Monday, March 27, 2006

Region 1 Update: 03/26/06

Hi everyone,

I'm now back from a 16 day jaunt out west. The wife and I had a great time, but will tell you the weather wasn't what I was expecting out there. It was cold, cool, rainy, snowy, cool, and generally crappy. It finally warmed up the last three days of the trip. That's about right!!!

We went to the Vegas Cup race two weeks ago, and let me tell you, it was the coldest I've ever been at the race track. Cold winds blowing at about 30 knots, cloudy, and so cold you couldn't sit there and watch the racing. The best part was on Friday. The Thunderbirds, who are based across the street at Nellis AFB were practicing their show for the better part of the day. It was spectacular to see them do their thing wile watching the cars on the track. As cold as it was, it was worth freezing to see it all. They did the fly-over on Sunday, and made five passes in various formations before the race started. Very cool (Pun, what pun?) indeed!!!

When we got home, I had a HUGE bag of mail waiting for my attention. One of the more interesting items I received was the Noreastcon event information. As I've said before, John and the whole Noreastcon team is putting together a fine event for us this year. Get your registration back to Event Registrar Bob Magina soon, and avoid the rush!! And of course, they're still looking for sponsorships!! Please consider sponsoring a category at our Regions premier event.

The latest issue of the IPMS Journal has been mailed, so everyone should be receiving theirs shortly. I haven't gotten mine yet, but from what I've been hearing, outgoing Editor David Von Almen has used it as a platform to trash everyone he associates with his ouster. It's too bad he decided to take the low road out of town. He's done a fine job over the years in keeping our publication on track and on time, and taking such a low tack in his final edition will not enhance his legacy. I know there have been quite a few complaints on the quality of his editorship over the years, but to use the official publication of the Society as a personal bitch stump on the way out the door just isn't right. I have to reserve judgement until I actually see it, but if what I'm hearing is true, it will certainly lower my opinion of the man.

Also, after a long wait, the Judges Pins from Atlanta have been mailed. Hurrah!!! I receive mine while I was away. If you judged in 'Lanta, and signed the book, you should have gotten yours by now as well. If you don't get yours within a week or so, contact the Atlanta crew. They're very nice, and look similar to the event pins.

There isn't much else to report at this time. I'm back, and ready to get back into the saddle after a fine vacation. The time shift will be something to deal with, but after a few days, I should be alright. I'll have more to pass along as I get back up to speed. Please share this with the officer and members of your chapter.

Doug Hamilton
Region 1 Coordinator

Saturday, March 18, 2006

A sorrow filled update.

Members and friends of BPMS,

I regret to inform you that Bert Berg, one of the founders of BPMS, passed away on Friday, March 17. We do not have too many details, but Bert was in the hospital having had what was thought to be a mild stroke. His memorial service will be held on Sunday, March 19, at noon at the Gutterman Funeral Home in Woodbury, Long Island.

I know that each of you will have your memories of Bert, his friendship, and his contributions to our hobby. If it is true that enterprises well begun will have a long life, then in large measure we can thank Bert for the 35 years (and counting) of BPMS.

Yours truly,
Frank T.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Meeting on March 17th, 2006

On the agenda: March

Decal and Model Swap Nights: Bring in decals and kits to trade and to sell. We’ll probably snag some guys to tell us a couple words about their models.

ST. PATRICK'S DAY: Green Model Night! (Redux)

Wouldn't it be nice that one the rare occasion that we have a meeting on some holiday to do something about it? We generally don't really observe any holidays in the BPMS, but why not have a little fun with this one?

So for a LAST MINUTE activity I'm asking everyone to bring in your favorite FINISHED GREEN MODEL(S) to the meeting and be prepared to tell the group a couple words about it. Tell your friends and pass the word around. I'm curious how this will turn out in such short notice.

Please Note: There was an incident at the last meeting that left one member’s model damge. We ask the group, PLEASE do not pick up or touch anyone else’s work without asking first.


I believe that the club’s url: www.bpmsclub.com will be up for renewal soon. I registered it through Yahoo! Business services last time, but I’ve been very unhappy with their banners. So, I may allow that to expire and just continue upkeep on the club’s blog: http://bpmsclub.blogspot.com/ Since Blogger is free and without limits, I think it’s the best way to go.

Mosquito Con 2006

Dear Chapter Contact,

It's hard to believe that MosquitoCon is less than one month away! On Saturday April 8, 2006, MosquitoCon 16 will be underway.

I am reaching out to you once again to ask if your chapter would please consider sponsoring a trophy package for MosquitoCon 2006. The cost for a package is $35.00. We would truly appreciate your support.

If you can sponsor one of our trophy packages, please let me know as soon as possible. If you have a preference for a certain category, please indicate that as well. For more information, please visit our website at

Please make checks payable to "NJIPMS" and forward to:
Michael Pavlo / NJIPMS
539 Chestnut St.
Stirling, NJ 07980

All sponsors will receive recognition at the show, as well as on our website. I thank you in advance for your consideration and support, and look forward to seeing you at the show.

Thank you and best wishes!
Mike Pavlo
NJIPMS Chapter Contact
(908) 626-1221

Three upcoming shows

From Tony:

New York
Region 1
RepLIcon XXI Scale Model Exhibition & Contest
Freeport Recreation Center
130 E. Merrick Rd.
IPMS Long Island Scale Model Society
Eric Goldschrafe (516)420-7913
New Jersey
Region 2
Mosquitocon 2006
Wayne PAL
PAL Drive
IPMS New Jersey
Tom VanDermark 732-525-1034

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Green for the March Meeting?

A thought occurred to me last light as I prepared to go to sleep:


Wouldn't it be nice that one the rare occasion that we have a meeting on some holiday to do something about it? We generally don't really observe any holidays in the BPMS, but why not have a little fun with this one?

So for a LAST MINUTE activity I'm asking everyone to bring in their favorite FINISHED GREEN MODEL(S) to the meeting and be prepared to tell the group a couple words about it. Tell your friends and pass the word around. I'm curious how this will turn out in such short notice.

BPMS 2/17/2006 1st Quarter Contest Reference

Find the galleries on Gordon's Blog:


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

IEC Mould

I don't know if this is legit or not, but sounds interesting. It was in the email:

Dear Sir / Madam

We are pleased to learn that your tooling & molding demands fall into our business scope. So we take the liberty of writing to you in view of establishing a business relationship with you.

At IEC Mould, we have been specialized in making and exporting of various moulds, mould parts, and molded products for many years. Our business covers plastics moulds and dies, die casting, metal injection molding, etc. One-shop service is available from concept to delivery. We can nurture ideas from conception, produce each part, assemble them and drop-ship the completed packages. Since we can always provide prompt quality goods at competitive prices, we have earned a prestigious reputation as “ship-stock” supplier among our customers.

Our innovative staff is always ready to serve you, among who are experienced engineers and technicians, and sophisticated sales personnel.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiry, or you can also directly send us your drawings or other information to coco@iec-mould.com .

For more, please refer to our website: www.iec-mould.com.

Your attention is sincerely appreciated!

Best regards

Coco He

Assistant Manager

IEC Mould Engineering Making Limited

Add: Henan Industry Area, Jinxia, Changan Town, Dongguan City, China 523800

Tel: +86-769-85304500/ 85304811

Fax: +86-769-85304511

E-mail: coco@iec-mould.com

Web: www.iec-mould.com

Another update: 03/06/2006

IPMS Niagara Frontier's website has moved and is now up again, it is....

www.ipmsniagarafrontier.com our BuffCon 23 show flyer is on line-come visit

thanks bob Collignon, chapter contact

Monday, March 06, 2006

Region 1 Update: 03/04/2006

Hi everyone,

Time for another update. I also need to pass along to everyone that I'll be out of town from Thursday 9 March until Saturday 25 March. I'll going west for some racing, visiting, and general warmth!!

I received an update today from John Nickerson, Chair of this years Noreastcon. John has some very interesting things to relate, and I'll let him tell you about it.

NoreastCon 2006 is fast approaching. I'd like to say everything is on track, but there have been a number hurdles. The latest one to rear it’s head is that the facility has been sold and some time in May, I am told, it’s name will change from the Radisson to ‘The Hotel, Marlborough’. I expect this will happen the weekend of the event so all the signs will be changing. The best info I can give is watch our web site, www.ipmsnoreastcon2006.com , we constantly update it with the latest info.

All of the registration info is also posted on the web site. Anyone calling for hotel reservations should call the Marlborough Radisson directly at 508-480-0015 and ask for the NoreastCon discount package.

At long last we have the registration brochure printed and ready to go. Please advise the chapter contacts to watch for their packages. All of our plans have changed at least once over. So again I stress checking the web site to keep up to date. We have planned a number of events, designed to make this a full two day experience. Besides the vendors, (more on them later), and the model display, Friday evening we have three events scheduled for your entertainment. Besides the social period we are putting together a silent auction, where we hope to have a number of unique items for attendees to bid on. The proceeds from this will go to ‘Hobbies for Heros’. And what we are calling ‘Model Trivia Showdown’ where a few teams will compete, complete with audience participation, displaying their knowledge of model trivia.

Saturday, of course, the models grab center stage. In addition to the models, the Region 1 business meeting and the judges meeting, we currently have three seminars planned. Phil LaBounty will be demonstrating some concepts of figure painting stressing the use of washes and glazes, Phil says that this is a technique that can be used by all modelers, Bill Grigg will discuss building diorama bases, and to top it off, Talal Chouman will demonstrate his scratchbulding methods. We also have a special raffle item. It's a matted, Nick Trudgian print of Adolf Galland's Me 262, it's signed by Adolf and the artist. And of course, we cap this all off with the banquet and awards ceremony.

Now, because of the concerns of some modelers stemming from the incident at the Nationals, we have designed a security program and it will be in place for the weekend.

Ok, back to the vendors. Currently on board; Byrd Aviation Books, 3 Guyz Hobbies, Precision Enterprises Unltd., Commander Series Models, and Moonlight Hobbies. We believe that Olde Depot Hobbies, Farina Enterprises, Sentinel Miniatures, Harry’s Hobbies, and others will be joining us.

One last thing, we still have plenty of trophy packs to sponsor! Checks can be made payable to NoreastCon 2006.

John Nickerson, event chairman; President, Bay Colony Historic Modelers

Y'all be well!
John Nickerson

Back to me!! As John mentioned, there will be some cool events happing this year, as well as some awesome seminars being planned. Even if the hotel is changing hands, it shouldn't effect the quality of the event our hosts are planning. They have been working very hard, overcoming a variety of obstacles, as each has been thrown in front of them. I admire the tenaciousness of these guys, they should have been Marines!!

Now that you can see what they're doing, please consider sponsoring a trophy package from them. Show them the love they deserve, and do so in a most tangible way. Sponsor a category or two!! I know this plea gets old, and I promise I'll stop making it, just as soon as they tell me all categories have been spoken for. So, to get me to shut up, please put your money where my month is!!!!

Also, the deadlines for Region 1 Chapter of the Year, and Person of the Year have closed. Thanks to all that submitted nominations this year. I will say we have two winners, and will also say that the decisions were extremely hard this time around. As I continue to say, we have some excellent chapters and people in this region. The nominations I received this year really bear that out. To find out who the winners are, please plan to attend the banquet at this years Noreastcon. The formal announcements will be made at that time.

That brings us to the end, once again. Please keep your eyes on the Noreastcon web site of all the latest information. And as always, please share this with the officers and members of your chapter.

Doug Hamilton
Region 1 Coordinator

UPDATE: 03/04/2006

It never fails, just as I fired off the last update, I received notification from Pip Moss that our friends at IPMS Patriot chapter have a brand new shiny web site for us to try on. The new address is:


I'd like to urge everyone to go and check it out. It's very cool!!

Semper Fi