Friday, December 31, 2021

December 30, 2021: BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting Report

Sixteen people attended the meeting. Some guys haven't been around for a while and it was good to catch up. One new release reported, Zvezda's 1/72 C130 J-30. Tamiya's M-18 isn't available yet. Neither is the Community Center. Maybe we'll be like Hudson Valley and have outdoor meetings when the weather gets better. Can you suggest a venue? In progress and completed work included: female mechanic figure, IL-2, RF-43 (Greek markings), three Mosquitos, M-60 and MiG-25. Acquisitions (some from Santa, some from Amazon) included: Hetzer (Prague 1945), IJN Yamashiro, 1/48 Panther A (w interior & zimmerit), decals for Panzer 3s and F-18 Hornets, German soldier figure, Mirage 3 CJ, and AJ 37 Viggen. 

Kevin put his 2021 builds on YouTube at https://youtu.be/3Ya-JjIEQqs . Michael 's 2021 work is at https://www.igluemodels.com/post/2021-year-in-review . We swapped stories about unclear/incorrect instructions, heard about using liquid glue to disassemble joints, saw how to turn a ball and socket joint into a 3rd hand for painting/assembly work and got product recommendations from Kevin (scale model work stand from The Inner Nerd), Bob (AK Interactive Air paints) and Rommel (Ammo Liquid Mask). The featured tool was a desktop vacuum cleaner. Use it to clean your workbench, find small missing parts or pick up crumbs around the toaster. Look for it on the robotkai.com website. (How does Gil find these things?) The year 2022 marks 50 years of BPMS and we're looking for a contest to mark our 1972 birthyear. The suggestions so far - any 1/72 scale kit- any kit that was available in 1972 or earlier -any kit with the number 50 in the markings - any kit with the number 50 in its name. You get the idea. If you come up with a silver anniversary suggestion, let us know about it as soon as possible so we can incorporate it into the 2022 contest schedule. The next meeting is 1/6/22 at 8pm. Invites to follow.


Saturday, December 25, 2021

Dec 23 2021 BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting Report

Seventeen people attended the meeting. Vinny reported the Community Center will remain closed for the foreseeable future. In case you were wondering, Pegaso and Muroc models are still active. New releases: Kinetic's 1/48 F-104 A/C, MiniArt's 1/35 US Army 1 1/2-ton truck, ICM's 1/48 B-26 K and OV-10A. In progress and completed work included: Mirage 2000-5EI, Sea King Mk 42 B, F4F Wildcat, Horten 12, BMW Strahlbomber, Whirlaway, An-2V, A-50, Su-27, Ekranoplan A-90, An-12, Icebreaker Lennin, Ford Bronco, Me 262, Ju-88 (air sea rescue), Fw-190 D (with torpedo), B-47, Zero, Bob Cratchit figure (Kevin met his Christmas deadline), McDonnel Douglas X-36, three Mosquitos (waiting for paint) and Jotnar (from Troll Hunter). A few guys couldn't wait for Santa so they acquired some new items: F-117 A, Spitfire, VW Bug, 1934 Ford, Buick Wildcat and Eduard's Tora Tora Tora dual combo (Rommel highly recommends it). The discussion on snow was timely (overnight flurry in Brooklyn) and informative. Woodland Scenics Soft Flake Snow is relatively inexpensive, easy to apply and maintains its color. From the UK, products from Precision Snow and Ice can produce a wide variety of winter effects. The next meeting will be 21/30/21 at 8pm. Join us as we close the book on 2021 and plan for the club's 50th (yikes!) anniversary in 2022. Invites to follow. Happy Holidays to all.

From the mention of the snow effects at the zoom meeting,  here are a few vids from You Tube. Woodland Scenics -



Precision Snow and Ice's whole channel is about the effect. Sit back with some coffee and plan a future snow scene - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF298G1YWuEXHFq0fFWv-Aw/videos


Merry Christmas to all that partake and until next time - enjoy.

~Kev K


Tuesday, December 21, 2021

December 16, 2021 BPMS ZOOM Mini Meeting

Fourteen people attended the meeting. We were saddened to hear of the passing of two of our friends, longtime BPMS members Ray Keegan and Joe Barrett. Ray left Brooklyn a few years ago and Joe never attended a Zoom meeting, but if you went to our pre-pandemic meetings, you'll remember their good natures and modelling skills. Rest in Peace, Ray and Joe. 

One new release reported, MRC's 1/16 StuG 3 G. No word yet on the 1/35 Tamiya M-18 Hellcat. Noreast Con 2022 will be held on April 29-30 2022 in Latham NY. Details to follow. Mark found a local hobby store, Apponaug Color and Hobby Shop, in Warwick, RI. Nice selection, good prices. The website is HobbyRI.com. He also showed us some of the 3D printed items produced by Micro Cosmos, a Greek company. Kevin and Steve have interesting projects with Christmas deadlines. Kevin is working on a multi figure scene from Dickens' Christmas Carol and Steve is using Paperclay to transform Halloween yard skeletons into Joseph and Mary for an outdoor crèche. In progress and completed work included: Lippisch 13a, Bf-109 (with wavy line camouflage decals ), MiG-31( Frank followed "Dr. Mig's" suggestion- black prime coat followed by random white squiggles followed by a misted grey topcoat), L-39 Albatros, Yak-42 D, pair of An-2s (one on floats, one on wheels), Fiat G-50, Kaiten suicide submarine, Hk-6 Mavis flying boat, Ju-52 minesweeper, Northrup Gamma (on aftermarket vac-form floats), Avro Lincon(Lancaster?) Mk 5 recon conversion and a concept car (glue bomb) rebuild. The featured tool was a solder fume extractor, a compact device to remove harmful particles from the air. We finished by reviewing how paper and various glues can be used to replicate cloth, fill gaps, fabricate thin plates and give newlife to old yard decorations. Next meeting is 12/23/21 at 8 pm. Invites were sent a few days ago. Hope to see you there.

Monday, December 06, 2021

December 9, 2021 BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting Report

Ten BPMS members and valued friends attended the December 9 Zoom meeting. Live meetings are still expected to resume in January, pending Omicron, the Decepticons, and other imported surprises. Mike D. signed on to the December virtual meeting with a truly historic background – his 1/48 scale Tamiya Zero in the markings of the real fighter flown by Shigeru Itaya commanding the First Wave air attack on Pearl Harbor. Research led Mike to correct the tail number in the kit decals and remind the group, “Just because the instructions say something doesn’t mean that’s what it is.” Kevin K. showed his nicely detailed and weathered Hound’s Tooth spaceship from the Star Wars cartoon series. Igor signed in from Russia with his 1/30th scale KV85 tank, 1/72 scale Su-22 jet and AN-2 biplane and a fun-size Sherman caricature Toon Tank. Bobby P. outshone the scale modelers with video of his restored 1:1 scale 1937 Chrysler backing out of his garage.

Work-in-progress included Kevin’s 1/72 scale Muroc Models X-36 remotely piloted vehicle and Frank C’s embattled Zvezda MiG-31 interceptor. Joe B. showed the group newly-acquired Dolman figures including the 1/24 scale/90 mm Rocket Girl and Navy Girl and 1/10 scale Wild Bill fighter Ace from 1941. He also flashed a rare Pocher 1/8 scale Bugatti Dinner Jacket coupe. Gill H. spoke highly of Gpaint pre-thinned lacquer paint formulated for use on Gundam robots but mixable for other models. The evening’s discussion settled on pigments (powdered colors used in paint) and pastels (powdered colors in a binder). With proper binders or overcoats, both can be brushed on to produce subtle weathering and shading effects. Pastels can, for example, soften flesh tones under the hairlines of figures and pigment slurry can simulate mortar between diorama bricks. Gil showed how he uses a tea diffuser to grind stick pastels for weathering and a paper blunt to soften the effects of weathering powders.

The next BPMS Zoom meeting is this Thursday, December 16 at 8 PM. Virtual meetings will continue weekly, said Bobby P. “This is it until we have butts in seats in Bergen Beach!”

12/2/21 BPMS Zoom mini meeting report

Eighteen people attended the meeting. For IPMS members who are also BPMS members, Frank C needs to know the expiration date of your IPMS membership for our charter renewal. You can find it on the address label of your IPMS/USA Journal. Please email it to Frank asap. Thanks in advance. Mark recapped the Hudson Valley Club's 2021 Turkey Challenge, where you start and finish a kit in four days. It can be done and he had the pictures to prove it. Chuck, in addition to preparing for the Dyker Heights Christmas Light extravaganza, it trying out different airbrush pressures to see which gives the best clear flat finish (35psi too high, 24 psi is promising). Having finished his P.180 Avanti, Vaughn told us about the design and performance of the actual aircraft. Bob gave us a bit of scale model trivia. Around 1968, Dumas produced 2,000 vacuform kits of the Creole Queen, to be sold exclusively on the paddle-wheeler, which is still in service. Who knows, maybe some are still on board, below decks in an old locker. Ask around next time you're in New Orleans. New releases to watch for: Zvezda's C130 J-30 (1/72) and T-62 (1/35) and Revell's SR-71A (1/48). In progress and completed work included: Dr.1 (with an incompletely molded wing. Damn!), P.180 Avanti, A 6-M2 Zero, WW2 US Marines w/ dogs, Houndstooth spacecraft (masks by Aztek Dummy), X-36 (a model of the model radio-controlled drone used to test tailless aircraft), Su17, An 225, Ant 25, Tu 22, Yak 130, Tu 195 (Igor has been busy), River Tam figure, MiG 31 and Haunebau 2 (masked with an AK flexible stencil). The tool of the week was a set of nail art brushes. They're inexpensive and good for fine work. Because the meeting was so well attended, there was no time to discuss pigments, so we'll do it next time, 12/9/21 at 8 pm. Frank C will host. He's already sent the invitations.