Thursday, December 08, 2016

Bulletin: December 2016

BPMS Bulletin 
by Bobby B2 Blue Pokorny

November was an excellent meeting. We had 24 members and one guest (Mark) who brought in 16 models, most of which were the contest. 

November Meeting 

Contest night – 4th Qtr 2015: This was the final installment of the quarterly BPMS Annual Contest. Now it’s my turn to crunch the numbers and see who we voted for in 2016. 

Super Raffle: This is the reason why you must fill out your paperwork at each meeting. For every new model you brought in over the course of the year you got ONE SUPER RAFFLE TICKET. We had around 225 tickets in for the year. Nice job! Can we beat that in 2017? Also, thank you to everyone who made donations! 

HOLIDAY DINNER: At the time I am writing this it has yet to occur, but historically it’s always been a blast. Nora’s always has good food and mix that with good friends and it’s an equation for a good time! 

RAFFLE: We did NOT have a regular raffle during the meeting. It’ll probably return in December. 

On the agenda: DECEMBER 

ISLAND HOPPING: It’s finally upon us! The final theme contest of 2016! Find details HERE

HOLIDAY DESSERTS: ‘Tis the season! Why not close out the year with your BPMS buddies and some tasty treats? You are cordially invited to bring some sort of dessert or snack or treat to this meeting. Thanks in advance! 

AWARDS CEREMONY: At the time this is being written, I have the numbers crunched. Hopefully I’ll have the awards printed out in time so we can see who the winners are for 2017

* * * 
You can find meeting pics either at the Club Website or on the Photo-Blog: http://gmobile17.blogspot.com/

Meeting date:

DECEMBER 16, 2016

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Meet your Vice-Prez Elect, Bob Epley!

BPMS MEMBER INTERVIEWS: We continue this month with our Vice-President Elect, Bob Epley...

Meet Bob Epley: Representing the Lower East Side, our incoming Vice President BOB EPLEY is a 58 year old residential architect. 

Growing up in Oregon, Bob was first exposed to the hobby of modeling in grade school. Classmates and their older brothers were already building models. So Bob took a stab at it with a mid-60s kit of a Ford Thunderbird by AMT that included a stick on vinyl top. From there he’d build about anything he could get his hands on. In those early years he picked up skills through trial and error and via advice from friends. As he got older he picked up tips and tricks from the guys at the local hobby shop. Like many in the hobby, his building slowed down by the end of high school. 

After taking time to attend the University of Oregon and Cornell University, Bob spent some time restoring antique cars, mostly Hudsons and Packards from the 50s. 

After a 20 year break from models, Bob picked it up again when he moved to New York. He converted a coat closet into a small work space with a desk and shelves. When comes time to airbrush, he has to set up his spray booth in the kitchen, which is time consuming. As a result spraying occurs about once per month. In 2008 his wife told him about a local model club that she found on the internet and suggested attending a meeting. That was when Bob got to meet the BPMS. Thanks to the club and online videos, Bob was able to learn more and enhance his hobby skills. 

Nowadays Bob builds just about any type of kit except for ships. While he doesn’t have a favorite model, Bob enjoys the challenges each kit presents. He doesn’t have any models that he’s really looking forward to getting, he’s happy whittling down his stash at home. 

Bob believes the hobby is doing well in Japan and most of Europe. “I can’t keep up with the huge number of kits and supplies being introduced every month,” Bob says. He believes that modelers are entering the hobby at a later time in their lives. He also agrees with two stark realities of the hobby today: Not many kids build models anymore and that the independent local hobby shop is a thing of the past. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Holiday Luncheon - 12/3/16 @ Noon

Holiday Luncheon: Okay, the details have been finalized. We will meet at:
Nora’s Park Bench Café
3019 Quentin Rd
Brooklyn, NY 11234 
on Saturday, December 3, 2016 at noon. 
$40 per person. 

We have the room for three hours. 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Meet your President-Elect, Joe B!

BPMS MEMBER INTERVIEWS continue this month with our current VP, Joe Bergman...

Please Meet

Years ago, while on the contest circuit, JOE BERGMAN heard about a model club in Brooklyn. Despite the rumors he checked us out anyway. Fast forward a bunch of years and he’s our current Vice-President, and starts the job as President of the BPMS in January. 

You probably know Joe as the knowledgeable hobbyist who usually builds large figures. If you come to a meeting and see a foot tall Dracula on the table, it’s a safe bet that it’s his work. For forty-one years our fifty-three year-old President-elect has been building just about anything that piques his interest, however his center of interest remains within the realm of science fiction and horror movies. He manages to get quite a lot of work done and is annually at or near the top of the list of members who built most models during the year. He has also won many awards including the coveted TOP GUN AWARD. Within the club he has made other major contributions like hosting panels on skills and sponsoring several theme contests. 

Joe is a married Queens resident who supports his hobby working as an Elevator Surveyor and Inspector. A high-pressure job like that requires serious downtime to blow off stress, so Joe travels and builds models. 

The model bug bit Joe as a child while visiting a neighbor building a model of a Grand Prix car on a TV tray (a makeshift hobby desk). The guy was working on a perfect finish and warned Joe that if he touched it he’d break his hands. The skill involved interested this young man to get started in the hobby. The model that sent him down his path was the Aurora Robin kit. When he was eight his mother helped with it and it was a reasonable success. Everything went crazy after that. That started a long hobby career of trial and error, books, videos, and lots of practice to evolve into the style you see displayed monthly at our meetings. His advice is to ask about anything: “ask some questions, get some good answers and tutorials from most people.” Joe usually works on models at home in his hobby room flanked by display cases. He, currently, likes to build the sci-fi and horror pieces because they are unique and forgiving. There is so much you can do and they are very forgiving. 

Joe reflects on the state of the hobby. With current technologies (3D printers, better casting materials, etc.) anything is possible. New ideas lead to new kits that come out all the time. It’s conceivable that those never-made kits can become a reality. I build a lot of monsters, but how many Draculas, Wolfmen, and Frankensteins can you own? 

Despite the optimism, Joe also sees the dark side of the hobby. I think the hobby is on the last generation. Licensing and excessive production costs are killing the market. How can you buy a plane or a tank and spend $50 for the kit plus $20 in supplies then realize you paid the equivalent of a utility bill? The hobby is eating itself internally and the “bargain hunters” are ruining the spirit of the hobby. 

Joe would like to remind us that we, as model builders, need to understand that if we stop supporting our local hobby stores (the few that are left) and the local shows that there will be nothing left. The “bargain hunters” are killing the business wanting everything either super-cheap or for free. It destroys every show and business. Just think about the next time you don’t buy a plane kit because 20% off isn’t cheap enough. You mail order it and wait two weeks for it to arrive. Now you go back to the hobby shop for supplies but it’s out of business due to lack of support. Now you end up waiting for overpriced supplies that require shipping fees. The convenience of the internet isn’t so convenient anymore. 


Bulletin: November 2016

by Bobby B2 Blue Pokorny 

OCTOBER was a good meeting. Despite traffic issues we had 26 members and one guest who brought in 19 models, of which a good portion were pledges. 

October Meeting 

NOMINATIONS: Prez Gordon and Veep Joe put in their two years of service so it was time for a change. Our new elected officers are Joe Bergman as BPMS President and Bob Elpey as Vice-President. Congrats gents! We look forward to your administrations! 

MODEL PLEDGES: Several members had their pledges ready for display and discussion at the meeting. Everyone who came in with a completed pledge will have an additional FIVE tickets for the November Super Raffle! 

HVHMG 2016: The BPMS will be sponsored the Award For Best Aircraft at the IPMS Mid-Hudson Show. The show was on October 22 at the Elks Club Lodge in Poughkeepsie, NY. See hvhmg.org for details. 

Holiday Luncheon: While it might be early to put in a reservation, it’s never too early to save the date. The group agreed to return to:
Nora’s Park Bench Café
3019 Quentin Rd
Brooklyn, NY 11234 
on Saturday, December 3, around noon. 

Raffle: We had quite a sizable raffle this month. Since November is the SUPER RAFFLE, we’ll suspend this activity until December or January. 

On the agenda: November 

Contest Night – 4th Qtr 2016: This is the final installment of the quarterly BPMS Annual Contest so it is your last chance to try to rack up some votes for 2016. Pledge models are welcome as well as anything you haven’t already entered into a contest previously. 

Super Raffle: This is the reason why you must fill out your paperwork at each meeting. For every new model you brought in over the course of the year you get ONE SUPER RAFFLE TICKET. If you completed your pledge model you get an additional FIVE super raffle tickets. You cannot buy tickets for this raffle. You must earn them! The more you build, the more tixx you get. We’ve been buying items for the Super Raffle all year, but if you would like to donate anything, feel free to do so! Who built the most in 2016? I’ll announce the name at the meeting.

* * * 
You can find meeting pics either at the Club Website or on the Photo-Blog: http://gmobile17.blogspot.com/

Meeting date:
NOVEMBER 18, 2016

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Member Interviews: President Gordon Cheung

Meet Gordon Cheung: As part of an internet presence over ten years ago your humble narrator extended a cordial invitation to Gordon to check out a BPMS meeting. He’s been a committed member and put into service under various positions ever since. Before we get to his illustrious career within The Club, we need to tell the tale of our 39 year-old president. 

As a lifelong Queens resident, Gordon is currently employed as an accounts receivable specialist at a prestigious Long Island university for over ten years. He has distinguished himself at work for his ability to embrace new technology and put it to good use, saving time and hours. His knack for tech drew him, like many in the hobby, to the internet for research.

Models weren’t anything new to Gordon as his earliest hobby experience was during his childhood when his father bought him a kit of the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard. I wonder how much that model is worth now since the show has been pulled from various networks last year? But I digress, when they got that kit home, his dad observed how complex the kit was and put it aside until he could find someone who could help his son with this. Undeterred, Gordon found the hidden model and built it on his own. A modeler was born! After that he kept it up, building mostly snaps at first, then more complicated glue together models, he started painting his work during his middle and high school years. When the maturity of college came around, Gordon started becoming more serious about the hobby. Like many of us, his skills improved through various books and magazines that he devoured for knowledge. Then the internet brought a wealth of information to everyone’s fingertips. At that point he learned expert skills that allowed him to build at the level of precision that he does today.

 Gordon is a disciplined hobbyist, keeping his model-world contained within his own bedroom. From there he builds largely science fiction models with a preference for the Gundam Universe. His favorite model must be the Master Grade Gundam RX-78-2 version 1.5 from Bandai. It was a model that represented the robot that spawned the entire series. What’s more, the model was the start of those complex kits from Bandai designed to assemble perfectly. It would really bring him joy if Bandai would add some more kits from WAR IN THE POCKET as they only had two offerings from that series.

Despite recent advances, Gordon believes the hobby has many challenges. The high prices for models are discouraging young people from entering the hobby. Couple that with the way technology has a grip on younger people (between social media and video games), it’s an uphill battle to encourage young model builders.

In a couple months Gordon will finish up his two-year term as President of the BPMS. At that time he would like to resume his previous role of posting photos from the various club contests on the Photo Blog and Facebook page. He might even have time for his other diversions, such as archery and video games. Regardless, his heart is with The Club: I have not met a more laid back scale hobby club then the BPMS!

Bulletin: October 2016

by Bobby B2 Blue Pokorny 

SEPTEMBER was a light meeting. The traffic was pretty rough, so it might’ve been a factor. We had 20 members and no guests who brought in 16 models. 

September Meeting 

BASIC SKILLS: Joe Bergman and Joe Barrett gave the group some very useful pointers on early stage building and priming despite the lack of time. Thanks guys! 

New Member: Tom Govia attended three meetings and showed us some armor he built so voted him into The Club. Welcome to the fold! 

HVHMG 2016: The BPMS will be sponsoring the Award For Best Aircraft at the IPMS Mid-Hudson Show. The show will be on October 22 at the Elks Club Lodge in Poughkeepsie, NY. See hvhmg.org for details. 

Holiday Luncheon: While it might be early to put in a reservation, it’s never too early to save the date. The group agreed to return to 
Nora’s Park Bench Café
3019 Quentin Rd
Brooklyn, NY 11234 
on Saturday, December 3, around noon. 

RAFFLE: We had quite a sizable raffle this month. We’ll likely have another for October. 

On the agenda: October 

NOMINATIONS: Prez Gordon and Veep Joe have put in their two years of service. It’s time to shake up those seats up front. Who will ascend to the throne? 

MODEL PLEDGES: I hope you’ve been working on your models all year because this is the meeting you get the pay off. Simply bring in your Pledge Model, regardless of completion or not. If you got the job done you will get a bonus FIVE Super Raffle tickets in November! 

SUPER RAFFLE: The Super Raffle is in November, but you might want to start looking through your stacks for items you may want to donate. Thanks in advance! 

Meeting Date:
October 21, 2016

Same time,
Same place!
See you there!

Monday, September 12, 2016


A NEW FEATURE - BPMS MEMBER INTERVIEWS: Years ago Frank Tripoli used to interview new members for the Bulletin, but now Frank Colucci and I will be handling the job. (Thanks Frank!) As one of the “senior members” and officers of the club, I thought I would kick off this new feature by interviewing your humble narrator, Bobby Pokorny!

Meet Bobby Pokorny: Hello everyone! I’m Bob! You may call me Bobby, Bobby the Blue, B2, Robert, but you may NEVER call me late for BBQ or pizza! 

But I digress. Models have always been a part of my life. My father was a car modeler and had a wild imagination making all sorts of modifications like he would on real cars. I grew up in a house with shelves of car models on display, and supplies were readily accessible. My parents encouraged the hobby in the early years buying me models of cars and dinosaurs. I didn’t take the next step until years later while visiting my neighbor in Bayside, Queens -- Jeff Eng. He had an impressive display of science fiction models and a huge armor diorama in his basement. Loving both sci-fi and tanks, the level of realism I saw inspired a new interest in the hobby. Over the coming years, with Jeff as my mentor, I built often and of varied topics, everything in the spectrum. Cars, armor, air, figures, and lots of science fiction. When it got to the point that my work was show quality I joined “The New York Crew” started on the contest circuit. By the time I grew out of the junior category I had amassed over 100 awards. Around that same time I had started studying accounting at Queens College. In February of 1989 I joined the BPMS. Back then the club was still meeting at Marcy Studios and I had the privilege to know club legends like Joe Turner, Andy Yanchus, Bill Smith, Bert Berg, the Kasza family and Al Marciano to name a few. Since then the club went through many changes. We have moved twice. I have held positions as treasurer, Veep and Prez for four years. After that I consolidated the positions of secretary, contest coordinator, and activities director since it’s almost impossible to tell where one of those jobs ends and the next begins. As long as I was wearing those hats I started writing the Bulletin during the ‘90s, and created and / or maintained the various club websites, blogs and Facebook pages.

In the rare moments I have for the hobby that I am NOT working on club business, I currently build mostly science fiction subjects, such as mechs and figures.

Other hobbies I don’t have enough time for would be my aquariums with various breeds of turtles, working on real cars (the other garage kits!), playing with tech, drumming, photography, Sudoku, reading, target shooting, taking things apart and putting them back together, and traveling with my wife of 15 years (whom I have been with for 25 years!). I find that I need many diversions since being an accountant (for over 20 years now) can be pretty dry and not creative at all.

I look forward to what the future has in store for the hobby and the BPMS. While the hobby has had its ups and downs over the years, the BPMS has remained fairly steady. Despite adversity, the club has endured. I credit that to a strong group of like-minded members who care more about the ongoing life of the club and less about rare petty squabbles. Plus, having been around for so long, the club has a structure and a fairly steady schedule so that the members know what they have coming up. It could be a contest night, or a theme, holiday dinner or even pizza night; we always manage to have solid meetings with things going on and topics to discuss while having FUN. Where do I see the hobby or the club down the road? I would like to think that there will always be a BPMS long after we’re all gone. A strong foundation was been set. It’s our job to maintain it.

Friday, September 09, 2016

Bulletin: September 2016

by Bobby B2 Blue Pokorny

AUGUST was a big meeting. Free pizza always seems to get the seats filled! We had 21 members and no guests who brought in 21 models, mostly for the quarterly contest. 

August Meeting
LOSS OF A MEMBER: Since our last meeting longtime member John Irwin passed away. He was 74. Our sympathies to the family.

PIZZA NIGHT: Possibly one of the top favorite BPMS annual activities. PIZZA! The group made quick work of the stacks of Brooklyn style. Your humble narrator couldn’t have been more proud!

CONTEST NIGHT – 3Q16: So the third installment of the BPMS contest is in the books. There were some exquisite models on the tables so the members had a tough job voting. 

FUTURE OF THE HOBBY: Tom Knoll brought in a 3D printed detail kit from SHAPEWAYS to show the group. While the technology is growing fast, it’s still pretty expensive. At the moment, we aren’t staring down the barrel of a 3D printed hobby, but the future seems limitless! 

RAFFLE: We didn’t have a raffle in August. We’ll likely be starting it up again for September. 

On the agenda: September
BASIC SKILLS: Joe Bergman and Joe Barrett will be your hosts discussing more basic skills. Mr. Bergman will start us off with tips on priming and Mr. Barrett will show us assorted tricks he uses including making some of your own tools.

Holiday Dinner: Yeah, yeah. It’s only September, but we only have a couple meetings before December. We should sit down and look at a calendar and select a date while it’s early. 

Meeting Date:
September 16, 2016

Same Time,
Same Place!

See you at the BBSC!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Request for commission work

Hi guys,

I got this message on FB today:

I am active duty Army stationed at West Point, but down in the city often. I have a Dragon 1/35 M1A2 Abrams tank kit. I would like to have it built and customized to represent the tank I commanded in my last assignment, but just don't have the skill. Please let me know if this is something you guys can work with me on.

Contact me if you are interested in taking this job so I can pass the info along. 

Your humble narrator, 
~Bobby "the blue"

Monday, August 15, 2016

Bulletin: August 2016

by Bobby B2 Blue Pokorny

JULY was a big meeting despite being a summer meeting without the lure of hot food! We had 26 members and 2 guests who brought in 20 models.

July Meeting

BASIC SKILLS - SEAMS: Frank and your humble narrator discussed several methods of dealing with basic construction and, especially, seam filling when building models. Several members chimed in with their own methods, as well. Thanks, guys!

ISLAND HOPPING! THE WAR IN THE PACIFIC THEME CONTEST: This year will mark the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Gordon, Jeff and Ray K are sponsoring the December theme contest that will commemorate this solemn anniversary. You can find contest details HERE.

RAFFLE: We had a raffle with a nice assortment of prizes. We’ll probably keep this up for the foreseeable future.

On the agenda: AUGUST

PIZZA NIGHT: Possibly one of the top favorite BPMS annual activities. PIZZA! Just be paid up to date on your dues and you can eat all you like. We ask members to please avoid bringing guests for this meeting.

CONTEST NIGHT – 3Q16: The year is just moving along. It’s time for the third installment of the quarterly contest. This would be a good time to rack up some more votes for your annual totals. Remember, if you built something for the theme contest that has never been to a quarterly contest before, feel free to bring it back!

Our next meeting will be on August 19th 

Same time,
Same place!

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Useful Link

Found this site on the web. It will save a lot of time, all the military builder would love it!


Joe B

Monday, August 08, 2016

Longtime BPMS member JOHN IRWIN passed away

Early in the morning on Saturday, August 6, 2016 John Irwin passed away from COPD. He'll be remembered at the BPMS as a dedicated longtime member and prolific builder of armor models and figures as well as knowing the associated histories of his subject matter. 

The gathering/calling hours at McManus Funeral Home on Avenue N this Wednesday, August 10, 2016 from 6-9PM.


Friday, July 08, 2016

Bulletin: July 2016

by Bobby B2 Blue Pokorny 

JUNE was a big meeting. The theme contest and BBQ had people showing up for sure! We had 22 members and 3 guests who brought in 24 models, mostly for the theme contest. 

June Meeting 
BBQ Night: What’s summertime without a BBQ? We held our annual BBQ and it went well. Thanks to the guys who supplied the shindig and the gents who worked the grill. Great job! 

BPMS BLACK-OUT THEME CONTEST: The theme was finally upon us! All we asked was for the members to build something that could be tied into the Basic Black Theme. We had a lot of nice work on the tables, and the winners were as follows: 

  • Kamila L - Beetle 
  • Kevin A - Joachin Peiper 
Black (3rd) 
  • Ray W - U-2 
Blacker (2nd) 
  • Howell S - Black Templars 
Blackest (1st) 
  • Angelo T - F-14A Black Tomcat 
Special Awards:
  • Black Knight: Ed J - U-505 U-Boat 
  • Black Sheep: Israel A - Black Beauty 
  • Black & Blue: Tim G - Warhammer 
  • Paint It Black: Bob E - Model T 

The quality of the work was top notch which made our job as judges very difficult. We would like to thank all the members who built for the theme and thanks to my co-sponsors, Frank, Russ and Kosta for sponsoring a fun theme for the group to build for. 

Raffle: We didn’t have a raffle this month. We’ll likely be starting it up again for July.

On the agenda: JULY 
BASIC SKILLS - SEAMS: We haven’t had a basic skills clinic in a while, what batter place to start up again at than seam filling? There are as many techniques as there are modelers, so this should be pretty educational. At this point Frank and your humble narrator will be your hosts, but we encourage you to bring in or be prepared to tell the group about some methods you employ. 

Meeting Date:
JULY 15, 2016

Same time,
Same place!

Thursday, July 07, 2016

December Theme Contest: ISLAND HOPPING

Island Hopping
The War in the Pacific: 1941-1945
Theme Contest

December 16, 2016

This December 2016 marks the 75th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor and the start of the War in the Pacific. To commemorate this solemn occasion, the sponsors simply want the group to build something that was used in the Pacific Theater during World War II.

There are plenty of options for land, sea, or air for this theme, so you can probably just pull something from the stack and get to work!  Just pick something that was used from the attack of Pearl harbor through the victory in the Pacific!

Please contact the sponsors with questions.

  • Gordon Cheung
  • Jeffrey Eng  
  • Ray Keegan

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Basic Black Theme Contest

Basic Black Theme Contest:
June 17, 2016

"Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black."— Henry Ford

Now’s the time to raid your stash for Model Ts and Batmobiles, SR-71s and P-61s, boomer boats and Black Knights! June 2016 is the BPMS Black-Out theme contest. Build ANYTHING with a mostly black paint job, anything with black in the name, or anything with a recognized black context. As always, our sponsoring judges will recognize craftsmanship and creativity with unique awards.

Want to show a Stealth Fighter? Polish-off Knight Rider? Take a shot at Wyatt Earp? Try your luck. You can make a model painted any color you want so long as it is black. If black paint doesn’t move you, how about the Sikorsky Black Hawk helicopter or an ocean liner from the Black Star Line? Just name your project. Can you document a particular B-17 from the Black Thursday raid on Schweinfurt or the uniform of a Black Watch rifleman in the historic British Army regiment? Just reference your history and stand your ground.

Keeping it basic Black gives us the flexibility to include a lot of entries: Black Hawks, Blackbirds, Black Lagoon, Black Widow (aircraft/spider/superhero), Black Sheep Squadron, uniforms or clothing that's predominately black (panzer crews, Napoleonic Hussars), vehicles that are predominately black (Batmobile, night fighter aircraft, Mad Max's car, a Black Bunny Phantom). Don't change the name.

On an historical note, the Ford Model T came only in Black from 1914 to 1925, just so Ford Motor Company could keep up with demand for the common man’s car. Model Ts were made using a japanning or baked enamel finish that cured fast to a very hard, durable surface. The only pigment that worked was black.

The BPMS BLACK-OUT will be sponsored by Frank Colucci, Russ Holcomb, Konstantin Lukyanov, and Bobby Pokorny. Ask any of them for guidance on your contest entry.   

Addendum: The theme was finally upon us! All we asked was for the members to build something that could be tied into the Basic Black Theme. We had a lot of nice work on the tables, and the winners were as follows: 
  • Kamila L. Beetle 
  • Kevin A. Joachin Peiper 
Black (3rd) Ray W. U-2 

Blacker (2nd) Howell S. Black Templars 

Blackest (1st) Angelo T. F-14A Black Tomcat 

Special Certificates:
  • Black Knight Ed J U-505 U-Boat 
  • Black Sheep Israel A Black Beauty 
  • Black & Blue Tim G Warhammer 
  • Paint It Black Bob E Model T

Friday, June 10, 2016

Bulletin: June 2016

by Bobby B2 Blue Pokorny 

MAY was another light month, thanks to the changed meeting date, weather and bad traffic. We had 15 members and one guest who brought in 15 models mostly for the quarterly contest. 

May Meeting 

CONTEST NIGHT-2Q15: If you were one of the members who made it to the meeting you had an excellent opportunity to rake in some votes as entries were light. We had members tell us a few words about their models at the end of the meeting. 

PARTS BOX: I can’t say that I saw any parts action going on, but the light showing probably had much to do that that. 

NOREASTCON: The IPMS regional show was a topic of discussion. 

RAFFLE: We had a raffle with a fine assortment of kits. We’ll likely be having monthly raffles for the foreseeable future. 

On the agenda: JUNE 

BASIC BLACK THEME: It’s finally upon us! Click HERE for full details. We’ll also be looking for a theme and sponsors for DECEMBER. 

BBQ Night: Summer is here and so is the BPMS BBQ. All the components have been going up in price, so we’re looking at $10 per person to chow down. The club will provide hot dogs, burgers, salads and soft drinks. If you would like to donate anything for the meal, feel free to do so. Thanks in advance. 

Meeting Date:
June 17, 2016


Monday, May 02, 2016

Bulletin: May 2016

by Bobby B2 Blue Pokorny  

APRIL was another light month, or so I’m told. We had 19 members and no guests who brought in 11 models plus five more works in progress.

April Meeting

WORK IN PROGRESS: We had a handful of models on display that were in various stages of completion and members told us a few words on their efforts. Thanks!

The BBSC has other plans for our usual meeting night so we’ve been pushed up a week to Friday, May 13th! 


Noreastcon: The IPMS regional show was a topic of discussion.

Lights, Camera, Action Part II: Jeff continued testing and found a good combination to throw some light on the situation. Tom also suggested some PVC leg extensions for the tables to improve viewing pleasure. Thank you for your efforts, gentlemen!

Raffle: We had a raffle with a fine assortment of kits. We’ll likely be having monthly raffles for the foreseeable future.

On the agenda: May

CONTEST NIGHT-2Q15: Where has the time gone? We’re already up to our second quarterly installment of the annual contest. Bring in your good work to rack up some votes!

We all have a box of spare parts. Feel free to bring in yours to share with the group. Something you may not ever use could be gold to another member!

2016 Model Pledge:
April was the deadline; it’s now time to get to work! Please have your pledge finished for OCTOBER 2016, for a display. After October you may bring back your pledge for the November meeting for the last contest of the year. For your efforts you get an additional FIVE Super Raffle tickets for completing your pledge! Sweet! Easy enough! This is your last month to sign up!

BASIC BLACK THEME: We have the June theme contest. Go HERE for details. 

Once again, 
Our next meeting will be on MAY 13th


Same time,
Same place