Thursday, December 14, 2006

BPMS Dinner at Outback Steakhouse: 12/19/2006

Hi Guys!

Jimmy's trying to get a posse together for a dinner at the Outback Steakhouse in Bay Terrace, Queens.

Here's a google map:
Bay Terrace Shopping Center

Please email Jimmy directly, or the club, and I will forward to to him for you.



Modeling scam!!!

Hi Guys,

BPMS just got a mailing for the stupidest modeling scam of all time -- bar none.


For a mere $30 per year, you can register your model airplane with International Modeling Registries! $300 buys lifetime registration! And they're offering club discounts!

In exchange for your money, they give you a registration number for a model you built and own, and they put a picture of the model on their website.

What does that do for you? It makes your model unique! It increases the value!

The pitch is very smooth and promises to unite the modeling community worldwide. The website is also offering searchable libraries of modeling tips and tricks and all the same stuff we have with free websites or reputable publications.

I may be wrong, but I don't think any modeler is stupid enough to fall for this. If Massachusetts has an attorney general, he sure should look at this outfit for fraud.

We can get a laugh out of this pitch at our next meeting, but I do think IPMS ought to take a look into this to keep them from using our mailing list.


Hi Frank,
I also received this "great" offer, and checked their web site. Most of tabs take you to non-existent areas. It's indeed a rip off. Let the buyer beware!!

Semper Fi
Doug Hamilton

Thursday, December 07, 2006

December meeting on the 8th!!!

That's right, not on the third Friday but on the second Friday of December.

On the agenda:
  • Star Trek / Star Wars Theme Contest
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Desserts!!!
All welcome! See you there!

Hawk & Lindberg Models

From the email box:
Hi All,
The Lindberg models website is coming together, and many of the cars, trucks and other kits are on view. The Hawk Weird-Ohs, Silly Surfers and Frantics can also be seen if you click around enough. Couldn't find pictures of the dinosaurs and alien stuff on the Lindberg site, but some of it is on view at Cult TV Man.
Andy Y.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Noreastcon 07 Update

Hi everyone,
This just in from the chairman of the Noreastcon 07 event. These guys are working hard, and I think we'll have another memorable event.

Semper Fi

Hello all,

The NoreastCon07 Web Page has been updated and has most of the information you will need to attend our event. I know that the IPMS Mid Hudson and the IPMS Stratford guys are anxious to have this event, and I hope we make it up to par to the others that have hosted the NorEastCon in the past. And we especially hope that you all have a great time when you and your clubmembers come.

So take a look at our Website for info, and the downloadable forms for pre-registration. And be sure to check it from time to time, as we will be updating it with more information as we get it in.

Thank you,
Tom Walker
NorEastCon07 Chairman

Intrepid freed from mud

Intrepid freed from mud, under way
POSTED: 8:44 a.m. EST, December 6, 2006
NEW YORK (AP) -- A month after a failed attempt to move the Intrepid, the historic aircraft carrier was freed Tuesday from the Hudson River anchorage where it had sat for nearly a quarter of a century.

"This old baby is moving," a joyous Intrepid Foundation President Bill White said aboard the vessel.

Some crew members cried and gave each other high-fives and hugs. Onlookers ashore cheered.

"It's like it used to be, only better. There's no bloodshed," said elated passenger Felix Novelli, who served on the Intrepid crew during World War II. "I'm 18 again. And I have my beautiful broad right here, my ship Intrepid."

As the Intrepid passed the World Trade Center site, about 20 former crew members unfurled a 50-feet by 90-feet American flag and stood in a silent salute.

The trip began with considerable effort, as the historic aircraft carrier-turned-museum inched haltingly away from its anchorage.

Finally, it began moving at about 3 to 4 knots, its pier growing more and more distant.

"Move baby, move baby!" the crew and passengers yelled. Then, "We did it, we did it!"

In the previous attempt, thick mud had proved too strong for six "tractor tugs" exerting some 30,000 horsepower.

A battle occured this time, too -- the blue water was churned dark brown as tugboats strained to inch the giant vessel away from its longtime home.

"If she doesn't move, we are going to jump in and push her," a former crew member, 84-year-old Joe Kobert, said on the Intrepid's deck before the behemoth began to move on Tuesday.

Asked later if he was glad he didn't have to push the ship, Cobert said, "We did push. All the crew members. How do you think we got out of there?"

Recalling his years on the ship, Cobert said, "It brings back memories. It was always thrilling when we were under way. We'd yell to everyone onshore, 'See Ya when we get back."'

The smaller boats moved the ship stern first into the center of the Hudson River, then nudged the bow until it was parallel with the shore and began heading downstream.

The carrier was being towed, still backward, down the river toward New York Harbor for a five-mile trip to a shipyard in Bayonne, New Jersey, where it will undergo renovations.

A Fire Department boat sailed alongside the Intrepid, shooting red, white and blue colored water from its hoses. River traffic resumed after being halted while the ship was pulling away from the pier.

On the first attempt, on November 6, the 36,000-ton carrier budged only a few feet before the propellers dug into the bottom, the tide dropped, and the mission was scrubbed.

Three weeks of dredging removed nearly 40,000 cubic yards of muck from under the ship and around its four giant screws. Based on an assessment by military engineers and tugboat operators, officials had said they expected a smooth departure for the 64-year-old World War II hero ship.

The Intrepid survived five Japanese kamikaze suicide plane attacks and lost 270 crew members in the last two years of the Pacific war. It later served off Korea and Vietnam and as a recovery ship for NASA astronauts.

Decommissioned in the late 1970s, it was destined for the salvage yard when rescued by New York developer Zachary Fisher and transformed into a floating military and space museum that opened in 1982, recently drawing upward of 700,000 visitors a year.

Intrepid officials said the $60 million overhaul, lasting up to two years, would include stem-to-stern "refurbishment and renovation" to repair deterioration and open up long-closed areas to the public.

The ship's exhibits were put in storage and most of its 20-plus vintage warplanes were shrink-wrapped for protection during the hiatus.

Monday, December 04, 2006

DAVE COCKRUM, 1943-2006

Dave (pic from the BPMS archives / Frank C.)

Long time member of the BPMS, Dave Cockrum passed away recently after several years of being very ill. Dave's art will stand forever emblazoned on everyone's memories. Without Dave, there wouldn't have been the X-Men and many other contributions to comic book art. A good retrospective of Dave's career can be found on the Steve Bunche Blog (He was also a former employee of Marvel.)

Here is a link to remembrances of Dave from another BPMS member, Andy Yanchus:

More recent photos submitted by Andy Y.

Modelpalooza 2007: Orlando, Florida

From Chi:
Hi everyone,

I'd like to announce Modelpalooza 2007! It's a model show sponsored by Orlando IPMS. This is the biggest model show here in the Florida area. It's a 2 day event with vendors and contest, and also the first time Anime modeling is included as an official category for the contest.

I hope many of you can come and join us for the fun! For more information and registration please go here:


If you have any questions and comments, please post it here!