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A list of the BPMS Theme Contests over the years

1997 – Science Fiction
1998 – The 50s
1998 – To the Rescue

1999 – Israel
1999 – Conceptual
2000 – On Patrol
2000 – The Marines
2001 – Humor
2001 – Diorama
2002 – Space
2002 – “Old Model”
2003 – Things With Teeth
2003 - A Moment in Time
2004 – Adversaries
2004 – US Military
2005 - In the Movies
2005 - Cats
2006 – Worn, Weathered, and Working
2006 – Star Wars / Star Trek Anniversaries
2007 – Vintage 1965
2007 – We Mean Business
2008 – Warsaw Pact
2008 – NASA
2009 – A Mad, Mad, Mad Theme Contest
2009 – Size Matters
2010 – Naval Aviation
2010 – Things That Sting
2011 – Classic Monogram
2011 – The Twilight Zone
2012 – That 70s Theme
2012 – End of the World
2013 - Television

2013 - Sloppy Seconds 
2014 - Asian Invasion 
2014 - Western European Tour 1944 - 1945 
2015 - Modeling With the Stars 
2015 - New Kids on the Block 
2016 - Basic Black
2016 - Island Hopping 
2017 - Star Wars 40th Anniversary 
2017 - Peaceful Plastic 
2018 - WWII - 1946 
2018 - Rivets!
2019 - NASA: 50th Anniversary of the Moon-landing 
2019 - D-Day to The Battle of the Bulge - 75th Anniversary
2020  (no themes due to COVID-19)
2021  (no themes due to COVID-19)
2022 - 70 Years of Aurora Models
2023 - Remember The Members  

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Bulletin Archive in PDF Format


Bulletin 2019 06
Bulletin 2019 05
Bulletin 2019 04
Bulletin 2019 03
Bulletin 2019 02
Bulletin 2019 01

Bulletin 2018 12
Bulletin 2018 11
Bulletin 2018 10
Bulletin 2018 09
Bulletin 2018 08
Bulletin 2018 07.pdf
Bulletin 2018 06.pdf
Bulletin 2018 05.pdf
Bulletin 2018 04.pdf
Bulletin 2018 03.pdf
Bulletin 2018 02.pdf
Bulletin 2018 01.pdf

Bulletin 2017 12.pdf
Bulletin 2017 11.pdf
Bulletin 2017 10.pdf 
Bulletin 2017 09.pdf
Bulletin 2017 08.pdf
Bulletin 2017 07.pdf
Bulletin 2017 06.pdf
Bulletin 2017 05.pdf  
Bulletin 2017 04.pdf
Bulletin 2017 03.pdf
Bulletin 2017 02.pdf
Bulletin 2017 01.pdf

Bulletin 2016 12.pdf
Bulletin 2016 11.pdf
Bulletin 2016 10.pdf
Bulletin 2016 09.pdf
Bulletin 2016 08.pdf
Bulletin 2016 07.pdf
Bulletin 2016 06.pdf
Bulletin 2016 05.pdf
Bulletin 2016 04.pdf
Bulletin 2016 03.pdf 
Bulletin 2016 02.pdf
Bulletin 2016 01.pdf

Bulletin 2015 12.pdf
Bulletin 2015 11.pdf
Bulletin 2015 10.pdf
Bulletin 2015 09.pdf
Bulletin 2015 08.pdf
Bulletin 2015 07.pdf
Bulletin 2015 06.pdf
Bulletin 2015 05.pdf
Bulletin 2015 04.pdf
Bulletin 2015 03.pdf
Bulletin 2015 02.pdf
Bulletin 2015 01.pdf

Bulletin 2014 12.pdf
Bulletin 2014 11.pdf 
Bulletin 2014 09.pdf 
Bulletin 2014 08.pdf
Bulletin 2014 07.pdf
Bulletin 2014 06.pdf
Bulletin 2014 05.pdf
Bulletin 2014 04.pdf
Bulletin 2014 03.pdf
Bulletin 2014 02.pdf
Bulletin 2014 01.pdf

Bulletin 2013 12.pdf
Bulletin 2013 11.pdf  
Bulletin 2013 10.pdf
Bulletin 2013 09.pdf
Bulletin 2013 06.pdf
Bulletin 2013 01.pdf

Bulletin 2004 06.pdf

Bulletin 2001 06.pdf

Bulletin 2000 05.pdf

Bulletin 1996 07.pdf  

Joe B - Fleshtones and Eyeballs.pdf Bulletin 2014 10.pdf 
Spotlights [old] - Holcomb Alvarado Kasza[x2] Ferrara Gertner Reinert Keegan Rosati Maroney Batterman Pokorny Eng.pdf
Weathering Models by Eric Reinert.pdf
Spotlight - Rob Garitta.pdf
Spraying Gloss Finishes by Bobby Kasza.pdf
That 50s Display.pdf SPOTLIGHT - Rosati - Maroney - Batterman - Pokorny - Eng.pdf
BPMS By Laws V2.pdf BPMS By Laws.pdf

Sunday, September 25, 2022

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting: Sept 27, 2022 - Topic: Take 2!

Part 1 starts promptly at 7:30 PM EST.
Part 2 starts at 8:10 PM if we need more time.

Members and guests are cordially invited to join our group for our weekly online meeting!

If you would like to join, DM us your email address and name so we can include you in the email list with Zoom Meeting details (meeting numbers and passwords)!

On the agenda:

BPMS Club News.
IPMS News.
Other clubs news.
Hobby News.
What's on your workbench?
Featured Discussion: Take Two - How do you disassemble and rebuild an old model? Is there something better than an X-Acto knife? What removes paint with least mess?

BPMS ZOOM Meeting Report 9/20/22

Eleven people attended the Tuesday, Sept. 20 BPMS Zoom meeting. The 50th Anniversary Luncheon is on for October 16, 1 PM at Buckley’s in Brooklyn.

Word came from Lu that no new kits of significance have arrived.

The Facebook live-stream experiment at last Friday’s Brooklyn meeting was apparently a partial success. Webmaster Gordon said more work is needed.

The discussion topic for the night was tricks modelers can use to build faster. BPMS vice president Tom G. finds his best move is, “going over the instructions first, before I touch anything.”

To finish aircraft faster and sustain interest in his latest project, Frank C. builds as much of the model as possible without painting tedious sub-assemblies. Once the largely-complete model is primed and airbrushed, details can be hand-painted with Vallejo colors free of brush marks.

Vaughan showed off his completed Fw190 built from the ProModeler kit and gave some insights into German fighter engineering. On the real aircraft, the radio antenna wire aft of the cockpit traveled through multiple pulleys to stay taut when the canopy opened. On his model, Vaughan just closed the canopy. Vaughan’s next project is the big F7U Cutlass from Hobbycraft, a naval jet fighter with great looks and unimpressive performance. Vaughan plans to ‘bang it together’ for the joy of building. He typically finishes 3-4 kits a year.
Kevin showed of his beautifully painted Jabba the Hutt bust and two works in progress – a Western Sherriff and fighter jock Wild Bill Kelso from the movie 1941. He also showed off his amazing sculpted clay Large Marge from a PeeWee Herman movie. Kevin’s only tip for speed building is to super-glue lots of small, photoetched parts in succession to “get a rhythm going.”

Chuck said he favors a slow, methodical approach to building and observed, “Going faster, saving time never works for me.”

Mark showed off some interesting historical photos – including a P-47 stained black with oil streaming from battle damage. His tip for faster building is to start with research on other people’s troubles building the same model. “It reduces the chance you’ll just put it down because you can’t achieve your objective.” Mark recommended a fiberglass eraser pen from AK Interactive to remove minor mold marks fast. Square sanding blocks help repetitive tasks like removing mold marks from road wheels. Mark’s next project is a Tamiya Su-76M tank. The Hudson Valley Historical Miniatures Guild will host its annual show October 22, and Mark reminded BPMS of his group’s Turkey Challenge – finish any kit you want over the four-day Thanksgiving Weekend.

Bob K. finished his 1/400 scale HMS Undine submarine and showed a 1/144 C-130 Hercules in progress. He currently has eight models in work at a time.

Mike has undertaken an F4F Wildcat comparison build with the 1994 Tamiya, 2007 HobbyBoss, and 2022 Eduard kits going simultaneously. He shies away from photoetch accessories and noted, “The more you buy, the less chance you’ll finish the model. Mike’s tips for speedier building included sanding sponges for cleaning up tank wheels and a Lazy Susan work base for airbrushing.

To answer the speed building question, Gordon reviewed several sets of plastic sprue nippers. The best and most expensive of them trims parts so close little sanding is required.

Gil showed off a resin Shogun Babe in progress with magnet hands to hold her sword. His tool tip of the week was Harbor Freight center drills made for power tools also make good hand drills to center holes in round stock. 

Zoom Master Bob P. also advised builders to study instructions first and build several similar small figures at once. He painted 15 Cthulhu goods at the same time and recently discovered Speed Paint from Army Paints. The pigment-rich paints enable the modeler to color and shade “with one stroke of the brush.”

Next Zoom Meeting is Tuesday, September 27. Invitation to follow.

~Frank C.

Monday, September 12, 2022

BPMS Bulletin: SEPTEMBER 2022


 by Bobby B2 Blue Pokorny

Despite the fact that August meeting was Pizza Night, we had a surprisingly light turnout. Nonethelss, we had plenty going on! We had 25 members and no guests who brought in 12 models mostly for the contest.

August Meeting

MEETING CHANGES: We had a couple of changes during the meeting. We started earlier, around 7:30 PM to make sure we were able to get all our activities done in time. Gordon also got a feed to work on Facebook. We will be refining both of these in the coming months.

PIZZA NIGHT: Possibly one of the all-time favorite BPMS annual activities. PIZZA! The group made quick work of the stacks of Brooklyn style. Your humble narrator couldn’t have been more proud!

CONTEST NIGHT – 3Q22: So the third installment of the BPMS contest is in the books. There were some exquisite models on the tables so the members had a tough job voting.

BPMS 50th Anniversary: Looks like we have this settled. Sunday, October 16, 2022 at 1:00 PM

Buckley’s Restaurant & Caterers

2926 Avenue S

Brooklyn, NY 11229

We have the room for four hours.  Guests are welcome. Tentative Price: $75 per person

BPMS SHIRT: Gordon got our order in. We should be able to wear our new shirts to the Anniversary Luncheon!   

DECEMBER THEME CONTEST: With the year speeding by we can look forward to the December theme contest: The Golden Age of AURORA Models. Click the link to the left for details. Sponsored by Joe B and Kevin K. .

raffle: We had another fun raffle this month. We’ll likely have another for September. The club is always looking for donations for these activities.


WEEKLY ZOOM: Even though we are back to having regular meetings, the weekly ZOOM will continue! New day and time: Tuesdays at 7:30 PM. Every week EXCEPT for weeks with an in-person meeting.

2019-22 Model Pledge: 2019-22 declaration period is now CLOSED! You already showed me something unbuilt.  Please have it finished for OCTOBER 2022, for a display. After October you may bring back your pledge for the November meeting for the last contest of the year. For your efforts you get an additional FIVE Super Raffle tickets for completing your pledge! Sweet! Easy enough!

On the agenda: SEPTEMBER

 SPEED PAINTING: Is this a must-have product or a gimmick? Kevin K. and your humble narrator will demonstrate how to use this product!

DECAL SWAP NIGHT: Why not? Bring in decals to swap, sell, or give away.

Photo-phone list: Gordon started taking photos of the group for the photo-phone list. If he didn’t take your photo at the last meeting, please see him at the next meeting.  

SWAP NIGHT: Bring in models to swap or sell. Please also bring cash, you never know what you might find and there is no tab at this bar! 


SEPTEMBER 16, 2022




Sunday, September 11, 2022

Brooklyn Plastic Modelers Society 50th Anniversary Luncheon

We are pleased to announce that the Brooklyn Plastic Modelers Society 50th Anniversary Luncheon!

2926 Avenue S
Brooklyn, NY 11229

Date / Time:
Sunday, October 16, 2022
1:00 PM

DM for more details!

Saturday, September 10, 2022

09/06/2022 BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting

The Sept. 6 BPMS meeting on-line drew 12 participants, 11 of whom overcame a Zoom mystery or operator inexperience at the end of Part 1 to re-join the conversation for Part 2.
Bobby P. took advantage of his trip to Dallas, Texas to meet our long-lost pandemic partner Bill for real. The hope is Bill will re-join our on-line group during regular Tuesday Zoom meetings.
Our Deja-vu All Over Again theme proved a disappointment – most BPMS members rarely build the same kit more than once. That said, Frank C. showed six ESCI F-104s and seven Italeri F-5s in different national markings, proving insanity can make you do the same thing over and over with different outcomes.
Kevin showed off his bust of Black Krrsantan, the Wookie bounty hunter from the Star Wars universe and a beautiful Sasquatch bust modeled on a movie Big Foot.  Kevin’s new acquisitions included a two-piece rocket from Space Patrol and Unicraft 1/72 Vought ADAM ducted fan VTOL aircraft. Kevin has built the classic Hawk Vanguard satellite twice.
Vaughan showed progress with his 1/48 FW190 and shared some interesting historical background on the real aircraft -- the Butcher Bird was designed to be more rugged and survivable than the elegant Me109.  
Tony showed a two-tone 1956 Chevy work in process and remembered building two 1955 Chevys, the second a gift for a friend.
Mark showed some interesting historical images, including the wartime outdoor assembly line for the Lockheed P-38 and a B-29 “Stratovision” conversion with a big fold-down antenna mast to relay early television broadcasts.  Mark mentioned the Omaha National Convention included a “Gear-Up” category for airplane models on stands.
Gil had a 1/350 scale Seaview submarine in progress. His tool of the week was a diamond-coated wire from a coping saw, cut short to create a mini-file.  Gil admitted to building several Volkswagens in different versions for theme contests.
Gordon showed several new Gundam robot editions.