Friday, February 16, 2007

Region 1 Update Noreastcon Edition 2-15-07

Greetings everyone,
With Noreastcon rapidly approaching, I thought this may be a good time to remind us all that our Premier Event is just a short two months away, and now is the perfect time to start gearing up for it. There's still time to complete that winning model you've been working on, and it gives me time to tell y'all this stuff!!.
As we began a new tradition at last years event, I'd like to remind everyone about it, and get the crowd thinking in preparation. That tradition is the reading of the recently departed members names at the banquet, and honoring their memories. We discussed a number of ways to honor our friends, members, and mentors last year, and have come up with a way to show dignity and remembrance to those members who have left us in the preceding year. I wasn't prepared for doing this last year, and had to ad lib my comments of a year ago. I'm preparing something more suitable, and ask that each chapter that has lost a member, or members during the past year get me those names before the event. I think this way of honoring our comrades is most suitable, and intend that this feature continue into the future.
I'd also like to remind everyone that the usual Region 1 Business Meeting will take place Saturday morning. If anyone has any topics they'd like to discuss at the meeting, let me know in advance, and I'll make sure it's added to the meeting agenda. One topic that will be discussed is the new Rechartering procedures, and introduction of the Fact Sheet that will take on added significance in the future. Each chapter should plan to send a representative to the meeting for the latest poop. (Please supply your own paper!!) Of course, it'll be informal, so no need for the Tux's. Flip-flops are OK, if you can stand them!!!
I've had an opportunity to see the venue for this years event, and will say it's very nice, and we'll have another great time. Our hosts IPMS Mid Hudson, and IPMS Stratford are hard at work planning an awesome event. Please consider helping out by sponsoring a trophy package, and volunteering to judge. Never judged at a Regional event? No problems!! Attend the judges meeting, you'll get the info you need, and you'll be teamed with more experienced judges to help you through the process. Not only is a rewarding experience, but it will make you a better modeler in the process. How can you go wrong with a benefit like that I ask?
For all the latest info on Noreastcon, please view the event web site at: http://www.hvhmg.com/NorEastCon07/index.html
Check back often for new information.
Also attached is the latest Region 1 Approved Event listing. The Spring show season is upon us, and you don't want to miss any of the excellent events hosted by our regions chapters. There's one addition to the listing from last time, and that's the very cool LIARS event that will be held in November. It's an automotive event that features some of the areas best car modelers. Check it out.
Until next time, that's the story. And as always, please share this with the officers and members of your chapter!!
Semper Fi
Doug Hamilton

IPMS/USA Region 1
Approved Events
As of 2-11-07

25 March 2007
Valleycon 17
IPMS Wings and Wheels
Chicopee MA

31 March 2007
IPMS long Island
Freeport NY

7 April 2007
Mosquitocon (Region 2)
Wayne NJ

15 April 2007
IPMS Niagara Frontier
Cheektowaga NY

15 April 2007
Taunton, MA

21 April 2007
IPMS Champlain Valley
Plattsburg NY

27-28 April 2007
IPMS Mid Hudson/ IPMS Stratford
Poughkeepsie NY

19 May 2007
IPMS Southern Maine
Biddeford ME

16 September 2007
IPMS Rochester
Rochester NY

23 September 2007
IPMS Cape Cod
Hyannis MA

7 October 2007
Model Festival
IPMS Stratford
Milford CT

20 October 2007
IPMS Mid Hudson
Poughkeepsie NY

21 October 2007
IPMS Granite State

4 November 2007
IPMS Bay Colony
S. Attleboro http://www.ipmsbaycolony.com

10 November 2007
Freeport NY

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bulletin: February 2007

by Bobby the Blue
January set the pace for another year. The first meeting of 2007 had a great turnout of 29 members, one guest and 25 models on the tables. We had a good turnout for the Model of the Year Contest.

NEW REGIME: Jimmy, Prez, and Ray, Veep, ascended to their new roles in the club and did a great job of it. A couple of naturals!

MODEL OF THE YEAR: It was the final throw-down for category supremacy in 2006. The awards will be presented during the February meeting.

On the agenda: February
SHOW US YOUR TOOL: I know it sounds terrible, but it really isn’t. Bring in some tools or other goodies that you use when building a model. It can be only sort of odd or end, eg: a cement, a process you use, or some method, and be prepared to tell us a couple words about it.

CONTEST NIGHT 1Q07: This will be the first installment of the annual contest. You are permitted to bring models from the Star Wars / Star Trek Theme contest provide they haven’t been in a previous annual contest. Don’t forget to put your models in the right sections and have all your paperwork filled out. Without a contest form you won’t get any votes, period!

KIT SALE: Bring in stuff to sell if you feel like clearing those shelves. Don’t forget to bring money, too. Someone might have that Holy Grail kit you’ve been looking for, and there’s no tab at this bar! We did it in January, we’ll do it again for February. Why not?

Supporting the Modelers in Iraq in 2007
First, I’d like to thank everyone for their generous donations in 2006. And though we all want our troops to be coming home this year, the reality is that our support of the Speicher Model Group will be needed for 2007. As you canvas your collection for potential donations, or as you think of our troops while shopping at the local hobby shop, the Internet, or the dollar store, please keep the following in mind:
  • No flammable liquids, so no enamel paints, lacquer paints, and no model airplane cement
  • Acrylic paints and superglues are OK, as are white glues
  • Please check kits to make sure that all of the parts are there - especially the clear parts and decals
  • Tools of all kinds are needed - brushes, knives, sandpaper, sanding sticks, tweezers
  • Decals and hobby magazines are welcome
Hugh A.

Editor’s Note:
At the last meeting we discussed some items they can really use over there. So here’s a shopping list: tweezers, sprue cutters, super glue, and other supplies. Thanks guys! ~B2


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Noreastcon Update 01-29-07

Hi Folks,
This just in from Tom Walker, Noreastcon Chairman.
I think we're in for another great event this year.

Semper Fi

Tomorrow, all the Chapter Contacts in Region 1 will be receiving a packet for the Upcoming NorEastCon07. This will hopefully contain the information you will need for the show. Please be sure to share this with the other members of your club that intend on joining in on the Fun and Competition.

I know that IPMS Mid-Hudson and IPMS Stratford clubs are anxious to have this show, and we hope that the turnout will be a record breaker.

In respect, I hope that your clubs will participate in trophy sponsorships. In the rear of the packet is a letter from our Raffle Chairman about that and Raffle Donations. Please be sure to share this with you club as well.

Also ask your members of your respective clubs to be sure to pre-register, and anyone who you know that would like to be a vendor, to give them that Information that is included.

Other than that, be sure to visit the website updates page where I will be posting any additional Information that may arise. Any Information that is critical, I will be sure to forward to Doug and he will spread the word.

So see you all at the NorEastCon 07

Tom Walker
Event Chairman