Friday, October 10, 2014

BPMS Bulletin: October 2014

T h e

M i n u t e s

by Judge Bax0jayz

September was an educational meeting. We had 24 members and one guest who brought in 18 models.
September Meeting

FLESH TONES & EYEBALLS: The greatest challenges people name when painting figures would be flesh tones and eyeballs. Joe B. and your humble narrator took turns discussing our approaches to these aspects of the hobby. Joe had some wonderfully detailed hand-outs for the group as well. See below for Joe's hand-outs in PDF format.

Holiday dinner: We started discussions with the group regarding the holiday dinner. Largely the group seemed pleased with our choice from last year, NORA’S. We’ll probably aim for a Saturday lunch in early December. More details will be discussed at the next meeting. Please have an idea if you could make it and if you’ll bring a guest. 

RAFFLE: We had a monthly raffle with a large assortment of items. We’ll probably have another raffle in October depending on time. If you have items to donate for the monthly or SUPER raffle, feel free to bring them in!

On the agenda: October

nominations: Has two years gone by already? The current regime has put in their time, and it’s time to see some new faces taking the helm. Who will we choose? 

model pledge: If you let Jeff or your humble narrator know what you were pledging to build this year, this is the meeting to bring your completed model! Please be prepared to tell us a couple words about the build. (More details below.)  

2014 Model Pledge: Looks like we got this working right now! Bring in an unbuilt model between January and APRIL 2014 to declare as your pledge model. Please have it finished for OCTOBER 2014, for a display. After October you may bring back your pledge for the November meeting for the last contest of the year. For your efforts you get an additional FIVE Super Raffle tickets for completing your pledge! Sweet! Easy enough!

You can see pics from each meeting either at the Photo-Blog:  

Meeting Date:
October 17, 2014

Same time,
Same place! 

BPMS Bulletin, October 2014 in PDF format
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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Anne Holcomb

It is with great sadness that I have to report the passing of Anne Holcomb, Russ's mother. Our thoughts and prayers are with Russ and his wife Jeanne in this time of sorrow.

Services for Anne Holcomb

Wake – Sunday, October 12 and Monday, October 13
2-4 and 7-9 PM
John J. McManus & Sons Funeral Home
4601 Avenue N, Brooklyn, NY 11234

Mass – Tuesday, October 14
Church of Saint Thomas Aquinas
1550 Hendrickson Street, Brooklyn, NY 1123

Burial immediately following Mass
St. John’s Cemetery
80-01 Metropolitan Avenue
Middle Village, Queens

Friday, October 03, 2014

Store Closure

Just got word from Russ:

Please let the club know that Michele's at 2090 Flatbush Ave is going out of business and everything is half price.  They have a good selection of kits and accessories. They also have a LOT of craft stuff.