SdKfz 251/1, F-35B (Chuck's Italeri/Tamiya kit came with the wrong instructions), '49 Mercury, Red Knight of Vienna, Type 27 B sub, Chinese submarine and Spanish Tiburon submarine. 
The featured tool was a makeup brush holder, with suction cups. It stores brushes properly. It frees up space on the bench. It comes from the dollar store. 
The topic was bargains and where we found them. Chuck likes Westchester Trains and Hobbies, in Yorktown Heights and Julio likes Wiseguys Hobbies, in Williston Park. Both have online services, but each is worth visiting in person. Clearance/Estate/Going out of business sales are sources, but you have to look for them and act fast. Andys Hobby HQ recently had deals on Tiger 1s and Hetzers. Don finds bargains on AliExpress, but returns can be a problem. Frank was surprised to find a jet (not an F-4) for $10.00 on Amazon. He bought it and the following day the price had changed to $110.00. And don't forget Lou. If they make it, he can get it. 
Next meeting is Tuesday, 3/5/24 at 7:30pm. Invites to follow. Hope to see you there. 

Friday, February 23, 2024

BPMS Group Build, NYC February 24, 2024


Thanks to Julio, there's another Modelers Meet-up in the Daffodil classroom at Pier 57 (25 11 Ave, near W15 St) in Manhattan this Saturday, the 24th, from noon to 5pm.


BPMS Zoom 2/20/23 Mini Meeting Report

Sixteen people attended the meeting. Thanks to Julio, there's another Modelers Meet-up in the Daffodil classroom at Pier 57 (25 11 Ave, near W15 St) in Manhattan this Saturday, the 24th, from noon to 5pm. It's free. All you have to bring is a model to build. 

We welcomed Jessica, a modeler from CT (and the new Secretary of the IPMS executive board) who told us about the swap/sell/make meetings her club holds to promote the hobby. Mark shared photos of Hudson Valley club members preparing for a make & take by test building kits they plan to distribute.
We saw several simple, inexpensive display bases. 

Don discussed the pros and cons of AliExpress, Mark observed that 0.170 vinyl tubing is the perfect size for decanting Tamiya's spray paint and Jimmy recalled how surgical gauze was turned into camouflage nets, back in the day. 

In-progress and completed work included: Hawker Hurricane, B-26, the Fly (Joe improved the control panel), Moon Suit, SdKfz 232, Challenger 2, Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (from the 1951 Scrooge), Frankenstein's monster (as described in Mary Shelly's book), Hotel Transylvania Wolfman (Kevin's latest sculpture), Vickers twin turret tank, Falcon 10 and Chani (from Dune - Gil printed the 3D figure). Acquisitions included: Goliath and Assault Pioneers, Tankcraft books, Jaguar XKE, Ghost of Christmas Present, Gotha bomber and IJN Akagi Island/flight deck. 

The featured tool was a watch case knife. Designed to pry tight fitting pieces apart, it also works well as a seam scraper. 

The topic was what do you save at the end of the build and what do you salvage before trashing an old kit? Most of us save the extra/optional parts included in the kit. We save specific parts like canopies, cockpit components, ordnance, landing gear, wheels for aircraft and vehicles, tank tracks, decals, vehicle stowage and tools. We also save parts because of their shape or size. Tom G saves instructions, Chuck saves long, straight lengths of sprue. Many save figures from military vehicles although older figures don't meet today's standards. We salvage resin and well molded parts from kits headed for the trash. Most would save the boxes if they had room. Having a viking funeral for boxes was mentioned, but that was joke, right? I repeat, right? 

The next meeting is Tuesday, 2/27/24 at 7:30 pm. Invites to follow. Hope to see you there. Or at Pier 57. Or both. 


Monday, February 12, 2024

BPMS Meeting: February 16, 2024

Minutes from the January Meeting
Attendance: Members – 19, Guests – 1, Models – 10
Meeting was gaveled to order at 8:00PM.

New Business: In the absence of your editor, Bob P., your Activities Director steps up with the New Business.

Despite the foul weather, we kicked off 2024 impressively. Tom Govia took the president's seat and took command of his first meeting up front. Many members brought in models to sell, and plenty of those found new homes.

For FEBRUARY we have two activities. 

  1. First, it's time for the first quarterly contest of 2024. If you built something new for the LEGENDS theme contest, or have a model that hasn't competed in a previous quarterly contest, feel free to bring it in. 
  2. The second activity is the BPMS classic SHOW US YOUR TOOL. If you have a tool or process or source, etc. that the group might like to learn about, feel free to bring it in and tell us about it. Also, seven members have declared their model pledges for 2024. You can let me know what you select through APRIL.

Business starts at 8PM, but members are at the facility by 6PM. Feel free to join us early!  

Download the FULL BPMS Bulletin in PDF format HERE.



February 6, 2024, BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting

Eleven people attended. No Tuesday meeting next week, the in-person meeting is Friday, the 16th, at the Community Center. Doors open around 6 pm, meeting starts around 7:30 pm. Details are in the newsletter, which is in the mail.

Thanks to Julio for arranging the 2/24/24 Modeler's Meet Up at Pier 57 (11Ave & W15 St) in Manhattan. See the BPMS Facebook page for details. Noreastcon is Saturday 3/23/24 at the Freeport Recreation Center.

Bobby was happy to report he acquired a piece from the estate of hobby industry legend and early BPMS member Andy Yanchus. If you didn't know Andy, the Maxsmodels site has videos describing his work for Aurora and Marvel. 
Looking to attract new people to IPMS competitions, we talked about better ways to categorize Gundam et al, rather than lumping them into the Sci-fi/Fantasy category. Your suggestions are welcome.

In progress and completed work included: Water Taxi, Aerial Hunter Killer (from Terminator 2), four versions of Wolfman, Frankenstein's monster, Pebbles Flintstone, SdKfz 232, P-47, Me-262, Brewster Buffalo, Chani (from Dune) and FR-8G Crusader. Acquisitions included: Moderoid (from Robocop 2) and OV-10.

This week's tool was DAP plastic wood filler. It adheres well to resin (not so well to plastic) and is good for filling large gaps with minimal shrinkage.

We discussed our oldest models and how some fell victim to firecrackers and decluttering (often involuntary). While glow in the dark Godzilla, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, an Airfix Chieftain and a Porsche 914 may only be memories, these have kits survived: F-14 Tomcat, UH-60, 1976 Ford Econoline van, Matchbox F-5, Italeri Phantom, Esci F -16, Aurora Bismarck and Aurora Panther. They're dusty, but they're still here.

Next meeting is Friday, 2/16/24. No invites needed. Contest entry and tool are recommended. Confused? Read the newsletter.


Tuesday, February 06, 2024

In memory of Andy Yanchus


Thursday, February 01, 2024

BPMS ZOOM Mini Meeting Report: January 30, 2024

Twelve people attended the meeting. Julio has arranged another modeler's meet-up at Pier 57 in Manhattan on 2/24/24. Details are on the BPMS Facebook page. Highly recommended. Noreastcon is 3/23/24 at the Freeport Rec Center on Long Island. 
Lou reports a lot of Italeri re-releases are available now but their new 1/48 F-35 C isn't. Jimmy shared images of Tamiya's new Leopard 2 A7V, German machine gun team and KS-600 motorcycle and sidecar kits. 
Mark told us IPMS is looking for new initiatives to encourage modelers, attract new people to the hobby and increase IPMS membership. Contact him directly with your suggestions. 
In progress and completed work included: SdKfz 251-9, Me-262 A1A, SdKfz 232, Wildcat, P-47, WAGB Burton Island, Vickers twin turret T-26, RF 8G Crusader and Grimoire. Acquisitions included: 2 1/2-ton airfield truck, Vietnam USAF airfield kit (from ICM), F-104,  A-10A, Chia Typ seaplane, Tyrannosaurus Rex (vintage kit) and Sea King. 
The topic was mistakes, how we made them and how we fixed them. Lost or damaged part? Ask the manufacturer for a replacement, or check the spares box, or fabricate it (you can do a lot with stretched sprue). Removing stray glue marks without causing collateral damage can be challenging and let's just say it's important to double check the masking when painting around canopies. Don built a motorized Mustang only to find the propeller rotated in the wrong direction. He fixed it by switching the wires. Frank C saved his tail heavy Mig-17 by finding a ground crew figure he could glue to the tailpipe to keep the nose down without any external supports. 
The next meeting is Tuesday, 2/6/24 at 7:30 pm. Invites to follow. Hope to see you there.