Friday, July 19, 2024

Gundam Group Build in Brooklyn: August 3rd, 2024

From Julio:

Yes, there is another event however, this wasn’t one organized by myself but by Richie in the Sieg Zeon group. I just helped him hash out the details with the location and checked the place out in person with him to meet management. 
Some details: 
August 3rd, 2024 
Starts at 2pm until 6pm 
Location: BrookLAN 
339 Troutman Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11237 
The place is almost like an Internet cafe. I’ve known them for hosting major gaming tournaments either with video games or table top/ card games. There will be a vendor there selling a few Gundam models. Like any other build events, it’s bring your own stuff (or buy something from there if it’s available) and do the usual sit down, build a model, talk with some people if you want to.

We’ll also be doing $1 raffles there, with a few Gundam models to give away. They have a website if you want to check it out: https://www.brooklan.com/ They also have a full bar at the front and serve food as well. I’m pretty sure they have a menu on their website as well. It’s all bar food really but it is good, imo, having tried it myself.

Sunday, July 14, 2024

BPMS Bulletin: July 2024 by Kevin.

  Minutes from the June Meeting
Attendance: Members – 28, Guests – 3, Models – 22
President Tom G. gaveled the meeting to order at 8:20PM.
Business: Tonight’s meeting is BBQ Nite as well as the D-Day Theme Contest.
•With the BBQ going on, it was eat first, talk models later. A big THANK YOU to chefs Vinny R. and Gordon C. Thanks too to all the members who brought in extra goodies.
•Was discussion continued of the possibility of a model exhibition at the Manhattan location.
•The July Meeting will be the Apollo Space Themed exhibition. If you have any NASA spacecraft, bring it in. Since it’s not a contest, an older model can be dusted off and brought in.
•The August meeting will be Pizza Nite as well as the 3Q Contest.
•Bob P reported on the Region 1 Zoom meeting on having better practices for the members. More on the Facebook page.
•A break was then called. The meeting reconvened at 8:50 with the monthly raffle. There were 10 winners.
•Judging was done earlier in the night and the Nelson’s handed out the Awards. See our Facebook page for the listing. Final activity of the night was the model Show & Tell.
•The meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM. 
Next meeting is July 19. Doors open by 6 PM. See you at the BBSC!
Download the full six-page PDF version HERE

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting: July 9, 2024

Nine people attended. Jimmy was volunteered into moderating the meeting on short notice. He did an outstanding job. 
There's no Tuesday Zoom next week. The in-person meeting is Friday, the 19th at the Community Center and it is lunar landing theme night. Details are in the Bulletin, which is in the mail.

No news from Lou, but Jimmy found and posted some new items on the club's Facebook page. 
Julio is working on a new event for August. The place is BrookLAN, 136 Troutman St, Brooklyn. Details to follow.

In-progress and completed work included: vintage Sikorsky S-55 (Vaughn was surprised by how well the decals worked), Igor bust (from Young Frankenstein) and Circle of Life tableau (Kevin has many interests), Mirage 2000 (Frank needs an Orpheus pod, Jimmy has one he doesn't need - problem solved, thanks to BPMS), A-6E, P-47D (Russ used a straw dipped in paint to put ID bands on the bombs) and 3D printed Akuma (from Street Fighter - for easy of  transport, Julio used magnets, not glue, to join the components). 

We compared notes for successfully masking straight lines. Tamiya tape got high marks, but don't forget to burnish the edges. Metal or plastic straightedges are essential for drawing guidelines on the model and for cutting fresh, sharp edges on "no name" tapes. In some cases, an index is all you need to paint a straight line. Speaking of masking, Kevin had an unexpected problem when he removed Igor's Silly Putty mask and pulled up everything down to the resin surface. A stubborn mold release agent was the most likely cause. 

The next meeting is Friday, the 19th at the Community Center in Brooklyn. Doors open around 6pm, meeting starts around 7:30 pm. The Lunar Landing was 55 years ago so you've had plenty of time to build something related to the Appolo program. Let's see how many LEMs, moon buggies, astronauts with golf clubs etc. we can fit on the display table. Hope to see you there. 


PS: Post it notes work very well. Always a straight line and you can stick them to the model and the glue won't lift the paint. ~Steven

PPS:Sharing my 1/35 Dragon Panzer III Ausf. F build. This was my first experience with a Dragon tank kit. Unfortunately, it could have been better. Unclear instructions and the DS tracks nearly killed me. But at least my spares box ate well! 

Aside from that, the PIII is a fascinating vehicle. Its upgrade/obsolescence trajectory offers parallels with the German army as a whole in WW2. 

Hope you enjoy!


Friday, July 05, 2024

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting Report – July 2, 2024

Twelve people attended the July 2 Zoom meeting.

New product announcements were topped by Mike’s 1:1-scale Baby Felix, destined for early BPMS membership.

Lou announced arrival of the more mundane 1/48 F4U Corsair with ground crew from Magic Factory, 1/48 J-20 Chinese stealth fighter from Meng, and 1/35 German StuG.III Ausf.G Early- Mid- and Late-Production versions from Takom. Takom also surprised with a 1/35 scale Mk. 45 5 in. naval gun. Likewise in 1/35 scale, Tamiya has released a German machine gun set and a KS600 motorcycle with sidecar.

Lou was winner of the night’s Theme Horror Story – When I Opened the Box Surprises. In the days of Gateway Hobbies, he opened a 1/24 scale Airfix Hurricane to find all the parts melted together in one large plastic pancake!

Few other meeting modelers have encountered similar kit disasters. Chuck bought a Mr. Hobby SE5A with missing wing struts and filed sprue to shape. Vaughan’s bargain-shopping at estate sales has provided a few disappointments he vows to repeat. On the plus side, Frank was fortunate to buy a Minicraft KC-135 tanker at Mosquitocon to find two complete kits in the box -- a rare BPMS win at the annual Jersey show.

Finished work and Work-In-Progress included Vaughan’s heloerotic S-67 Black Hawk from Anigrand in 1/72 and the ancient Revell S-55/H-19 in 1/48 scale.

Kevin proudly displayed a bust of Young Frankenstein’s Frau Bl├╝cher complete with terrified horse. He used an extra-fine brush to paint the fine detail around the lady’s collar and cuffs.

Frank C tempted fate with Revell’s 1/48 scale A-6E Intruder.

Mike showed greater courage with Revell’s 1/48 P-40B, and revealed an absolutely beautiful 1/35 German 38T tank. Mike is also building a Tamiya 1/35 M3 Stuart which he intends to hand-paint with new and supposedly reformulated Vallejo colors.

The South’s Bob K had two 1/72 scale A-37Bs in process from the Encore combo kit. His new purchases included the 1/144 scale AC-130A from Minicraft and 1/144 scale TU-134 from Zvezda. Also new in the mail was a foam ship’s cradle from Micromark meant to make ship building easier.

Gil showed off a 3-D-printed Wonder Woman modeled on Gal Gadot and painted with fleshtone ink and Tamiya metallic blue for her dress.

Gil’s tool session talked about scale rivets made with a Pounce Wheel and super-fine solder balls. You just draw the rivet line with the pounce wheel and nudge microscopic balls into the depressions to simulate rivets. (Right)

Gil also noted that Scale 75 has issued a monochrome paint set to finish move models in good ol’ Black and White.

The next BPMS Zoom will be Tuesday, July 9. 

Sunday, June 30, 2024

The Rumor Mill

There was a post seen on one of the Facebook Figure Models groups that there will be no JerseyFest for 2024.  The person that saw the post, also came back the next day and reported that the post making the announcement was gone.  So, he’s not sure what’s going on.  Your intrepid editor looked into it and saw that the JerseyFest FB Group hasn’t been updated since Nov. of 2023, and the webpage (jerseyfestfair.com) is completely gone. I’m afraid JerseyFest is most likely no more… unless someone steps up for the save. 

Check back with us to keep in touch with whats happening.

Friday, June 28, 2024

Bulletin Archive in PDF Format


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Spraying Gloss Finishes by Bobby Kasza.pdf
That 50s Display.pdf SPOTLIGHT - Rosati - Maroney - Batterman - Pokorny - Eng.pdf
BPMS By Laws V2.pdf BPMS By Laws.pdf

Thursday, June 27, 2024

BPMS Zoom Mini-Meeting Report 6/25/24

With most BPMSers still gorged from Friday’s Brooklyn barbecue meeting, nine [number updated] members attended the June 25 Zoom session.

Lou’s new-kit arrivals included the Trumpeter Porsche King Tiger in 1/16 scale, Academy Panzer 1D in 1/35 scale, and Trumpeter S-300 air defense system in 1/35 scale.  Jimmy reported Hasegawa has re-issued its 1/48 [scale edited] Betty bomber in a commemorative set with Admiral Yamamoto clutching his sword.

Work just completed or forever in progress included Gil’s Space Ghost, Jimmy’s German halftrack, and Frank’s Mirage 2000-5. Bobby and Jimmy shared images of D-Day models from the BPMS live meeting.

Bobby’s 3-D-printed D-Day effort was a modeling challenge – two tiny Goliath unmanned tanks with detail parts too fragile to cut from their supports.  He aligned the broken parts in puddles of Crazy Glue on a silicone mat. When dry, the Crazy Glue sticks the pieces together but will not stick to the silicone, so the parts pop off.

Gil’s ingenious tool tip of the week was a baby beach tent suitable for use as an outdoor spray booth. Available in different sizes, the inexpensive tee-pee has screened window vents to keep leaves and insects from landing in weight paint.

The night’s Zoom theme was paint-masking, and the group named the usual suspects – Tamiya Tape, Gunze and Vallejo liquid mask formulations, and immortal Silly Putty and its new, more costly successors.

Chuck noted his success with good-ol Blu-Tack adhesive putty. He also reminded the group to burnish the edge of Tamiya Tape to keep paint from leaking under the mask.

Gil revealed a Volkswagen bus partially masked with painter’s tape to save on the expensive Tamiya stuff. Green Frog Tape and low-tack Magic Mending tape will not peel undercoats from newly painted surfaces.

Jimmy noted many new kits come with pre-cut masks or masks outlines cut by the modeler.

Frank showed how he uses Silly Putty “worms” to define camouflage colors for airbrushing. He hopes to complete his ROCAF Mirage with its two-color camouflage before Taiwan is invaded.

The next Zoom will be July 2.  Invitations to come. 

~Frank C

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

December Theme Contest: BUILD LIKE AN ELEVEN YEAR OLD!

Coming December 20, 2024

  Build like an 11 Year Old!

Do you remember that youthful excitement of buying a model around the corner? Getting it home and built within a day? That sense of satisfaction? It wasn’t perfect but it was done! For the BUILD LIKE AN 11 YEAR OLD Theme contest we are hoping to recapture that magic! We have some of those old models that are rough and would be an enormous undertaking to complete with our adult sensibilities. We are challenging you to go let go and build with reckless abandon. Pull that dusty old model off the shelf and knock it out in a weekend. We aren’t looking for perfection. We want to see members bringing some of these old memories back.
  • What we aren’t looking for: Filled seams, perfect decals, perfect paint finish.
  • What we are looking for: Getting something done to put on the table. Please track your hours. Use your imagination. HAVE FUN!
If you don’t have some old kits laying around, ask the officers, we have some donations for this theme.

Questions? Ask the officers or sponsors.

  • Kevin K
  • Bobby P

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

June 11, 2024: BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting Report

Twelve people attended. No Tuesday Zoom next week, the in-person meeting is Friday, the 21st, at the Community Center. If the D- Day theme contest sponsored by Charlie and Steve isn't enough to get you out of the house, it's also BBQ night. The cost is $15.00. Joey Chestnut isn't expected to attend, so there'll be plenty to eat.
Lou reported Ryefield's 1/35 Tiger 1 (mid production) and Panzer 4 G with winterketten were available. Kevin wants the diorama builders to know that Scenic Express is running a Father's Day sale this week. Jimmy often finds bargains on the Lucky Model website. 
Vaughan shared photos from the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach (it was Yak-3 day) and Mid Atlantic Air Museum in Reading, PA (lots of aircraft, armor and re-enactors). Thanks, Vaughn. 
In progress and completed work included: Frau Blucher (from Young Frankenstein),  P-38 Lightning, Me-262 Mistel, EA-6B, P-47 D and Mk 1 Male tank. Acquisitions included: Cheshire Cat (from Alice in Wonderland), the aforementioned Panzer 4 G with winterketten, Egyptian archeological dig vignette and Shaanxi Y-9 transport aircraft. 
The featured tool was the optivisor. Prices vary with features, materials and style. Harbor Freight has one with multiple lenses and a light for about $15.00. Well worth looking into ('ats some joke, eh boss?)
We talked about what scales we build and why. Lou observed that most purchases are 1/72, but most people prefer 1/48.  Our choices can depend on what we're building. 1/6 is fine for figures, problematic for armor. Switching from 1/32 to 1/72 saves space and 1/144 allows large ac to be displayed on a base. Even so, we'll buy a bomber in 1/32 or a 1/16 Tiger 1 if the price is right. Car guys like 1/24 and1/25. Box scale is OK, if that's all there is. 1/72 ac may lack details but some experimental ac are only available in that scale. Bobby has a simple rule, whatever it is, the finished piece should be about 6"so it's easy to display, transport or store. Cthulhu may not be happy to be that size but, hey, he's free to build his own model.   
The next meeting is Friday 6/21/24 at the Community Center in Brooklyn. Doors open around 6pm. You don't need invitations but you do need $15.00 for the BBQ. The D-Day theme contest is free and, you might win a nice award. Hope to see you there. 

June 2024 Bulletin by Kevin K

Minutes from the May Meeting
Attendance: Members – 21, Guests – 3, Models – 25
President Tom G. gaveled the meeting to order at 8:00PM.
Business: Tonight’s meeting is Parts Box Nite + 2Q Contest.
•May 25 – Manhattan Group Build Meet. Bring a model to build, meet friends, make new ones.
•Was discussion of the possibility of a model exhibition at the Manhattan location.
•Was discussion of adjusting the timings of the Manhattan build.
•The June Meeting will be the D-Day Special Theme. There will be a number of categories, including a ‘What If’ for the sci-fi members.
•The Facility we meet at asked that the club buys a ticket to their function. Since we do not get involved in politics in any way, a number of members volunteered to buy a ticket.
•In a similar fashion, members volunteered funds to sponsor a category at the IMPS Nationals. With the money received, the BPMS was able to sponsor 2 categories. They ended up being AFV Open Top or Fully Detailed Interiors and Airplane Diorama.
•A break was then called. The meeting reconvened at 8:50 with the monthly raffle. There were 11 winners. Final activity of the night is the Show & Tell.
•The meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM, next meeting is July 19.
Next Meeting:
JUNE 21, 2024
D-Day 80th Anniversary Theme Contest
BBQ Night: $15 per person
Location: BBSC
Doors open by 6 PM 
Find the FULL Bulletin in PDF format HERE

Friday, June 07, 2024

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting: June 4, 2024

Fourteen people attended.
Lou wasn't one of them, but in a post meeting email, he reported Tamiya's 1/35 Leopard 2 A7V and Kinetic's 1/48 RF-5 Freedom Fighter were available. Jimmy posted some new kits on the club's Facebook page. 
Big changes at Kalmbach with many of their publications, including Finescale Modeler, sold to other companies. 
Erasmo is making a presentation on the Lockheed Electra tomorrow, 6/6/24, at 7pm Central Time. He graciously offered to send invites to interested parties. Please contact him directly.
Bobby shared photos of the Pier 57 Memorial Day group build organized by Julio and Mark shared photos of the Hudson Valley Club's recent make-n-take event. Looking beyond the Summer, October will be busy, with Armorcon on the 4th and 5th, the Hudson Valley show on the 26th and a Cape May NJ event about U-boats off the US East Coast during WW2 (details to follow). 
In progress and completed work included: Wildcat, Canadian Leopard. Sherman Jumbo, NASCAR racer (a Salvinos JR kit), Lockheed Electra, de Havilland Comet, Zaku tank, Trog figure (maybe not a good movie, but a good figure), M-4 Sherman, Monocycle (3D printed), F-15, P-47 and Mark 1 male tank. Acquisitions included: KFIR C-10 and a couple of aircraft kits costing $6 or $7, with free shipping, from China (who could resist). 
This week's tool was a magnetic tool tray/dish. They're inexpensive, come in many shapes and sizes and are handy to have around. Maybe, with a couple of nails, nuts and suchlike, you could make a cheap magnetic jig? 
Mark also had a tool, a "Drawing Gum Masking Fluid Pen" from Jeanoko. Intended for watercolor painting, it has applications for modelers. 
On the topic of excesses, there was a common thread. Most of us admit we have too many kits. Even after downsizing, if that dream kit comes along, we snap it up. Other items we buy even though we know better- new types of paints, fine sandpaper, and, Tiger 1 kits. One guy was completely honest when he said he had too much of everything. Of course, he didn't put it in writing. 
The next meeting is Tuesday, 6/11/24 at 7:30 pm. Invites to follow. Hope to see you there.

Thursday, May 30, 2024

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting: May 28, 2024

Twenty-two people attended. We met modelers from IPMS's Bay Colony, Niagra Frontier, Patriot and Wings & Wheels chapters. Thank you, Mark for spreading the word and thanks to the "new" guys who told us what they like to build. We also caught up with people who missed a couple of meetings. Happy birthday, Mr. K! 

Lou reports HK Models' 1/32 A20 J/K, Havoc/Boston IV and 1/48 Avro Lancaster Grand Slam, ICM's 1/35 Ukrainian Sapper team, Magic Factory's 1/35 M-2A4 Bradley and Takom's 1/16 Big Box (two Tiger 1s, one figure) and 1/72 M60A1&A3 with ERA are available.
Last Saturday, twenty-two people attended the group build at Pier 57 in Manhattan. Photos are on the BPMS Facebook page. Thanks, Julio, for setting it up. I expect we'll see photos from Fleet Week at upcoming meetings. Erasmo gave a brief report on last Saturday's Scalefest 2024 in Grapevine, Texas.
In progress and completed work included: Sikorsky S-55, S-67 Blackhawk, Macchi 202, Fiat BR-20 (a "brutal" kit), T-72 B3, RAF Rescue Launch, RGC-80 GM Cannon, (Gundam), Elf and Owl shadowbox, Dracula and victim bust (from Dracula, AD 1972), '23 Model T Depot Truck, Werewolf and Vampire figures (from Dark Shadows), Space Ghost figure (3D printed) and F-16 (Frank's weekend build). Acquisitions included: F-104, KA-15 anti-sub, English Knight-15th Century and Flakpanzer 341. This week's tool was the Badger Hobby Pal, a suction tool for picking up small items. Gil has tried similar tools and prefers this one.
We asked what surprised you about the hobby and we heard: the lack of models from the Golden Age of Aviation, the rapid improvement of 3D printed items and the cost of 1/32 multi engine aircraft kits. Two memorable answers - "I'm from New York, nothing surprises me" and "I make my own surprises".
Don't be surprised when you get your invite to the next meeting. It's Tuesday, 6/4/24, at 7:30 pm. Hope you can make it.


Thursday, May 23, 2024

BPMS ZOOM Mini Meeting: 05/21/2024

Eleven people attended. We welcomed Erasmo, naval aviator, industry consultant and builder of 1/72 scale aircraft. Hope we'll see him again. 
Lou reported Academy's 1/72 Merkava 3, AFV Club's 1/35 M-15 "Special" CGMC with 40mm gun, DML's 1/35 M-113 (Yom Kippur War), 
Pz 4 (late),  SdKfz 250 (75 mm gun), SdKfz 250 (50mm gun) and 1/72 T-34/76 (cast turret) are available.
The next few days will be busy. Fleet Week has begun (check their website for details), there's a modeler's meet-up this Saturday at Pier 57 (Daffodil classroom) in Manhattan from noon to 5 on the 25th and the Bethpage Air Show is this Saturday and Sunday at Jones Beach. 
In progress and completed work included: B-26 (Vaughn spoke briefly about the construction and performance of the actual aircraft), S-55 (the vintage kit doesn't include clear parts for the cabin windows), Sherman Firefly, elf & owl vignette,  Flying Taxi (from The Fifth Element), Shinden, Corsair, Dr.1, Seahawk, two P-47 Ds (1/144 and 1/48), Mitsubishi F-1, Zaku tank and Cthulhu.  Acquisitions included:
3 D printed Panther tool racks, wet pallet and Trog figure (Kevin said it was from a low budget film where Trog's costume was half of a monkey suit leftover from 2001: A Space Odyssey).
The tool of the week was the Klick Fix pen holder. It's good for organizing and securing tools on horizontal or vertical surfaces.
The featured topic was modeling accidents and steps taken to prevent them from reoccurring. Cuts were common. Lessons learned - always cut away from you, if you must use a knife to pry something apart, lay it on your bench, not on your hand, and don't try to catch a falling hobby knife between your knees. There were painting accidents, too. Lesson learned - always check the orientation of the paint can nozzle, never wear your good clothes when you paint. There were no stories about superglue and skin. 
The next meeting is Tuesday, 5/28/24 at 7:30 pm. Invites to follow. Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend. Hope to see you at Pier 57.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Schedule Of Events: 2024

Kit Sale Night
Declare Model Pledge

Show Us Your Tool
Contest Night 1Q24

Decal Swap Night
Green Model Night

Work In Progress Night

Parts Box Night
Contest Night 2Q24

D-Day Anniversary Theme Contest
BBQ Night

Lunar Landing Anniversary
Theme night

Pizza Night
Contest Night 3Q24

Swap Night
Theme Night / Clinic

Model Pledge Night

Contest Night: 4Q24
Super Raffle

Build Like An 11 Year Old Theme Contest
Holiday Dinner / Desserts

BPMS Bulletin, May 2024 (by Kevin K)

Minutes from the April Meeting

Attendance: Members – 23, Guests – 1, Models – 28
President Tom G. gaveled the meeting to order at 8:00PM.
Business: Tonight’s meeting is WIP nite.

• May will be both Parts Nite and 2Q Contest.
• IPMS Region 1 has chosen the BPMS as Chapter of the Year, as well as our own Bob P. as Member of the Year. Congratulations!
• Steve N. as volunteered to be BPMS’ rep for the IPMS Nationals in WS.
• The Facility we meet at asked that the club buys a ticket to their function. Discussion was held and since we do not get involved in politics in any way, the club was leaning toward a no vote, until Treas. Jeff E., offered to donate $ from his model’s sales toward the ticket. Additionally, Vinny R., Mark M., Ray W., Guy F., and Frank C. also donated, and the ticket will be bought.
• Similar discussion was had for sponsoring a prize packet for the IPMS Nats. Discussion was leading toward a no vote. VP Kevin K. volunteered to buy the packet. With that a number of other members also donated $ towards the packet. So, the BPMS WILL be involved. Kevin wasn’t as smart as Jeff to take down names, so a gracious THANKS to all those who donated. You know who you are! (Kevin is writing this so he CAN make fun of himself).
• A break was then called. The meeting reconvened at 8:50 with the monthly raffle. There were 9 winners. Final activity of the night is the Show & Tell.
• The meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM, next meeting is May 15.
Next Meeting:
May 15, 2025
Contest: 2Q24 
Part Box Night
Location: BBSC

Thursday, May 09, 2024

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting: 05/07/2024

Twelve people attended. No Tuesday Zoom next week. The in-person meeting is Friday, the 17th at the Community Center. Time for the quarterly contest. Details are in the Bulletin, which is the mail.
Its rumored Academy will re-release their CH-54E.
Jimmy was impressed by the work he saw at the Miniature Figure Collectors of America (MFCA) show last Saturday. Photos from the show are on the club's Facebook page.
Bobby found a good selection of reasonably priced Atlantis kits at Ollie's.
Get ready, Fleet Week is 5/22-28/24, the next Pier 57 meet-up is Saturday 5/25/24 and the D-Day theme contest is coming up in June.
In progress and completed work included: S-67 Blackhawk (with scratch built stretched sprue minigun), vintage Sikorsky H-19 (cockpit details added), Wildcat, Flying Taxicab (Gil is using a Leroy pen with Amsterdam acrylic resin ink to do the checkerboard markings) and P-47D. Acquisitions included: aftermarket Panther and King Tiger tracks, Quinta decals for the SdKfz 251 and Panzer crew figures.
We saw another tool from the cosmetics aisle, wedge-shaped sponges. Gil likes them for weathering, setting decals and stippling. He challenged us to find more uses.
The topic was what gets you excited about modeling. Everyone is excited to get new items, especially when they're bargains. Opening the boxes is another high point. Finishing a kit is exciting. Finding errors after completion is exciting, but not in the same way. Guess who said 'anything having to do with a Phantom' is exciting? Kits with lots of parts are exciting for some and discouraging for others. Some people are experiencing a lack of motivation while others acknowledge having too many partiality-built kits on the workbench. Well, we all bounce between those two groups, don't we?
The next meeting will be Friday, the 17th at the Community Center in Brooklyn. Doors open around 6pm. Because no invitations are needed, you never know who will be there. Intrigued? See you Friday.

Thursday, May 02, 2024

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting: April 30, 2024

Fourteen people attended. On short notice, Gil moderated the meeting. Thanks for stepping up, Gil. 
Lou reported ICM's 1/48 B-26 Marauder, 1/35 Studebaker US6 truck and SdKfz 251 ambulance kits are available. He also told us about the new EPA ban on methylene chloride, which many of us use, especially for plexiglass. Production will be phased out over time. Check the EPA website for details. 
Get ready to visit Manhattan. Fleet Week is May 22-25 and the next modeler's meet-up at Pier 57 is on May 25th. 
In progress and completed work included: S-67 (Vaughan has been busy correcting the intakes, rear deck and rotor droop), 1/8 scale Eleanor Mustang (from Gone in Sixty Seconds), Sherman Jumbo, F-104G, Phantom (Frank finally got the Hellenic AF colors he was looking for), Schwimmwagen, Merkava 3, M1A2 SEP Abrams (it was on Gordon's shelf of doom for a long time) and Flying Taxicab (from The Fifth Element). Acquisitions included: George Bailey & Mary Hatch vignette (from It's a Wonderful Life), Flash Gordon bust, 1/72 German AFV antennae and No-Name's battery powered airbrush. 
Switching from Moderator to Tool Guy, Gil introduced us to the Vinyl Weeder (aka scrap collector). Designed to remove scraps of vinyl from blades, it looks like it could be used to remove tape (think masks), decal backing or anything that collects on your blade. 
The topic was model mistakes discovered after the project was finished. We heard about cutting wires too short on kits with electrical components, misspelling hand painted vehicle markings, using incorrect decals, not realizing a kit part was oversized until it was attached and attaching pieces upside down (on the plus side, this led to an interesting discussion on the crawler NASA used for the Space Shuttle and how it operated). Kevin, who never considers his kits to be truly finished, corrects mistakes as he finds them, even years later. Other guys put the kit back in the box if it didn't come out right. 
But don't you make the mistake of missing the next meeting, Tuesday, 5/7/24 at 7:30 pm. Invites to follow. You should be back from the Kentucky Derby by then. 

Thursday, April 25, 2024

BPMS ZOOM Mini Meeting: 4/23/24

Featured Discussion: What have you built outside of your usual interest? Did you enjoy it?

Seventeen people attended. There were two updates from the in-person meeting. Kevin collected enough money to sponsor two awards at the upcoming IPMS Nationals, Open Top Axis AFV and Aircraft Diorama (thanks, guys) and Chuck recommend a hobby shop (hobbyoutlet.net) in Cresco, PA. The owner is Clayton Colefield, 570 594 1466. Call before you go. 
Lou reports Academy's 1/144 KC 135 R and three Border 1/35 tanks, Leopard 2A6 (Ukraine), Merkava 2D and early Tiger 1 are now available. 
Ready for a road trip? Mark says the Philadelphia Navy Yard has a drydock tour of the USS New Jersey. Mr. K told us the Cherry Point Air Show is May 11&12. 
Closer to home,  Julio arranged a modeler's meet-up for May 25th at Pier 57.
In-progress and completed work included: S-67 Blackhawk (Vaughn explained how the S-67 Blackhawk and the UH-60 Black Hawk got their names), Mi 4, Puckish vignette, Sherman Jumbo, D-day bunker diorama (with a twist?), Me-410, 77 Ford van, 97 Ford F-150, P-36, SdKfz 251/1, Stummel, Phantom (Hellenic AF), F-104 (Belgian AF) and Schwimmwagen. Acquisitions included: XXXG-OOWO- Wing Gundam and F-18 (with aftermarket decals from CAM). 
Old and new tips were thrown around during the meeting- Tamiya air brush thinner will glue styrene,  tree branches can be made by coating a wire armature with matte medium and sawdust, highlighting the ID letter on each sprue is helpful when building kits with many sprues, soak resin parts overnight in Dawn dish washing liquid before assembly and don't put Alclad clear over Tamiya. 
The topic was building outside your comfort zone. Comfort zones could be categories (armor, aircraft, etc), media (resin, vacuform, paper) or static v moving (think railroad layouts). Most of us have tried and liked building outside our cz (unless there's a lot of road wheels). It seems like a lot of car models went into storage once it came time to paint. 
The next meeting is Tuesday,  4/30/24 at 7:30 pm. Invites to follow. Hope to see you there.


Friday, April 12, 2024

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting: April 9, 2024

Twelve people attended. We welcomed Alyssa, an aircraft modeler from Massachusetts with a special interest in helicopters. 

There's no Tuesday Zoom next week as the in-person meeting is Friday the 19th. Doors open around 6pm and the meeting starts around 7:30. It's Work in Progress night. Details are in the Bulletin, which is in the mail. 
Lou reports Academy's 1/144 EC 121, 1/72 Leopard 2 A-4 and 1/35 USMC M4-A2 are available. 
Several club members went to Mosquitocon last Saturday. Charlie's F-8 Crusader placed. Gordon's photos are on the BPMS Facebook page. Thanks, Gordon. 
In progress and completed work included: S-67 Blackhawk, M117 Guardian, Jaguar E, Schwimmwagen and Cthulhu. Acquisitions included: MG RX77 Gundam conversion, Zvezda 1/48 Mi-8, C130A book and Bandai 1/48 T34/76. 
Frank C was our tool man this week. His find was two inexpensive photoetch saws from AliExpress. The offset blades are about 1.5" long, just right for those hard-to-reach places. This led to a discussion on how to get discounts from AliExpress. 
The featured topic was dealing with ejector pin marks. Although Lou knew a guy who used a hot screwdriver, most of us either cut them down or fill them flush. To cut, we use rotary tools, blades, micro saws, files, sanding sticks and custom-made sanding blocks. For fillers, we use proprietary (Tamiya, AK, Vallejo, etc.) modeling putties, automotive glazing putty, modeling epoxy putties and sprue dissolved in glue. While pin marks that can't be seen are usually left alone, some exposed marks are intentionally overlooked (once you convince yourself they look like structural details). 
The next meeting is Friday, 4/19/24 at the Community Center, in Brooklyn. No invites needed. Hope to see you there. 

Saturday, April 06, 2024

MosquitoCon 32 Photos

Photo report for MosquitoCon 32. I had taken 1 photographs of almost every model entry prior to 12pm. Totaling over 450 photos. Some photos of models are not cluster together with it's category since I had to go back for some late entries. Please see the link below for the gallery.


BPMS Members at MosquitoCon 32

It was a great day for us at MosquitoCon in Wayne, NJ. We did some shopping, touring the models in the contest area and then off to lunch. It's like tradition that we all met up at Grasshopper Too, a near by pub for lunch. Today I had also taken almost a photo of ever model entry prior to 12pm. I'll have the gallery up soon. To our buddies entering the contest, good luck! 

Friday, April 05, 2024

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting: April 2nd, 2024

Fifteen people attended the meeting.

Mosquitocon is this Saturday, April 3, in Wayne NJ. The flyer is on the BPMS Facebook page. The page, btw, is 14 years old according to Gordon and it has a surprising number of followers. 

Lou reports Trumpeter's 1/16 SdKfz 251/22 and 1/35 18-ton Flakwagen are available. Jimmy posted some new kits (mostly Tigers this time) on our Facebook page. 

Gordon told us about Model Colors, an app that keeps track of your paint, among other things. Joe U uses a similar app, paintRack. 

In-progress and completed work included: B-26, S-67 Blackhawk, Jagdtiger (just the engine but at 1/16 it's a kit in itself), Marylin Monroe bust (Kevin used pastels for highlights and confirmed the 'shadow switching sponge' Gil told us about last month really removes pastels from paint brushes), Bishop sp artillery, Flint's Car 2077 (3D printed Flintstone car of the future) and Schwimwagen. Acquisitions included: Leprechaun figure, 'Female Warrior with Useless Armor' figure and stainless-steel cutting mats for camouflage masks. 

We heard from people we missed last week. Don was introduced to scale modeling by his uncle, a lens maker whose work ranged from WW2 bombsights to a camera that went to the Moon. Frank C remembered his father getting him a Strombecker kit on a family vacation on Long Island. 

This week's tool was the Artist Brush Washer. It's for cleaning and drying brushes. It must be good, because it was "borrowed" almost immediately. 

The topic was working with worn-out expendables. We heard a lot about sandpaper. Everybody seems reluctant to replace theirs even though it's cheap, abundant and comes in sheets, discs, rolls and pads. We treat blades differently; Vaughn replaces them with every new kit, others do it as needed. Gil repurposes old blades into scrapers. Jimmy has a simple approach to expendables, buy cheap and stack deep. 

Next meeting is Tuesday 7:30 pm. Invites to follow. Hope to see you there. 


Thursday, April 04, 2024

BPMS "Bulletin" - April 15, 2024 Meeting

Minutes from the March Meeting
Attendance: Members – 19, Guests – 1, Models – 16
President Tom Govia gaveled the meeting to order at 8:00PM.
Business: The Manhattan Group Model Build on 2/24 was quite a success. Julio reminds us that there will be another meetup later this spring
•There is still time to Pledge a build to build for the end of the year.
•Next month is WIP Night. Take what’s on your work table and bring it in.
•Dues now due! $35 pp
•The Meeting reconvened at 8:40PM for a raffle. There were 10 winners.
•A show and tell of the models on the display tables. There were plenty of GREEN MODELS for the theme.
•Jim T. gave a demo on his new “cordless” airbrush. He says it has a .3 needle, and can operate for at least 30 minutes before it needs a recharge. Recharging, he says takes under 15 minutes. See images below.
•The meeting was adjourned at 9:10PM
April Activities:
  • WORK IN PROGRESS NIGHT: This would be a good time to show us where you are with your Pledge Model or anything / everything that's on your work bench!

Meeting date:

April 19, 2024

Location: BBSC

Business starts at 8PM, but members are at the facility by 6PM. Feel free to join us early!   
Download the FULL BPMS Bulletin in PDF format HERE.

Sunday, March 31, 2024

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting: March 26, 2024

The good news is that 20 people attended. The bad news is that there wasn't enough time for everyone to speak. Apologies to those we missed.

Mark read the nominations for Bobby P for IPMS Member of the Year and BPMS for Chapter of the Year. Several people gave spontaneous testimonials about Bobby's dedication to BPMS, his efforts to attract and welcome new members and his commitment to the hobby. There were testimonials about BPMS, too - It's not a club, it's a bunch of friends - It's not cliquish - You meet people from all walks of life - and my favorite - We're not IPMS, we're BPMS (no offense to the national organization). 

Noreastcon was last Saturday. Many club members were there. Charlie, Kosta and Gordon placed. Gordon also took a lot of pictures. A link is posted on the club's Facebook page.
In progress and completed work included: Wazbom Blastajet and another Warhammer vehicle (you’ll have to ask Angelo what it is), Nurse Price bust (from American Werewolf in London), Marylin Monroe bust (Kevin is trying out a pink and purple painting technique he saw on the Groundeffected YouTube channel), Dr. Doom bust, F- 6F, Ilyushin Il-2, Stuka, Typhoon, Buffalo, and Little Red Wagon (updated version). 

It was a good night for tools and tips. Gil introduced us to the paint puck, a silicone disc for cleaning paint brushes and Michael showed us that the Dyson vacuum with the green laser can be used to check the floor for missing parts. He also showed us how he used Tamiya Compound and a carefully bent staple to remove overspray from the interior of a sealed canopy. 

We remembered the people who introduced us to scale modeling. Fathers, brothers (who can forget those wind up Zoids?), friends and neighbors either taught us how to make models or encouraged us to build more. One self-motivated builder started making models from cardboard before the age of five, while others found the hobby later in life. Who knows, maybe the BPMS website, Facebook page or Zoom meeting will be someone's introduction to the hobby? Which reminds me, the next meeting is Tuesday, 4/2/24 at 7:30 pm. Invites to follow. Hope to see you there. Tell us how you spent April Fool's Day. 


Saturday, March 23, 2024

Photo coverage for 2024 NOREASTCON 52

First thing, congratulations to all the participants who won a place or award at the Region 1 contest and applauses to all the contestants. 

Second, a shout out and big round of applause to our BPMS member, Charlie N. and Kosta, for winnng Bronze. Big congratulation as well to Bobby P. who had been picked IPMS Northeast Region Member of the Year and we are honored to be selected as Chapter of the Year! 
In addition, I am grateful to had placed Silver in 1/100 Gundam category. 

The turnout of entries was good dispite the harsh weather. I had taken over 300 photos of entries at the contest. The photos are stored in a google photo album for anyone interested. Link is below.