Friday, March 24, 2023

BPMS ZOOM Mini Meeting: March 28, 2023

Part 1 starts promptly at 7:30 PM EST.
Part 2 starts at 8:10 PM if we need more time.

Members and guests are cordially invited to join our group for our weekly online meeting!

If you would like to join, DM us your email address and name so we can include you in the email list with Zoom Meeting details (meeting numbers and passwords)!

On the agenda:

BPMS Club News.
IPMS News.
Other clubs news.
Hobby News.
What's on your workbench?
Featured Discussion

Thursday, March 23, 2023

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting: March 21, 2023

Featured topic The Eyes Have ItWhat do you do to take better photographs of your models? Maybe President Tom will tell us how he got his Panther D in the Jan/Feb 23 issue of the IPMS Journal?

Fifteen people attended the meeting. Two shows are coming up soon, Replicon on Saturday, 3/25/23, at the Recreation Center in Freeport, NY and Mosquito Con on 4/1/23 at the PAL Hall in Wayne, NJ. Noreastcon comes later, 4/29/23, in Albany, NY. 

Lou reports several Trumpeter kits are available: 1/16 Stug 3 G, 1/32 F-35 A, 1/72 Leopard 2 A-4 and Strv MBT, 1/700 HMS Belfast, HMS Exeter and Jean Bart. Model Collect's 1/72 Horton H.XVIIIA was also mentioned. 

In progress and completed work included: Convair Kingfish, Mothman figure(Kevin's latest Cosclay sculpture), B-47, F/A 18, Tarzan figure, Convair XF7 Pogo, C-130 Hercules A(Belgian markings), Silbervogel, Jagdpanther, monocycle with rider, Mig-19 PM, U-2 and Cthulhu. Acquisitions included: XP-79 B, IWATTA airbrush cleaning tools, Convair 990, Wyatt Earp figure, '32 Ford and '57 Chevy Nomad. 

In the tool segment, Gil described how to make a paintbrush cleaning station form a steel junction box cover plate, a magnet, a bottlecap and a pipe screen. Come to think of it, a cover plate and some magnets would make a good (cheap) assembly jig. 

We shared tips on photographing models. Some swear by their digital cameras for their versatility and some swear at them for their complexity and many rely on their phones. Take pictures outdoors if the sunlight isn't harsh or it isn't too windy (paper models are just paper, after all). If indoors, get sunlight through a window. If using artificial light, don't mix colors. Staying indoors, light boxes give good results. Photoshop and apps like those from irfanview.com are useful for improving your images. Old school photographers bracket their shots and pick the best exposure. More tech -savvy photographers use an endoscope to get a driver's eye view from inside a model car. Various materials, like projector screens, yoga mats, pillow cases, etc. can be used as infinity screens. 

The next meeting will be Tuesday, 3/28/23 at 7:30 pm. Invites to follow. Hope to see you there. 


Monday, March 20, 2023

Thursday, March 09, 2023

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting Report 03/07/2023

Eight people attended the 3/4/23 lunch meeting at Junior's. The group was large enough to fill a table, yet small enough for everyone to hear what was being said around the table. The food was good, too. 
Fourteen people attended the 3/7/23 zoom meeting.  No zoom meeting next Tuesday as the March in person meeting is Friday, 3/17/23. Doors open around 6pm, meeting begins around 7:30 pm. Details are in the flyer, which is in the mail. For those who can't be in Brooklyn on the 17th, the meeting will be streamed on the BPMS Facebook page. Thank you, Gordon.  
Lou reports Takom's 1/35 AH-64 E Guardian is available now and Revell Germany's 1/32 Hurricane is on the way.  Don went to IPMS Richmond's Old Dominion Show on 2/25/23. He enjoyed the show despite some of the prices in the vendors' room. Rommel also went and placed twice in the Aircraft category with his A6M Zero and P-51.  Congratulations, Rommel. And Mark shared photos taken by friends who attended the Show. His photo of a heavily weathered jet led to a discussion on the evolution of US Naval aircraft markings. He also shared photos of a built-up 1/200 IJN Yamato (contact Mark directly to learn who built it, how long it took and where it will be displayed). 
In progress and completed work included: Jagdpanther, A-6A, Convair Kingfish, Tiger 1(World War Toons version), XP-55 Ascender, Sepecat Jaguar and Monocycle.  Acquisitions included: 1/16 Tiger 1 (Andy's Hobby HQ version), Silbervogel,  Mirage MIII CJ and several copies of Frank's book on The Sikorsky Aircraft Centennial. 
This week, Gil showed us a paint strainer that fits an airbrush paint cup. A faucet aerator, with the inner part removed, also works (personal experience). Masking was the discussion topic. Common masking materials are masking tape, painters' tape, FrogTape, Tamiya tape, Bare Metal Foil, commercially made stencils (Don likes AK's flexible stencils and there are others), Silly Putty, Panzer Putty, Frisket Film, wax paper, Post It Notes, masking fluids (Mr. Masking line of products or art store products like Daler-Rowney Masking Fluid (works best over gloss finishes, according to Gil). If precut masks aren't your thing, make your own using circle templates, french curves, etc. A good tip from Vaughan, for feathered edges, cut a hole in the center of your paper mask and attach the mask to the model by taping over the hole. The edges of the mask will lift enough to create a feathered edge. Meanwhile, Frank will be investigating the masking potential of Wikki Stix. 
Hope you can make it to the Friday meeting. It will be St. Parick's Day, bring a green model or two.   

Thursday, March 02, 2023

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting: 02/28/2023

Fourteen people attended the meeting.  We met Tom K (not to be confused with BPMS Pres Tom K), a modeler in South Carolina. The lunch meeting is this Saturday, 3/4/23 at Junior's, 386 Flatbush Ave Extension in Brooklyn at noon. The DeKalb Ave subway station is across the street. Check your favorite map for other nearby stations/connections. Hope to see you there. 
Looking for a new book? Try The Sikorsky Aircraft Centennial: A Tribute by the Igor I. Sikorsky Historical Archives Paperback by John Bulakowski, Frank Colucci and Igor I Sikorsky Historical Archives. 
Lou reports two new releases, Tamiya's 1/48 M8 and I Love Kit's 1/16 M4A3E8 (standard and premium editions). He also reports AKI will be increasing their prices. Will other manufacturers follow? 
In progress and completed work included: Jagdpanther, Type 212 Class sub, A-6A, Convair Kingfish, Pz 3 (Michael had to replace the smart kit's defective tracks with a nice set of workable 3D printed tracks from T-Rex), Pz 1, Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, Sepcat Jaguar and Su-7.  Acquisitions included: F-4E and F-4EJ (to quote Jimmy, "It's not hoarding if it's models"). 
Ever wonder if Wiki Stix, the waxy yarn product, is good for masking? Well, Frank has, and he'll tell us how well they work. An airbrush cleaning pot was Gil's tool for this week. They're inexpensive and essential if you do a lot of airbrushing. The featured topic was balancing (primarily aircraft) models. Easy way, glue/pin it to a base. No base? Fabricate an external support, like the tail stands used on some full-sized aircraft. Before adding weight, determine where and how to position it. A partial build or a YouTube video can help. Liquid Gravity's small pellets fill voids well, but it can get messy and they're expensive. Cheaper alternatives are model RR car weights, BBs, birdshot and lead tape for sports equipment. If space allows, mashed up fishing sinkers or car tire balancing weights will work. Packing ship model bases with Propoxy 20, a steel reinforced epoxy putty, adds stability. Avoid modeling clay for securing weights. The oils react with the plastic over time.
The next zoom meeting will be Tuesday, 3/7/23 at 7:30 pm. Invites to follow.  The lunch meeting is 3/4/23 at noon. We'll save you a seat. Stay safe.