Monday, March 23, 2009

Galleries are up to date

Gordon put in some serious time and got the BPMS Galleries up to date over the weekend. Have a look:

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Meeting News

I've been getting calls regarding a listing in the paper for our March meeting. There appears to be a typo - the March meeting was held on the 20th, and will NOT be on the 27th!

The next meeting of the BPMS at the BBSC will be on
APRIL 17th, 2009 at 7:30

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bulletin: March 2009

T h e M i n u t e s
by Bobby P.

February was a cramped and busy meeting. We had 29 members and 2 guests bringing in 24 models displayed for the night.

February Meeting
Sharing Is Caring: We had to share the BBSC with neighborhood youths getting in from the cold and doing something more constructive. That’s both good for the neighborhood and the kids. Some even had interest in our display. If some join up, it’s good for us. Everyone wins! We’ll probably have another couple meetings sharing space before spring sports start up.

Show Us Your Tool: This activity wasn’t nearly as vulgar as it sounded. A large number of members chipped in and told the group about the goodies they have discovered that makes life easier. Thanks to everyone who joined in.

Contest Night 1Q09: We held the first installment of the BPMS quarterly contest. Don’t worry about the results; we don’t crunch the numbers until the end of the year after the next three installments. There’s plenty of time to rack up more votes.

Loss of a Founder: Founding member of the BPMS, Joe Turner (IPMS #90!), passed away days before the January meeting. We raffled off donations from our VP, Israel, and the Trez, Jeff, and generated some money for trophy packages in Joe’s honor. We’ll, likely, be holding another raffle in March since we’ve gotten Joe’s name on some awards. Any donations of kits from the members for the cause would be greatly appreciated. Bring money for tixx.

You can see pics from each meeting either at the Club Website or on Gordon’s blog:


On the agenda: March

Decal Swap Night: This one is pretty easy, bring in decals to swap or sell. You might want to bring some cash as you never know when someone might have that sheet you’re looking for.
Well-Marked Theme Display: This will be first theme night of 2009. Just bring in something with decals and maybe think about a couple words you might tell the group about it. If you want to speak about any step of the decal process, please be prepared and we can arrange it!
Meeting date: March 20th, 2009

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

IPMS/USA Region 1 Approved Events Schedule

IPMS/USA Region 1 Approved Events 2009

28 March 2009
IPMS Long Island
Freeport NY

29 March 2009
IPMS Wings and Wheels
Chicopee Mass

4 April 2009
Mosquitocon (Region 2)
Wayne NY

13 April 2009
IPMS Niagara Frontier
Buffalo NY

16/18 April 2009
Havre de Grace MD

April 24/25 2009
IPMS Niagara Frontier.
McKinley’s /Clarion Inn
Blasdell NY

31 May 2009
IPMS North Shore

19-22 August 2009
IPMS Nationals
Columbus Ohio

20 September 2009
IPMS Rochester
Rochester NY

26 September 2009
IPMS Northeast Military Modelers Association (AMPS East)
Danbury CT

4 October 2009
IPMS Stratford
Milford CT

16/17 October
JerseyCon (Region 2 Regional)
Runnemede NJ

18 October 2009
IPMS Granite State
Nashua New Hampshire

18 October 2009
IPMS Syracuse
Syracuse NY

24 October 2009
IPMS Mid Hudson
Poughkeepsie NY

8 November 2009
IPMS Bay Colony
South Attleboro, MA

14 November 2009
IPMS Liars
Long Island NY

Region 1 Update 03-03-09

Hi everyone,

Here we are in the month of March, and we just had our major snowstorm for the year, we got about 10" here in lovely Stamford CT. Now that that's behind us we can start looking forward to spring!! And we all know what that means, the spring show season!! I've attached the Approved Event Calendar again, as we have some additions. As always, I urge you to support your brother chapters events with sponsorship, attendance, and judging help!!

While we're on the subject of upcoming events, let me mention a few things regarding this years Noreastcon. First off is my standard message hawking sponsorships. I know there are a few chapters out there that haven't committed to sponsoring a category yet. Please consider this, as it's our regions premier event, and it benefits all of us. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. We've all heard of the untimely passing of one of IPMS Niagara Frontiers spark plugs, Mike Miodonski. As a way of honoring their passed comrade, everyone attending he banquet is asked to wear a gaudy Hawaiian shirt in Mikes memory. I'm sorry I'll miss this one, but I have to be elsewhere this time around.

The deadline for submitting nominations for Region 1 Chapter of the Year, and Person of the year close at the end of the month. Please take the time to write up your chapters achievements of the past year and send them to me. Please, make my decision hard his year. I see every newsletter and know y'all have done many things that make you uniquely qualified for Chapter of the Year. I want to name your chapter, but can't do it unless you submit a nomination. So write it up and send it, already!!

I've heard from my counterpart down in Region 12, Tim Darrah. Tim mentioned our troops in Diego Garcia are hurting for model kits and related supplies as part of the Hobbies for Heroes Program. Many of you have supported this in the past, and we're asking you to kindly help the troops on this tiny island. Contact info is as follows.

Ms. Lourdes Jumaqio
c/o DG Scale Modeler's Group
PSC 466, Box 61
FPO AP 96595

I see that IPMS CT Marine Modelers have a new web site. You can check out this fine groups activities at www.ctshipmodels.org The site is very good, and shows off some of the great work these guys do. They work in not only plastic, but wood as well. They're one of the quietest groups we have in Region 1 in terms of letting the rest of us in on their activities, but hopefully that will change with the addition of a nice web site. Check it out!!

As a reminder, this year will see the National IPMS elections. Everyone knows I'm running for the position of Director of Local Chapters, that certainly isn't a secret. There will be a few positions that see candidates running unopposed, and a few where there will be real competition for the office in question. I can't say this strongly enough, VOTE!! It doesn't matter who you vote for, well it does but I won't do any campaigning here, but cast your ballot!! It's important to the Society that all members take part in this election, and cast a ballot. Ballots will be going out shortly, and you'll be able to cast a vote via the IPMS web site. In order to vote, you need to be a member in good standing, which means you must be paid up membership wise. Now would be a good time to check your membership, and those of your chapter mates and renew if necessary. Act now to avoid the rush!!

One other thing related to the election. If I'm elected DLC, we'll need to find someone to step into my current position of Regional Coordinator. If anyone out there may be interested in a new job, let me know. I'll fill you in on what's required, and how much fun it's been to be your RC these past years. I've enjoyed working for our region, and want to leave it in good hands.

With all that out of the way, I'll close this. be safe out there!! And please, share this with the officers and members of your chapter, it belongs to them as well!!!

Semper Fi
Doug Hamilton