Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Convention Update-57 Days to go

Hello Everyone,
Hard to believe that we are just under 57 days away from the 2012 IPMS/USA National Convention. I have some updates and reminders that everyone attending should be aware of.

Walt Disney Theme Park Tickets: As some of you may or may not know, Walt Disney has raised the prices of theme park tickets back on June 3, 2012. Walt Disney will honor the discount ticket pricing that we had been offered for the convention up to June 30, 2012. This actually gives you a better discount now!

Registration: Register for the Convention by June 30, 2012 and save money! On July 1st the Convnetion registration will go up in cost. http://ipms2012.org/Registration/registration.html  

Tours: If you have not signed up and are interested in taking a tour, now is the time to do it. We are rapidly approaching our deadline of July 1st of when we will have to purchase the tickets and arrange the buses. You must be a registered Convention attendee to go on the tours. You can either register online or via mail when registering for the Convention. http://ipms2012.org/Tours/tours.html  

Trophy Sponsorships: We still have plenty of Trophy packages available. You can mail in the form or even pay online. http://ipms2012.org/Contest/Trophies/trophies.html

Volunteers: We still can use volunteers. If you can help out by just giving a few hours of your time during the Convention, it would go along way in helping us make this show a success. We have a link that you can sign up ahead of time. You can email the volunteer coordinator or you can just show up and say that you are here to help. http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E0A4DABAB2BA31-ipms Volunteer Cordinator OzzieL@ipms2012.org

Free Transportation: If you are staying on Walt Disney property and flying into Orlando International Airport, please do not forget to register for free round trip transportation. This will save you some serious money on a rental car that would just be parked in the parking lot. If you want to rent a car while at Disney, there is a car rental facility right on site.

Free transportation link http://disneyconventionears.disney.go.com/wdce/index?id=DMEPage

On Site Rental Car:
National Car Rental
1000 Car Care Drive
Orlando, FL 32830
(888) 826-6890

Thank You,

Mike Van Schoonhoven
2012 IPMS/USA National Convention
Convention Chairman

Friday, June 08, 2012

Bulletin: JUNE 2012

by Bobby B2 Blue Pokorny

May was another great meeting. We had 25 members and 0 guests who brought in 21 models, of which 19 were for the contest. Despite Prez Don and your humble narrator both being out, and bad traffic, Veep Charlie Nelson did a splendid job of running things at nicely-attended meeting.

May Meeting
KIT SALE: Many members brought kits to sell, which means other members got to go home with some good deals. Nice showing. We invite members to feel free to bring in items they want to sell anytime. We have plenty of space.

PARTS BOX: Guys brought in spare parts, too!

RAFFLE: We had a raffle. Thanks to Jeff for finding new items to mix things up and keep it fresh.

CONTEST NIGHT: The bulk of the models on the tables were for the annual contest. Nice showing! We also had the members tell the group about their entries.

NOREASTCON: We had a discussion regarding the BPMS presence at the Noreastcon out on Long Island. Joe Bergman gave his Lighting Models discussion there. I’m sure there were many happy modelers in attendance for that one! The BPMS sponsored a trophy package and the following members took home awards: Nestor, Tomasz, Charlie, Joe, Costa, Kamila and Katrina. Well done and congrats!

40TH ANNIVERSARY LUNCHEON: We had a discussion about the luncheon. We should have something interesting at the next meeting regarding the anniversary. Stay tuned!

THAT 70s THEME: It’s here! Are you ready for it? Find out all about this theme contest HERE.

On the agenda: JUNE
BBQ NIGHT: It’s summertime and what better way to celebrate than with a BBQ? The club will be providing burgers, hot dogs, fixin’s, cold salads, and soft drinks. Just bring yourself, your appetite and $6 and you’re all set! If you want to bring extra goodies (chips, desserts, etc.) for the feast, feel free to do so!

THEME CONTEST: IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! Are you ready? We’ll have an assortment of fun awards for this one! Go HERE for details.
* * *
You can see pics from each meeting either at the Club Website or on the Photo-Blog: http://gmobile17.blogspot.com/

Meeting date: June 15, 2012
Same time, Same place!