Monday, March 28, 2022

BPMS Zoom Meeting 3/24/22 Report

BPMS Meeting Report 3/24/22

Thirteen people attended the BPMS on-line meeting. Especially welcome was our own Capt. Vinny well on the mend from his fall on January ice. There has been no decision on our return to the Bergen Beach complex.
The topic of the evening was panel highlighting, and there are lots of ways to do it. Steve N. showed the pre-shading he’s doing on his big HK Models Lancaster. An overall coat of black Gunze Mr. Surfacer 1500 gets irregular patches of Tamiya neutral gray to ‘marble’ areas that pop out under very thin coats of AK interactive camouflage colors. Applying gray to the center of panels makes them stand out from the black edges. Frank C showed how other modelers use white ‘squiggles’ over black primer to achieve a similar effect. Don I. uses AK interactive masks to create the ‘marbled’ surface under camouflage.

Pre-shading is not the only way to accentuate panels. Bobby P. suggested bathing the entire model in thin dark washes. Mark N. post-shades with lighter colors sprayed in the center of panels to create highlights. Alternatively, pin-washes of oil colors or a thin wash of Mona Lisa oil paints to pick out panel lines on painted surfaces. In the other direction, Mark also suggested spraying a very, vin thin overcoat of finishing varnish tinted with buff to ‘tone down’ contrasting camouflage colors. “If you think you need to stop, you’ve gone too far.” Kevin K. uses a similar matte coat tinted with dark sand to ‘level things out.’

Kevin showed off his beautifully finished Star Wars Headhunter fighter from a 1/72-scale garage-industry resin kit. Don I. finished his 1/72 Horton VII flying wing from the Planes Models resin kit and the forward-swept, four-jet Ju-287 from Planet Models. Work in progress included Bob K.’ Amodel Yak 28, Joe B’s Italeri Alfa Romeo 823 roadster, in 1/18 scale, and Frank C’s A-7P Corsair II.

There was no new kit report, but Kevin K showed images of a new MikroMir book, Models for Ukraine, available on-line to support humanitarian relief efforts. Joe. B. had home-grown and European versions of the new 1/48 scale SR-71 from Revell. He also had the had the 1/32 Great Wall Hobbies Curtis Hawk Flying Tiger. Gil had an armored angel from Mineworks Miniatures. Tool Tips included a brush stand that lets cleaned brushes dry bristles-down.
The next meeting is Thursday, March 31, at 8 PM. Invite to follow.


Re: The Models for Ukraine book - the link can be found here:

From the site: THE FULL PROFITS FROM THIS BOOK will be donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee

Ukraine Appeal to help refugees and civilians in the Ukraine.

Respectfully submitted, Kev K.



Monday, March 21, 2022

03/17/2022 BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting Report

Twelve people attended the meeting. Revell's 1/48 SR-71 A is available. It was reported that Ukrainian companies Mini Art and ICM are shut down but Micro Mir and Master Box remain in production. In fact, Master Box announced a new figure, "Ukranian Soldier, Defense of Kyiv, March 2022" in 1/24 and 1/35. The Squadron website has some ICM kits and Kevin found sources for Micro Mir and Master Box ,  https://ua-modelkits.com/ -Kyiv and  https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/modelsales_ua/m.html... - Dnipro.  No date yet for returning to the Community Center.  In person shows are coming back. Replicon 2022 is 3/26/22 at the Freeport Rec Center, Mosquito Con is 4/2/22 in Wayne NJ and Noreast Con is 4/29-30/22 in Latham NY. In progress and completed work (much of it green, in keeping with the evening's theme) included: BMP-1, FW-190 D, T-55, z-95 (Star Wars), Cthulhu, Creature from the Black Lagoon as a tadpole, in a specimen jar, Man Thing, Darby O'Gill figure, Lancaster B (1/48 from HK Models - Steve likes it), JU-87 (Italian markings), M-10, a different Cthulhu,  Ju-287 (from Planet Models - Don was surprised by how quickly he got replacement parts from Poland),  Lincoln Futura Concept Car,  T-34, Mig-29 (Korean markings), RF-4 E, F-104 (Canadian markings), Bf-109, M24 Chaffee and Destroid Monster. Acquisitions included: SLT-56 & Leopard 2 A7, Russian Army Tank Transporter, T-80 B (from Modelcollect - for inspiration, Jimmy recommends looking up Alex Clark's 1/72 work online), WW2 German infantry, armor accessories, Hellbaby (that's Hellboy as a baby, in case you were wondering) and decals for panzers and for Greek aircraft. The tools of the week were ceramic tipped burrs for rotary tools. Unlike metal burrs they don't heat up so they don't clog up (good when working with resin). They come in various shapes but they're all on 3/32" shafts. We closed out the meeting with painting tips - marbling, color modulation,  weathering (  https://youtu.be/sjpS9N3MIw8 is recommended by Kevin). Gil reminded us the SharpenAir needle tool can repair most bent airbrush needles. Last tip, Teflon tape wrapped around the threads of an air hose prevents leakage. Beeswax on the threads works well, too. Next meeting is 3/ 24/22 at 8 pm.  Frank C will host and will send the invites. Enjoy the first day of Spring.
I know towards the end of the meeting Frank asked about marbling with the primer before the top  coats. I started painting  the top coats for the Lancaster tonight and you can see some by side with the marbling. Happy to talk more through it on Thursdays meeting.



Monday, March 14, 2022

Zoom Mini Meeting Report: 03/10/2022

Fifteen people attended the meeting. The new releases are 1/48 M-109 Howitzer from Atlantis and two 1/35 M-114 variants from Takom.  Accurate Armor has released a re-worked M-114 A1/A1E1 (with interior).  Future releases are Trumpeter's 1/32 DBD-1 Devastator, 1/24 P-51B and 1/32 F-35C. No further news on Tamiya's M-18.  Kosta reports the Noble Maritime Collection at Snug Harbor on Staten Island is well worth a visit. Seminars and speakers for Noreast Con (Latham, NY 4/29-30/22) are posted on the event's website.   In progress and completed work included: SAAB J-21 jet conversion (leading to discussions on how tractor propellers and pusher propellers affect rudder designs and why speed brakes were developed - Thank you, Vaughn), Project Vanguard satellite, FM-2 Wildcat, P-47 D, Ju-288C, USS Pittsburg, 64 Olds convertible, M-1 A1 Abrams, Bell X-1 A, Gargoyle figure, Wolly Mammoth (Steve is taking suggestions for material for its wool coat), Yak-42 and Panzer 4 G. Acquisitions included: A 3D printer(Kevin agreed to tell us all about it once he's gotten familiar with it), Panther D, 3D printed Panther tracks, Tamiya side cutters, Audrey Jr. (from Little Shop of Horrors) and Slibervogel. We heard that masking the sides of a seam before filling it makes clean up much, much easier, that Rustoleum Chrome Spray paint works well on plastic and for making quick copies of small parts, nothing beats Blue Stuff & Green Stuff. Figures in 1/72 and 1/48, especially pilots, ranked high on the aftermarket wish list, followed by 1/48 armor accessories, tires for re-issued automobile kits, tailwheels for aircraft, one-piece propellers, hollowed out aircraft exhausts, and pylon mounted recon pods and ordnance. What took first place on the aftermarket wish list? Lower prices.  Next meeting is St. Patrick's Day, 3/17/22 at 8 pm. Invites to follow. Feel free to bring an age-appropriate beverage. Hope to see you there. 

Sunday, March 06, 2022

3/3/22 BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting Report

Sixteen people attended the meeting. Not much in the way of industry news. The new Amusing Hobby catalogue shows several new armor and aircraft kits. Check their website for details. In progress and completed work included: Yul Brynner (as Ramses) bust, TBF Avenger, Alfa Romeo 2300 roadster, O-2 Skymaster, OV-10 Bronco (is an O1 Bird Dog far behind?), USS Pittsburgh, Yak-42 and A-7K. Acquisitions included: Ju-288 C, James Dean bust, Jabba the Hutt bust? figure? (ask Kevin), B-17, DH. 4, USPS Mail truck (Metal Earth), MIG-29 Swifts and De Havilland Comet decals (Mr. K got them from Vintage Flyer and he says they're pretty good). Those who tried Gil's recipe for ultrasonic cleaner solution said it worked well. We heard recommendations for publications (Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeler magazine -out of business, look for old issues) YouTube channels (Randy Cooper - impressive Sci-Fi builds) and products (AK Interactive camouflage elastic putty - can produce feathered edge, no residue). The featured tool was a clear acrylic ruler with a metal edge (good for trimming decals) from Creative Impressions. To ensure enough time, Bobby began the meeting with the decal library discussion. Good thing he did too, because it took up the entire first session. Some key points: 1. Scans are insurance against loss, deterioration and placement mishaps. 2.They can be stored on a thumb drive or on the Cloud. 3. Scan at 1200 dpi or higher. 4. Include a short (about 3") ruler on the scan to facilitate size adjustments later.  5. Image converter programs, like IrfanView are useful. 6. After printing, each image must be closely trimmed (here's where the metal edged ruler comes in handy). 7. Making dry transfers is possible but requires a laser printer and laminator.  Plus, it's labor intensive. 8. Colors may bleed through the printed images. Dry transfers won't bleed through. 9. White images require white decal paper and careful trimming. Thanks to everyone who shared their knowledge and experiences. Next meeting is 3/10/22 at 8pm. Invites to follow. Hope to see you there. 
Thanks for the notes Russell.
Build time has been limited lately, but that hasn't kept me from enjoying other areas of the hobby.
I finally finished my 1/35 Tiger 131 post. There is plenty of historical information in addition to the standard build commentary. Hope you enjoy!