Friday, March 16, 2007

Bulletin: March 2007

by Bobby the Blue

February was a good meeting despite the “off” turnout due to the poor weather from the Valentine’s Day Ice Storm. We had 26 members, one guest and bringing in 13 models for display and the contest.

SHOW US YOUR TOOL: Members brought in an array of tools and had some explanations for methods. A very educational activity.

CONTEST NIGHT 1Q07: The entries were a bit off, but it was sort of expected with the snow storm earlier in the week. The quality of the work on the tables was spectacular.

KIT SALE: Guys brought things in to sell. It looks like it went well that night.

RAFFLE: We had our first raffle in a while. There were a couple of really nice items on the block.

MODEL OF THE YEAR: The numbers were crunched, and the winners were as follows:
Frank C: F-15DJ, 3Q

Ray K: Tiger, 3Q

Bobby P: Catwoman, 1Q

Nestor M: Coastal Freighter, 3Q

Kevin B: Saber Tooth Cat 1Q

Congrats to the winners! You get bragging rights for the next year!

THEME DISCUSSION: We already know what the first theme contest for 2007 will be, VINTAGE 1965 sponsored by our Lord of Awards, Ed D. But what about December? There were several ideas kicked around the last meeting. There’s an anniversary for the Air Force. There’s also an anniversary for Thet Offensive. But there did seem to be a lot of interest in “We Mean Business” theme that would be about corporate placement. You can do real stuff, or use your imagination. If you are interested in any of these concepts, please speak with the officers during the next meeting. June is approaching quickly, and we want to be on top of things for the next theme as soon as possible.

On the agenda: March
DECAL SWAP NIGHT: Decals! It’s as much a part of this hobby as glue and paint. We all have them. So bring in some to sell trade, or give away if you wish. For everyone else, bring some cash as you never know if those markings you’ve always wanted will show up!

DESERT THEME NIGHT: This will be the first theme meeting of 2007. It’s not a contest, but a theme night. A Desert Theme Night! All you have to do is bring in something that can be somehow tied into the desert. There’s a lot of stuff that fall in that category, so I hope to see a table filled. Please be prepared to say a word or two about the desert items you bring in.

Supporting the Modelers in Iraq in 2007

First, I’d like to thank everyone for their generous donations in 2006. And though we all want our troops to be coming home this year, the reality is that our support of the Speicher Model Group will be needed for 2007. As you canvas your collection for potential donations, or as you think of our troops while shopping at the local hobby shop, the Internet, or the dollar store, please keep the following in mind:
  • No flammable liquids, so no enamel paints, lacquer paints, and no model airplane cement.
  • Acrylic paints and superglues are OK, as are white glues.
  • Please check kits to make sure that all of the parts are there - especially the clear parts and decals.
  • Tools of all kinds are needed - brushes, knives, sandpaper, sanding sticks, tweezers.
  • Decals and hobby magazines are welcome.
Editor’s Note: At the last meeting we discussed some items they can really use over there. So here’s a shopping list: tweezers, sprue cutters, super glue, and other supplies. Thanks guys! ~Bobby
Our Location: Bergen Beach Sports Complex
From Belt Pkwy: Take exit 11N - Flatbush Avenue North. Go North on Flatbush Avenue and make a right onto Avenue U (Kings Plaza). Continue on Avenue U to Bergen Avenue; Make a right onto Bergen Avenue. Go straight on Bergen Avenue 3 blocks. Sports Complex on left.

Ed D, our fabulous award master, will sponsor the first theme of 2007! Called "Vintage 1965," The guidelines are thus:
“A modeler can submit a kit of any subject in any scale but it must be a kit that was available from 1955 - 1965. The idea is that you could walk into a hobby shop (or Five and Dime) back then and spot this kit on the shelf any time in that decade; an era which many consider to be the "Golden Age" of plastic kits.

The kit can be a re-release too, for example a Revell "Special Subjects Program" edition from 1997 of a kit originally produced in 1960 is OK.

However, I ask that modelers resist enhancing the vintage model with too many modern day doodads like resin and photo-etched parts, things you would not be using in 1965. You can add a few but don't go nuts with aftermarket goodies. Scratchbuilding parts is OK though, since you could have done that 40+ years ago.

Modelers can choose from these manufacturers: Aurora, AMT, Revell, Monogram, PYRO, Jo-Han, Airfix, Hawk, Precision, Lindberg, Palmer and Renwal - all companies operating back then.
I already have an award design in mind and will make all of them myself. (Probably even the honorable mentions too!)

Modern supplies such as PAINT are perfectly fine to use.

Meeting Date:
March 16, 2007

Region 1 Update 03-12-07

From the email box:

Hi and Howdy everyone,
Time for more news that chews!! There's a fair amount of news this time out, so lets get right to it.

The first two items come from Dick Montgomery, DLC. The first provides a new Point of Contact (PoC) for the Supporting our Troops initiative. As well as a few words on a couple of other important subjects.

The second is the first of what will become a series of broadsheets detailing the roll of the Chapter Contact (CC) and their roll in the Chapter/Society communication system. This is a must read for all CC's and officers of the chapter. The CC position is the immediate link between the chapter and IPMS, and the importance of this job is generally overlooked and or under appreciated at the chapter level. The new fact sheet procedures will rely heavily upon the CC working with the chapter's Officer Corps to ensure a smooth flow of information in both directions. As this is the first in the series it's really a primer of what is to come. If anyone has any questions about it, let me know. I'll see you get answers.

The next topic is Noreastcon. Oh Boy!!!! The event is approaching in only 6 weeks. I attended a planning meeting with our hosts yesterday and have the latest skinny to pass along.
The deadline of submissions for Chapter of the Year and Person of the Year will be closing on the 15th at midnight, or in three days!! You still have a short time to get me your nominations for consideration. I have some in my possession now, but am always happy to consider more. These two awards will be announced at the banquet.

I'd also like to remind everyone to get the names of any members that have passed away to me before Noreastcon. We'll again be paying respects to our friends, and I want to include all names on the roll. Also please let me know if you'd like anything particular addressed at the business meeting. I have a few topics to talk about, and will be happy to add to the agenda.
Word on the bus trip being planned for Saturday to the NYANG Base at Stewart is that seats are selling slowly. If there aren't 25 that sign up before April 13th, the trip may be canceled. There may be a car pool set up, depending on circumstances, but that's iffy. I also need to remind everyone planning to go that you'll need to submit your name before hand, and bring a photo ID with you. Security being what it is these days, if you don't bring ID, you won't get further than the gate. I'm sure they'll pick you up on the way back to the show!!
Sponsorships are also being sought. The prices are $45 for a regular category, and $55 for a Special. My thanks to the chapters that have agreed to sponsor already, and I'm asking those that haven't yet to please consider it. It's our event, let's all help!!

The Chief judge for the show, Roger Griemsmann is looking for judging help. I know a lot of y'all always help, and it's very much appreciated!! But I know there's a few of you out there that haven't judged at a Regional before. Not to worry my friends!!! You'll be teamed up with more experienced judges and will learn it isn't such a difficult process. Come to the judges meeting to get in on the fun!!

If you haven't made hotel reservations yet, the rates will go up on March 27th. Get on the stick soon, and you can have a few more bucks for the vendor room!!
And for all the latest info on the show go to:
The site is being updated as soon as new info is available, so check back often!!

Well, I figure this is long enough, and I won't bore you with anymore stuff till next time!! As always, please share this with the officers and members of your chapter.

Semper Fi

Doug Hamilton

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Massive updates on Gordon's blog

Gordon did a massive overhaul of his blog and posted tons of images from meetings passed. Be sure to check it out here:


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Our contribution to the Speicher Model Group Contest

This from the email from MSGT Gonzalez about their recent contest. Attached is one of the photos with annotations to show two of the winners holding our BPMS plaques. I’ll have the rest of the pictures at the March meeting. The next package from us will put us over the 500 items and 200 kits milestones.

I noticed that the IPMS website has identified a central POC for all of IRAQ for donations, but as long as MSGT Gonzalez is my POC at Speicher, I’ll continue to send direct to him, since we have a “history” with that group.


Hi Hugh,

Well the contest was great, over 37 models were entered. Got lots of pictures and will send you some. It was a great time and everybody really enjoyed their self. A female army Capt. won best of show, with her ford mustang GT. Awesome job. In fact everybody did a great job for their very first model show and contest. Well when you see the pictures, you will agree.

Looking forward to the packages, and again Thank you very much.


Editor's Note: Click the pic for a larger version. You can clearly see the second and third soldiers from the left are proudly holding BPMS plaques!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Information Request

Hi Guys!

Fernando was at the last meeting. He has a question that I hope someone will be able to answer:

Hi there,

I was wondering if you could ask the club if anyone knows which variant of the Sherman tank was used on Iwo Jima and which kit is the best to build an Iwo Jima Sherman.


You can post the answer here as a comment or email me, or just tell him at the next meeting. Thanks in advance!