Thursday, July 17, 2008

Region 1 Update 7-17-08

Hello everyone,

A few things to pass along this time.
First off, we received this from MSGT Brian Allen, who's been running the Baghdad Hobby Shop. Brian is rotating back to the "World", and will be leaving things in the capable hands of Steve DeLong. Steve's address is below.


It's semi-official, folks, I will be leaving theater to return stateside this Saturday. I have been diagnosed with moderate to severe degenerative joint disease (arthritits), avlusion fractures and will possibly need surgery to repair injuries to my hip and pelvis. It is not clear if I will return once rehabilitation is complete but I most certainly will try. Oh, whoa is the life of a Paratrooper.

SFC Delong has been with me since taking over the hobby club here in Baghdad and will continue to serve as POC. You can address any correspondence or donations to him at: steven.delong@iraq.centcom.mil
or mail at:

SFC Steven Delong
18th Airborne Corps
APO, AE 09342

If you have already sent donations under my name they will continue to arrive safely and the mail room has been briefed to forward any packages to SFC Delong.

We have been fortunate here in B-dad as new, highly motivated members have come onboard and will also be available to help SFC Delong with club donations and shipping to our numerous contacts. I personally want to thank all of our contributors for your kind support and donations that you have sent during my short tenure. This is the first time I have seen such support from back home in my 20 year career and makes me truly proud to serve the American people. Thank you ever so much!

MSG Brian Allen

The IPMS Nationals are rapidly approaching in a little over two weeks. To tie the Nationals and the previous Baghdad Hobby Shop item together, our hosts, IPMS Tidewater will have a collection point at the show so attendees can purchase something in the vendor room and donate it to our troops. What a cool idea, and I for one will be adding something to the stash pile. Show details are being added on almost a daily basis to the event web site. The latest being a floor plan, and updated info on the BBQ scheduled for Thursday night at the Fighter Factory. This will be a really cool event, as the menu contains all my Southern favorites, and we'll be gazing on all sorts of antique aircraft. How cool is that?

Right after the Nationals, I'll send around an updated Event List for the fall show season. There will be some notable changes to the schedule this fall, as a few long time events won't be on it, and a few returning events have new dates. With the fall schedule opening up a little, it may be time to look at our crammed spring schedule and see if one or two events could move into the fall season. As you all know, I've been trying to get some separation into the spring season, and while it's worked a little, it seems those chapters that have moved to avoid conflict have moved to the same weekends as the chapters they're trying to avoid. I'll continue to work with all our chapters to try and work out a schedule where everyone is free of conflict with another chapter. It's an ongoing process, to be sure!!

I don't think I'll be hosting the popular Mini-Meetings this fall. My fall is shaping up to be busy with a ton of things, and I'm not sure which shows I'll be at this fall. So rather than schedule them, then maybe have to cancel them later, we'll wait till next year.

And that brings us to another end. I hope all your summers are going well, and I'll be looking forward to seeing everyone in Virginia Beach in a few weeks!! And as always, please share this with the officers and members of your chapter. Model on!!

Semper Fi
Doug Hamilton

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bulletin: July 2008

by Bobby Pokorny
June was another great meeting with a turnout of 25 members, 2 guests bringing in 42 models for the theme contest and display.
PIZZA NIGHT: one of the greatest and most loved BPMS traditions is the eating of the pizza on pizza night. And that we did!

WARSAW PACT THEME CONTEST: And just like the way it would’ve warmed Stalin’s heart to see, it was a show of force from the members depicting hardware from the age of the Cold War.
1st place Hugh Alcock Mig-21
2nd place Gordon Cheung T-55
3rd place Guy Ferrara T-80
Honorable Mention
Phil Benson Katlin Class Ship
Nick Bruccoleri T-55
Mike Crescenzo Admiral P Ship
Ray Keegan SAM 2 Missile
Frank Colucci Mig-21
Frank Tripoli Mig-15
Specials awards
Brutish Tank Guy Ferrara T-80
Most Green Nick Bruccoleri T-55
Best Soviet Gordon Cheung T-55
Best Non-Soviet Frank Colucci Mig-21
Frank Tripoli Mig-15
Top Heavy Ship Mike Crescenzo Adirmal P ship
Aggressive Jet Hugh Alcock Mig-21
Husky Babonyas Dan Morales JS2
Most Striking Ray Keegan SAM 2 missile
Most Universal John Magno Piper L-4H
Assembly Line Ray Keegan Su-24

Ten members entered fifteen models with a total of 31 Warsaw Pact models displayed. Thanks to everyone who built for the theme contest, especially those who finished their entries. A special note of thanks to James, Jimmy and Jeff for sponsoring another fun theme contest. And A thank you to our special award maker Ed Dietrich for designing such magnificent awards.

You can see pics from each meeting on Gordon’s blog:

On the agenda: July
FAVORITE MODEL NIGHT: Simple. Bring in your favorite model whether it’s built, unbuilt or somewhere in between. We might even ask the members to say a couple words about their favs.

METAL FINISHES: Do you have a model with a metal finish? Maybe more than one? Great! Bring ‘em in! Gordon and Don will be hosting a clinic on how they achieve their metal finishes. Bring a pad to take notes!
Coming this December!
50 Years of NASA Theme Contest
Sponsored by Vinny Rosati, Hugh Alcock, and Gordon Cheung, this will be a celebration of NASA’s 50th Anniversary! In a nutshell, if it flew in a vacuum and / or bore NASA markings, it’s eligible. If you have any questions, please feel free to direct them to the sponsors so you can get started on your entry. Time flies, and before you know it December will be upon us!

A little history:
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is the unit of the federal government charged with operating the nation's space exploration and aeronautics programs. The administrator of NASA, an independent agency, is appointed by the president, subject to Senate confirmation. NASA came into existence on 1 October 1958, after Congress passed the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958, at the recommendation of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Many Americans had been highly alarmed when, on 4 October 1957, the Soviet Union put into orbit Sputnik, the first man-made satellite. In the midst of the Cold War, Americans feared that the Soviets might develop superior missile and space technology and use it against the United States. The new agency absorbed the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, a poorly funded research agency formed in 1915.

Even though much of NASA's early political support stemmed from America's Cold War competition with the Soviet Union, NASA was designed as an explicitly civilian agency to pursue peaceful space activities. Overseeing the military applications of space technology was left to the Department of Defense. In practice, however, the distinction has sometimes blurred. From the beginning, NASA and the military have cooperated in a variety of ways, and many astronauts have come from military backgrounds.
Source: http://www.answers.com/topic/nasa

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Region 1 Update 7-9-08 Important News

From the RC-1:

Hi Everyone,

It seems the IPMS web site is having some major problems at the moment. Everything is being done to get it back to normal, so please be patient. I don't know what's wrong with it, as I'm not a techie, but all the interactive features are effected including the forum.

Attached to this update is an event registration form. Please use it when submitting any event registration information until the web site is repaired. Do not submit anything to through the site. It won't work!! If you have any problems with using the form, let me know, and I'll help you out the best I can.

Isn't technology a wonderful thing, when it works? We've become so reliant on our computers we tend to forget how to do things we now have our little machines do for us.In the mean time, let's all do something very old fashioned, build a model!!

I'll send along updates to the problem as I get them, but know IPMS has some of it's greatest minds hard at work on the problem, which means it ain't me!!

Semper Fi

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How to find us

The Brooklyn Plastic Modelers Society meets on the third Friday of each month around 7:00 PM at:
John Malone Community Center
In Joseph Thomas McGuire Park
(A.K.A. Bergen Beach Sports Complex)

2303 Bergen Aveune, Brooklyn, NY 11234

Getting to the Bergen Beach Park Sports Complex by car:
  • Take FLATBUSH AVENUE to AVENUE U (Kings Plaza) make RIGHT onto AVENUE U.
  • Straight on BERGEN AVENUE 3 BLOCKS to SPORTS COMPLEX (ON LEFT). Ample parking out front.

By Train:
  • Q Train to Ave. U - transfer to the B3 (Bergen Beach) take to last stop E. 74th St. - walk two blocks towards Bergen Ave.
  • #2 or #5 Train to Flatbush Ave. - transfer to the B41 to Veterans Ave. (last stop) - walk to Bergen Ave. turn right - walk approx. 3 blocks to JMCC.
By Bus:
  • B100 - Take to E. 66th St. - transfer to B3
  • BM1 - Take to E. 71st St. - walk to Bergen Ave., turn right - JMCC approx. 3 blocks.
  • B3 - (Bergen Beach) take to last stop (E. 74th St. & Ave. X), walk two blocks to Bergen Ave. (JMCC).