Monday, March 15, 2010

Bulletin: March, 2010

by Bobby Pokorny
February was another impressive meeting with 27 members and 2 guests who brought in 28 models.

February Meeting
Our first contest of the year had an impressive showing of high quality models. Did you enter the contest? There are three more installments before the final numbers are crunched so there’s still time to get some votes!

MODEL PLEDGE: Pledge to build a model in 2010 and if you get it done you will get extra super raffle tickets. We have 20 members making pledges so far. Please make a choice and bring it in for the meeting and get on the list. March is your last chance to get in on the fun! Find more details in this Bulletin.

SHOW US YOUR TOOL: We had a good assortment of various tools of our trade this year. Between Jimmy’s scuba tank and Howie’s Orb from Phantasm, we had quite a few chuckles too!

You can see pics from each meeting either at the Club Website or on Gordon’s blog:

On the agenda: March
Bring in decals to swap or trade. You might want to bring some cash, too. You never know when that sheet you’ve been looking for will show up!

ALL’S COLD ON THE EASTERN FRONT: Spring starts on the 20th, so let’s have a last hurrah for Winter this month! It’s not a contest, just a theme night, try to tie in in some way: cold, winter camo, East Europe, Cold War, use your imagination!

T-SHIRTS: Charlie found a place that can make us up some logo shirts and showed us a nice design. We started taking orders last month at $13 a pop.

TAKE A PART / LEAVE A PART: Gordon will bring in a big basin monthly for “Take a Part / Leave a Part.” Please feel free to toss your spares into the big bin too! Gordon will bring the club parts box back for each meeting for members to add or take away from. This is something we can all benefit from!

GENERATING MONEY: The club will continue to sell magnets and patches and run raffles and to generate some extra money. Can we count on you to help fund various activities and sponsorships?

Meeting Date:
March 19,2010
Same time
Same place!