Monday, July 24, 2006

July Update for the Speicher Model Group.

July Update for the Speicher Model Group.

Hello again from FOB Speicher, Iraq,

All is going well here and most of us are looking forward to ending our year here and returning to our family, friends and lives in the next month or two. We have seen a replacement of the Air Force personnel and thus a lot of new Airmen have come in and are participating in the group. Even with the shelves we installed, they are now full and we are in need of more and have gone to hanging finished aircraft from the ceiling. We have three airbrushes and they are in constant use now. A great number of people have and are learning how to use the airbrush and the results in quality of completed kits has been amazing.

Again, I would like to pass on my thanks and the thanks of all the soldiers and airmen that have received model kits and supplies from all of you. I would like to recognize the following people and groups for there generous donations to the group -

Groups – IPMS Space Coast Chapter, Southern Maryland scale Modelers, MyE28.com BMW community (my other expensive hobby). With continued support from Brooklyn Plastic Modelers Society.

Individuals – Mark Lindstrom, Tim Kelly, Jerry Sudduth, Bryon Taylor, Brian Scroggins, Richard Weems, Jeremy Novak, Robert Ketwlhohn, Randal Womack, Christopher Spargo, Buck Dawson

I am a month out from returning to the states and have coordinated for a new point of contact for you to send kits and supplies. I will have the full address soon. As of July 15, the new address will need to be used due to mail service to me being suspended on 1 August.

Below are some up-to-date pictures.

Thanks again!

MAJ Duke Samouce

Noble Maritime Collection

From Frank T.:
The ship model collection of Captain Bart Holmes is on display at the Noble Maritime Museum.

The Noble Maritime Museum is located in Building D on the grounds of Sailors Snug Harbor Cultural Center in Staten Island.

Building D is open Thursday thru Saturday from 1pm to 5pm. Entrance fee is 5.00, 3.00 for Seniors, children under 10 free. The telephone number at Noble is 718-447-6490. You can call for directions or go the website at


Monday, July 17, 2006

Bulletin: July 2006


by Bobby P.

June turned out to be a nice meeting despite the evil traffic delays that day. There were 23 members in attendance plus two guests who brought a grand total of 27 models.


GRAY MODEL NIGHT: Since the “Green Model Night” did so well in February, we decided that a couple other simple theme nights might be fun. So June was “GRAY MODEL NIGHT!!!” It was a resounding success! We had a large display of gray models. Thanks guys for the participation.

PARTS BOX NIGHT: Parts were brought in by some, and taken home by others. Another triumph!

PIZZA & BBQ NIGHT: Okay, once again, JULY WILL BE PIZZA NIGHT for the WORN, WEATHERED, AND WORKING THEME, and AUGUST will be BBQ NIGHT for the third installment of the annual contest.

CONTEST NIGHT: There were entries in every category, but some categories were rather sparse. I know some people got to take advantage and rake in a bunch of votes.

On the agenda: July

Worn, Weathered, & Working Theme: Hugh, Frank C. and Frank T. offered to sponsor a theme contest that commemorates the works of the late Captain Bart Holmes, items that show the rigors and abuses of regular (and not so regular) service. This can easily be applied to all aspects of modeling.

PIZZA NIGHT: Members come out of the woodworks for this most important event on the BPMS Calendar. We had a little shuffle, but be assured there WILL BE PIZZA AT THIS MEETING! With that said, please be sure to check with the treasurer that your dues are paid up, as no one gets to chow down unless their account is current. And we ask, please no guests. That’s the customary statement. If people show up, they will need to chip in.

SUMMER KIT SALE: Bring in kits to sell or to trade. Be sure to bring cash, there’s no tab at this bar!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Region 1 Update 7-12-06

Hi everyone,

A few quick items on todays plate.

First, let's all welcome Glen Martin as the RC-2. Glen has been named to take the post vacated by Tim Hortman down in Region 2. He's from the Richmond VA area, and hopefully, we'll see him a a Region 1 event or two. Welcome Glen!!

I've checked all the e mail addresses listed on the IPMS web site to make sure all your contact information is correct, and lines up with the info I have on file. Let me know right away if any of your chapters contact information changes. I'll pass it along to Dick Montgomery to update your web info. This task was done as a prelude to the new rechartering format that will be introduced this year. All rechartering will be accomplished via e mail for the first time in IPMS history. So it'll be extremely important to ensure the information you send back is accurate. And as a reminder, the rechartering period will run from October to December 31.

I've also been asked to remind everyone about some of the benefits your chapter receives for it's rechartering fee. Listings on the web site and Journal for your event are important tools for spreading the word about your show, as is the insurance certificate you're issued for the facility. Another benefit you get, absolutly free, is acsess to the Frapper Map showing the location of your event. All chapters should be making use of this valuable resource, and did I metion it's free? Not only does it show the location of your event, but there's aloso space to add some contact info. The map can be accessed at: http://www.frappr.com/ipmscontests Check it out, and add your event to it now!!

The Nationals in Kansas City are rapidly approaching. It looks like it'll be another record breaking event, you won't want to miss. If you haven't made your reservations yet, I urge you not to waste any more time. Space is filling in quickly, and ytou won't want to shut out of this excellant event. Next year, the nationals will be held in Oragne County California, near the famed and fabled Disneyland complex. I know it'll be a very good event for families to attend. No word yet on the 08 version, slated to be back on the East Coast. I'll pass along the particulars when I get them. I've heard some rumors about that show, but will wait for the official word before saying more.

I know I promised a new approved event listing with this update, but am at work, and have that info on my home machine. I'll sent it out under seperate cover shortly.

Also, in the last update I mentioned that the ALMS race at Lime Rock was to be held on Monday. Thanks to all the guys that let me know it was actually on Saturday that weekend. I still couldn't make it, but appreciate the efforts to let me know anout the error. Thanks guys!!!!

As I said this will be short, I'll close this maddness. Please share this with the officers and members of your chapter.
Semper Fi
Doug Hamilton