Friday, January 23, 2009

NASA Theme Contest

A speical thanks to Hugh, Vinny, and Gordon for sponsoring a theme that was a lot of fun to build for. Without generous sponsors, we wouldn't have these exciting theme contest. Now, the results:

The Awards:
1st Jeff Eng – Star Clipper
2nd Kevin Batterman - Astronaut
3rd Frank Tripoli – ISS / Shuttle

Special Awards
Manned - Russ Holcomb - Shuttle
Comedy - Ray Keegan - Egg Shuttle
Aeronautics - Jeff Eng - X15
Figure - Kevin Batterman - Astronaut
Conceptual - Jeff Eng - Star Clipper
It Never Happened - Bobby Pokorny - M2-F2
Gemini - Frank Tripoli - ISS / Shuttle

Monday, January 19, 2009

1-19-09 Region 1 Update

Howdy everyone!!

I hope everyone is dealing with the cold weather in a positive manner. The good part about it is that it gives us all more time at the modeling bench, which isn't a bad thing!! I also hope everyone's holidays were great. My wife and I spent the time in Las Vegas, visiting with our children and grandson. The little guy is doing well, and I'm proud to say I handled my grandfatherly duties to perfection, passing him off very quickly when things got stinky!! My son told me I should change him, however that's not what grandfathers do!! We pass them off to the nearest set of hands, more readily equipped for such activities!! But enough of this, lets get down to business here.....
With the start of a new year, there are a number of things to pass along. First, I'd like to thank all Region 1 chapters for completing the rechartering activities before the deadline. It was questionable if one chapter was going to make the finish line in time, but they did. I hope next year those folks have their heads and backsides wired together a little better to get it done without the drama, and they know who they are!! But I'm glad everything was worked out.

Attached is an updated 2009 Region 1 Event Calendar. You'll notice a few Region 2 dates included in this years calendar. I've included them because they're so close to our region, and could impact our events held close to these dates. Please be aware of them, and if possible, support our neighboring region's events. As always, these are the only dates I have in my book. If your chapters date isn't listed, it's possible your chapter hasn't received RC approval yet. If that's the case, contact me for the needed approval to get your event listed on the IPMS web site and in the Journal, and be eligible for the insurance. I see an event being advertised, hosted jointly by two Region 1 chapters that haven't sought RC approval for this event. As approval hasn't been requested I assume this event will happen without insurance, and IPMS sanction, and as such will not be mentioned here, nor appear on the list. I find it astounding that a chapter, or chapters could host an event, and not utilize some of the prime benefits afforded by IPMS affiliation, but hey, it's their event, and they know best.
On a sad note, I have to inform everyone of the passing of Joe Turner. Joe was a long time member of IPMS Brooklyn, a past RC, and great fellow. Joe was RC when I became associated with IPMS, and was someone I looked up in many ways. He had moved below the Mason Dixon line a few years ago, but always seemed to make it up this way for Noreastcon. In the past few years his health declined, and he didn't make it up here, but I heard from him regularly, and kept him up to speed on the goings on here. He will be greatly missed by many.

And speaking of Noreastcon, now that we're past the first of the year, I'll be hawking sponsorships again!! Every chapter in the Region should consider sponsoring a trophy package for our premier event. It's easy, and I know our hosts IPMS Niagara Frontier will appreciate it!! These folks are working hard to put together another high quality event, and you can find all the latest info for the event at the event web site, http://www.noreastcon2009.com
And while we're on the subject, it's again time to consider any nominations for Region 1 Chapter of the Year, and Person of the Year. Everyone should know the criteria for these two prestigious awards, but if anyone doesn't, please contact me for the whole skinny. The cut off date for submitting nominations is 31 March, after which I'll go through all that have been received, with the winners announced at the Noreastcon banquet.
Also, we've had a few Region 1 members pass away during past year. I'll be calling the roll of these departed members at the banquet, so please, if your chapter has lost any members in the past year, let me know so they can also be included. Over the past few years we haven't had to perform this tradition, but we will be again honoring our departed friends at this years event. Again, please get me the names for inclusion in the roll call. It's important we don't leave anyone off.
The IPMS Reviewers Corps is still seeking more members. This is a great program where the model manufacturers send IPMS samples of their latest products, and IPMS members get to work with the product, write a review based on their experiences with the product, then keep it!! Depending on your level of involvement, this benefit could value more then the cost of IPMS dues!! Contact IPMS 1st VP Dave Morrissette for all the details of this program. I speak from experience when saying it's a great program, as I've received some fantastic items over the years.
I hear Robert Butler, a member of IPMS Patriot is starting a figure group here in Region 1 that's been meeting at the Hobby Bunker up in Malden MA. Some of the better figure painters in that area of the region have expressed interest in participating. Sounds like a great way to improve your figure painting skills. If you're interested in joining, contact Robert at gryffon8356@hotmail.com for further info.
With that, I'll end this. As always, please share this with the officers and members of your chapter!! (One more week till racing season starts, with the 24 at Daytona!!)

Semper Fi
Doug Hamilton

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Joe Turner funeral on Sunday

Joe Turner's burial will be 11 AM Sunday at Mount Hebron Cemetery in New York.

There is no indoor service, just a graveside ceremony.
His family should be at the reception building by 10:30 AM.

Details can be found here:

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bulletin: January 2009

The Minutes
We had a very busy end of 2008. November was the final installment of the annual contest. We had our celebrated Super Raffle. Early December we had our Holiday Dinner at Red Lobster with a good number of members attending. We ran into our usual December snag that forced us to push up the December meeting to the 12th. We are no strangers to things going awry for that meeting, so we scrambled and got calls and emails out to let everyone know. Special thank you’s to everyone who helped, participated and contributed to the various activities.

You can see pics from each meeting either here or on Gordon’s blog:

On the agenda: January
MEMBERSHIP DUES: It was discussed previously. For the first time since the inception of the BPMS we are raising the dues to $30 per year, or $3 / month.

THEME CONTEST: It was postponed from last month to THIS month. It’s time to bring in your NASA models! See more on the next page of this Bulletin.

AWARDS CEREMONY: Provided my boss steps out of the office long enough, I should have the awards for the 2008 Annual Contest ready to go. Who will win? Come to the meeting to find out!

KIT SALE: Bring in those kits you’d like to part with and turn into cash. It’s also a good idea to stick some money into your wallet before coming to the meeting, you never can tell what might show up!

Our next meeting will be on January 16, 2009.

Request for Special Troop Support

Request for Special Troop Support
Each model kit that we send overseas in support of the troops has a small tag enclosed or attached to the box that identifies the Brooklyn Plastic Modelers Society as the donor. The tag also indicates our willingness to meet special requests for models, supplies, reference material, etc. Over the last three years, we have sent close to 500 models to Iraq, but it was only last month, just before our December meeting, that I received the very first special request for our support from a group of Army modelers in Iraq. This group of modelers had been relocated within Iraq to a base where there was no access to a recreation center with airbrushes, compressors, tools, paints, and kits. The point of contact, Specialist Edwards, asked for a compressor, paints, and model car kits. I can report that we shipped a compressor, airbrush, a few paints and some car kits just before Christmas. I’m asking that we make a special effort in the next two months to supply more car kits and acrylic, water-based paints in colors suitable for cars. In this way we can make the remaining months of their deployment go a bit faster. The types of cars that were requested are “muscle cars”, but Specialist Edwards clarified that kits of any kind of street rod, hot rod, or true muscle car would be appreciated. The colors that are needed are the bright reds, gloss blacks, metallic blues, canary yellows, etc., as opposed to our beloved Panzer Gray, Dark Earth, and Gunship Gray camouflage colors. Just a reminder, the paints need to be water-based, nonflammable paints to be acceptable to the local postal authorities who accept our packages for shipment. I know we’re not blessed with a lot of car modelers in the club, but I’m sure we can support this special request if we keep these troops in mind on that next trip to the hobby shop or when placing that next Internet order. Thanks, as always, for your great support.
~ Hugh A.

Theme Contest: NASA! Postponed to January 16, 2009!

Coming this month, JANUARY!
50 Years of NASA Theme Contest

Sponsored by Vinny Rosati, Hugh Alcock, and Gordon Cheung, this will be a celebration of NASA’s 50th Anniversary! In a nutshell, if it flew in a vacuum and / or bore NASA / NACA markings, it’s eligible. If you have any questions, please feel free to direct them to the sponsors so you can get started on your entry. Time flies, and before you know it December will be upon us!

A little history:
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is the unit of the federal government charged with operating the nation's space exploration and aeronautics programs. The administrator of NASA, an independent agency, is appointed by the president, subject to Senate confirmation. NASA came into existence on 1 October 1958, after Congress passed the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958, at the recommendation of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Many Americans had been highly alarmed when, on 4 October 1957, the Soviet Union put into orbit Sputnik, the first man-made satellite. In the midst of the Cold War, Americans feared that the Soviets might develop superior missile and space technology and use it against the United States. The new agency absorbed the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, a poorly funded research agency formed in 1915.

Even though much of NASA's early political support stemmed from America's Cold War competition with the Soviet Union, NASA was designed as an explicitly civilian agency to pursue peaceful space activities. Overseeing the military applications of space technology was left to the Department of Defense. In practice, however, the distinction has sometimes blurred. From the beginning, NASA and the military have cooperated in a variety of ways, and many astronauts have come from military backgrounds.

Some links courtesy of my friend Albert M. aka Matrix:

General overview with links to all products

EVA models, nice products

great site with nice resin add ons

great pictures of the real stuff

And others

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Status report update for troop support

Significant milestone - we’ve shipped more than 1500 items

BPMS Supports the Troops - Report to DateMarch 2006 to January 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sad news

We just got word that Joe Turner, founding member of the BPMS, passed away last night.

For the club I offer his family our most sincere condolences.

More details will be posted as we get them.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A few words from The Next Prez

As some of you know,and many of you may not, I'm Ray and I am your President.

For me, the road to the Presidency began over four decades ago in Brooklyn, in the tiny but eccentric neighborhood called Gerritsen Beach..Even as a small child I dreamt of being a President. I knew even then that I wanted to be either the President of the B.P.M.S. or the first African-American President of the United States. I soon realized that there two obstacles in my path- the B.P.M.S. did not yet exist and I was not a black man, my plans would have to wait. So, while I was waiting my modeling career began when at the age of perhaps seven years my elder brother and I rescued a partially complete Aurora Spiderman from a neighbor's trashcan and with his help (my brother, not Spiderman). I did my best to do him justice (Spiderman not my brother). From there, there was no stopping me after the Web-slinger came Batman, Superman And Captain America, Batmobiles and boats, every ship, tank and airplane I could get my hands on. Despite a very full modeling schedule I managed to find time for school, surviving eight years of Catholic School. Having survived Catholic School I survived four years of a Public High School and as an encore survived College as well. It was during my post college wandering that I met Frank Tripoli and discovered two things - Frank was also a prolific modeler and that the B.P.M.S. had been created while I wasn't looking. So, after surviving the torturous and arcane entrance rituals I was in! And now after only twenty short years I've made it! I'm the President! (still not black though) So now begins the Reign of Terror. Blood will flow (did I say blood?) I mean paint, yes, paint will flow! Models will litter the tables! I may even learn to speak louder! My ultimate goal is to make sure that this club is fun and informative for everyone. I'd like to see more kits on the tables, more clinics more model talks and maybe even more fun.

Looking forward to two good years of oppression, Ray K, President.

Some thoughts from the Activities Director

Looking forward to 2009
by Bobby P.

February will mark my twentieth year as a BPMS member. Over my decades as a member I have volunteered to serve the club in several capacities, Treasurer, V-P, President, and for the last bunch of years as Secretary, Contest Coordinator, Editor of the Bulletin, Webmaster, and Activities Director. I don’t know if it sounds like a lot, but the jobs all flow into each other and actually become more difficult when they are all broken apart. That aside, there are many wonderful parts of the role I play. I enjoy seeing new members come in, especially when they say they find us through our web presence. I get most pleasure out of seeing activities going strong over the course of the year. Contests, displays, clinics, etc. are fun and educational for every person present. I would like to see 2009 be a banner year. With displays and the numbers built being sharply off in 2008 we are looking into new ways to encourage model building. Ray’s Model Pledge is a great idea that we are streamlining, and will hopefully implement this year. But hey, it’s a model club isn’t it? Build something. Bring it in. Have fun! That’s what the BPMS is all about!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Grey Eagles

From Joe Turner:

WWII site celebrating Black Aviatoin. JHT

A P-51 Named FebruaryWe should never forget those who fought for our freedom.This is a tribute to the Gray Eagles (WWII pilots) was in conjunction with an air show in Ohio called "The Final Roundup."was the last large gathering of the remaining P-51 Mustang fighters used during WWII. There were about 120 of the fighters there all of them in flying condition, of course. The flyover seen at the end of the video is composed entirely of P51s spelling out the number 51.

It was an event that may never be seen again.
link: http://www.grayeagles.org/index.htm
Turn up the sound...