Monday, October 30, 2006

Region 1 Update 10-26-06

Greetings everyone,
Sorry for such a long time between updates. Today is a great time to put one out, as I get to sit home a recover from a minor workplace accident. It hurts a bit, but I think I'll survive!! Now, on to all the news that chews!!!
It's time for the annual force march known as rechartering!! I sent out all documents relating to rechartering on the first of October. Every chapter should have gotten them, so y'all should have looked them over and begun your ordeal. Actually, the process is much more streamlined due to the efforts of our DLC, Dick Montgomery. I also want to remind everyone to submit the name of your Meteor Gift Certificate recipient when you send the check back to Dick. Remember, the recipient MUST be a national member, so send along their IPMS number with their name. I'd also recommend you save the form after you send it back to me. If you update it through the coming year, next years rechartering will go that much faster. I'm also saving each form as it comes back.
I'd also like to announce a program, new to IPMS regarding all Regionals, including our own Noreastcon. Aerospace Modeler Magazine is offering a great package for IPMS Regional Conventions, and I've attached the announcement to this update for your viewing pleasure. I hope all future hosts of Noreastcon take advantage of this very generous offer. If you plan to host, and would like more information, please contact my counterpart in Region 10, Don Kehrer at: dakehrer@adelphia.net He's taking the point for IPMS involvement, and is very knowledgeable regarding the process. Thanks Don!!!
An issue recently came up where one of our brother Region 1 chapters sought an insurance certificate for their upcoming event without going through the correct process of approval. While almost all chapters are on the stick with the process, I just want to reiterate that you must have RC approval before submitting the Event Registration form found on the IPMS web site. Dick will not process your event, nor will an IC be issued without going through the process. Please work with me to get your event through the formalities in a timely manner. I'll do what I can to make it as painless as possible!!
The fall show season is in full swing, and there have been some really fantastic events this year. Please support your brother chapter's events to the max!! Trophy sponsorships, attendance, and helping judge at these events goes a long way to aid and assist the many fine events we enjoy.
And speaking of events, our own Noreastcon is taking shape, but there may be a major announcement coming in the next few days regarding the dates. I'll let everyone know right away when I get the information. We currently have a host on deck for the 08 edition, and beyond that we're wide open, with no hosts on the horizon. Please consider taking on hosting duties for 09 and beyond. If your chapter, or group of chapters may be interested, let me know, I'll be happy to send you the guidelines and work with you to make you event a success. Now would be a great time to start a planning cycle for 09 and beyond!!
I'd also like to report that my counterpart in Region 5, Jack Bruno has stood down from his RC post. No replacement has been named yet, and I'll miss Jack's input. Good luck Buddy, and stay in touch!!
With all that up front, it's time to close this. Now stop reading e mails, and get back to your modeling bench, I hear the plastic calling you!! That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
Semper Fi
Doug Hamilton

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

NECON 2007

While not yet on IPMS USA web site,here's the link to the2007 NECON web site.
So check it out and keep refering to it ,as there constantly updating it. -JHT

Bulletin: October 2006

by Bobby P.

September had a great turn out. There were 29 members and 1 guest in attendance who brought a grand total of 25 models including a bunch of lovely blue ones.

BLUE MODEL NIGHT: We’ve already had “Green” and “Gray” themed nights this year. We had BLUE model night last month. We had a bunch of things going on, and totally spaced on the discussion part. Oops!

SWAP NIGHT: All you have to say is “swap night” and guys bring stuff in to sell. You don’t even have to say it and there’s stuff for sale! Needless to say, there were exchanges of kits for money at the meeting.

A MOMENT OF SILENCE: We observed a moment of silence for Larry Muntner who had recently passed away. He’ll be missed.

STAR WARS / STAR TREK Theme Contest: In a nutshell, build something from Star Trek or Star Wars! Many more details can be found in this Bulletin.

On the agenda: October
WORK IN PROGRESS NIGHT: Got stuff you’re working on? It doesn’t matter what stage it’s in, bring it in so we can see it! Be prepared to tell us a couple words about your projects. This has always been a fun and educational activity!

NOMINATIONS: Time flies. It’s already been two years since Vinny took over as President with Jimmy as the Veep. I guess we’ll see who’s next on the conga line as nominations for elected positions occur this meeting.

Our Location: Bergen Beach Sports Complex
From Belt Pkwy: Take exit 11N - Flatbush Avenue North. Go North on Flatbush Avenue and make a right onto Avenue U (Kings Plaza). Continue on Avenue U to Bergen Avenue; Make a right onto Bergen Avenue. Go straight on Bergen Avenue 3 blocks. Sports Complex on left.

THEMES FOR 2006 December: Star Wars / Star Trek Anniversaries Theme
The December Theme Contest will be a combination STAR WARS / STAR TREK Theme Contest. This will commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek and the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars. The sponsors are: Jeff Eng, Rob Garitta, Ray Keegan, Scott Margo, and Bobby Pokorny. As you may notice, that’s a lion share of the sci-fi modelers of the club. I’ve designed entry forms that will have a registration number and not names on it. We will, likely, have other people judge this one so we may enter the contest as well. The theme: Build any Star Wars or Trek kit. This is to celebrate 30 / 40 years of the best science fiction that world had ever known. There are TONS of kits out there to kit any taste, style and budget. I recently ran a search for “Star Wars Model” on ebay and found anything from dirt-cheap plastic kits all the way up to limited edition resin kits. With that said we already have a plan for awards, and many certificates for certain works that may include:
  • “Most Bad-Assed Starship,”
  • “Best Cross-Over / What If,”
  • “Unusual Paint Job,”
  • “Best Hot Rod,”
  • “Best Legs,”
  • “Best Figure,”
  • “You came in that???”
  • “Best Weathered,”
  • “Coolest Hero,”
  • “Toughest Adversary.”
Who can honestly say they don’t have a single Star Trek or Star Wars model in their stacks? So we hope to see a lot of people try something different and build for this. If you should have any questions, feel free to speak with the sponsors directly.

How's this for a Star Wars / Trek crossover?

Monday, October 09, 2006

20-21 OCT Region 2 Convention Update - 2 weeks to go!

Just two weeks to the Region 2 Convention!! We got the crummy weather out of the way this weekend, heavy rains and tidal flooding, so that it will be sunny and pleasant for TIDEWATERCON. Here is a brief update.
- The list of seminars and speakers are posted. We have an impressive list including Dana Bell, Dave Baker, Dave Klaus, Floyd Werner and Lynn Ritger. The seminars will go on Friday evening and through the day on Saturday - so plan your arrival accordingly so you do not miss out.
- We have added more vendors and have a good variety. There are still tables available if you want to thin your collection. One vendor that we have just added is the F-14 Tomcatter Sunsetter Association (made of of former F-14 officers and aircrew) that will be selling merchandise commemorating the retirement of the Tomcat.
- We will also have special display of 1/48 F-14 models built as part of the Sunsetter symposium that went on a few weeks ago at the Convention Center.
- We have the free tour on Friday to the Fighter Factory's operational facility where Jerry Yagen keeps his restored aircraft; it is already busting at the seams. The tour leaves the VBCC at 3:00pm and returns by 6:00pm in time for the first seminars. This is a great opportunity! We will be convoying down to the site. Please email me to sign up.
- Trophy packages - we still have trophy packages available at just $35 a set. If your club or individuals in your club want to provide sponsorship, please email direct. The list of remaining packages is on the convention website.
- Raffle - We are looking for donations to make the raffle particularly spectacular. We will have two raffles - one will be the standard raffle of kits, books and aftermarket goodies. The other will be for a special a piece of art work donated by Jan Rucks the widow on the late owner of Combat Models - John Rucks. Those tickets will understandably be priced a little hire.
- Club Displays. Tables are still available at $15 a pice if your club wants to have a display table. Time is running short so please email me as soon as possible if interested.
- We will be collecting donations for to send to the Soldiers, Marines, Airman and Sailors in Iraq/Afghanistan - we are calling it "Toys for Troops".
- Discount rooms at the Double Tree have closed. However, if you have been procrastinating call the hotel, they still may honor the IPMS rate. If not there are plenty of hotels nearby with good rates at this time of year.
We have worked hard to bring the diverse modeling community together for this two day event. We look forward to being your hosts and will have our ears open for ideas in 2008. Please check our website for the latest updates - we have changes the layout to make it easier for you to find information. http://www.ipmstidewater.org/2con_home.htm
See you in Virginia Beach in two weeks!
Charles Landrum