Monday, April 24, 2006

Noreastcon Update

Hi everyone,

This just in from John Nickerson regarding this years event.

By the time we all show up, the hotels name will have been changed to the The Hotel - Marlborough. The same staff and amenities, just a new name. Also regarding the hotel, the hotel discount rate for rooms ends on April 28. There are plenty of rooms still available. Call the Radisson, Marlborough, MA directly at 508-480-0015 ext. 178 or 136. Ask for the Noreastcon discount

John also tells me that there are a number of trophy sponsorships left open. I guess y'all like to hear me beg and plead!! Please consider sponsoring at the premier event in our region. These folks are working hard to make a great event for us. Lets help them by sponsoring. The cost is very reasonable at $35.00 I can't stress enough how important it is to help.

One final thing John passed along relates to the banquet. Tickets for the meal have to be purchased in advance and no tickets will be available at the show prior to the meal. The menu features an "Italian Buffet" and promises to be very good. If anyone is planning to attend, and doesn't have their tickets yet, don't delay in getting them.

I'd also like to mention that each chapter should plan to have a representative at the Region 1 Business Meeting to be held Saturday morning. Check the time at the event for location. We'll be discussing a number of things that every chapter will want information on, and input into any decisions that are made. This is your chance to speak up and be heard. Plus, it's a chance to break my stones in person, who wouldn't want a crack at that!!!! I break stones back, so be forewarned!!! :-))

Not much on the National scene to report at this time. The next issue of the Journal will be hitting mailbox's soon. I hear our collective sox will be knocked off by the changes we'll be seeing, so keep your eyes peeled!!
With that, I'll close by asking to share this with the officers and members of your chapter. Until the next begging and pleading session, that is all!!

Doug Hamilton
Region 1 Coordinator

Friday, April 21, 2006

IPMS FYI Re: WWI Aircraft Colors

Forwarded by Frank:
Dear Frank
I am writing your club because I believe I have news/information which would at least be of some interest if not very helpful for your members who build WWI Aircraft subjects.
Here in the United States we have never had available a Line of Hobby Paints specifically matched to WWI Aircraft Colors. Modelers here have always had to compromise and guess at matches with whatever colors have been available at the Local Hobby Store from Hobby Paints made in Japan and England by Major Manufacturers.
One of the revolutionary aspects of our hobby which have led in part to it's current renaissance has been the flourishing of After Market Part makers which have complimented the products produced by bigger companies.
As an avid Modeller myself I have discovered an Italian After Market Company by the Name of MisterKit which since 1987 has had an exclusive line of Acrylic Hobby Paint Colors specifically matched to WWI airplanes. There are 66 colors in total of which there are up to eight various shades of Clear Doped Linen alone, according to Country of the combatant and in some cases even branch of service, i.e., Navy. All the colors were exhaustively researched and wherever possible actual surviving fabric samples were examined throughout Europe.
The Paints have enjoyed some popularity overseas and much respect. They have never been retailed nor advertised here in the US in large part because the very high cost of importing such a specialized product from a small foreign company has been cost prohibitive for retail operations.
I believe we shouldn't be limited to the quality of products available to us due to market pressures alone and have taken it upon myself to buy and import these colors myself for direct mail order distribution. I am basically a private Modeller without the resources to afford major market advertising hence these colors remain a well kept secret among experienced WWI Aircraft Modelers.
I write you in the hopes that you will disseminate to your members the information that there is now the existence of a US Distributor for these colors and they are readily available for their WWI Modeling needs.
Sincerely Yours,
Michael Taylor
MisterKit US Distributor
1413 Spring Fest Lane
Orlando FL 32828-7454


Worn, Weathered, & Working Theme

Hugh, Frank C. and Frank T. offered to sponsor a theme contest that commemorates the works of the late Captain Bart Holmes: items that show the rigors and abuses of regular (and not so regular) service. This can easily be applied to all aspects of modeling. Any questions can be directed to the sponsors during the meetings.

Bulletin: April 2006

by Bobby the Blue

March was another fine meeting for 2006. We had a full house. 31 members and one guest brought in 23 models to a meeting that was a celebration of our diverse society and sorrow for losing a founding member…


BPMS FOUNDER BERT BERG PASSES AWAY On the same day as the March meeting, the 17th, we were informed of Bert Berg’s passing. The viewing was on Sunday the 19th.

I don’t think I’d be understating matters if I said that without Bert Berg there might not have been a Brooklyn Plastic Modelers Society. The club originally met in his home back in 1971, then his shop when it picked up. By the time I started coming to meetings, the BPMS was meeting at Al Marciano’s Photo Studio. At that point Bert was still very much active in club matters. But times change. People move, and the club moved a couple times. The last time many of us saw Bert was at the 30th Anniversary Dinner. And he was filled with wondrous memories of members and events in the history of the BPMS. He recalled the early days; our involvement in IPMS affairs; our involvement in bringing the Intrepid to New York City, effectively saving it from being recycled into “razor blades” as he put it that day.

Bert may be gone, but can never be forgotten. He was instrumental in creating a club with a bond that holds together even 35 years later. The BPMS has seen clubs come and go. We remain. And we owe Bert a debt of gratitude for his labors in the early tears. Thank you, sir!

DECAL AND MODEL SWAP NIGHTS: People brought in goodies to sell and barter.

For a LAST MINUTE activity I asked everyone to bring in their favorite FINISHED GREEN MODEL(S) to the meeting and they did! We had quite a lovely display of it at that! In fact, it turned out so well, that Frank C. suggested to me that we should keep the concept of meetings with a theme, but not for prizes, open for the future.

PIZZA OR BBQ NIGHT? Every year we’ve had the discussion about changing over from the traditional annual Pizza Night over to a Bar-Be-Que night. The BBSC has the facilities to make it so. Will we break the pizza tradition? Well, some years back we DID break tradition and moved Pizza Night from the August meeting to June, so firing up a grille is certainly not out of the question.

On the agenda: APRIL

WORK IN PROGRESS NIGHT: Bring those models that you’ve been laboring on. It doesn’t matter at what stage it’s at, just bring it in to show what you’re up to and be prepared to tell us a couple words about how you’re doing it!

From the club email box today


I found your email address on your IPMS chapter website.

I am a member of IPMS Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. I keep a retail hobby website for Plusmodel® (brand) and GSModels® (brand) model kits, conversion kits, dioramas and accessories.

Plusmodel® products has been around since 1990. The kits are sold worldwide and have earned an excellent reputation for crisp detail and the professional kit quality we Americans expect. GSModels® is brand new on the market this month and I am currently the only retailer of GSModels® worldwide. These models are truly different.

To get the word out about my webstore and to promote membership in the IPMS I am making an introductory offer...

All of your club members will get 20% off on their first order. To get the discount they should send a Photostat of their IPMS membership card or Photostat of your club's current IPMS chapter charter with the order.

Would you please inform your IPMS chapter membership that I am giving your chapter members a 20% discount on everything shown on my www.hobbymodel.us
website? To keep the shipping cost as cheap as possible I suggest that your members send in a group order. Of course, if the guys in your chapter are like mine, getting them to do anything at once or on time is a stretch :-)

Kevin Savage
Savage Hobbymodel
(702) 247-7703
M-F 7pm to 9pm PST
Sat 10am to4pm PST

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pics from the March 2006 meeting

From Gordon's Blog:


IPMS request from the Journal staff

This just in from DLC Dick Montgomery.

Semper Fi

Here is a message from Jim W.
please let everyone know that the new Journal staff is looking for 'experts' in the different fields of modeling. If they know someone that is the go to guy or gal on a certain subject, then please have that person contact Chris Bucholtz at editor@ipmsusa.org so that he can add that persons information to our panel of 'experts'. These people will be used during the year to give our society a view of their area of expertise. We are also looking for modelers that would like to join the staff to help with articles, etc. The Journal staff will work with you to produce a better result for the Journal, so don't be shy step right up...
Dick M
El Jefe Grande

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Region 1 Update: Fri, 14 Apr 2006

Hi everyone,

I have news to pass along about the Journal and some of the new things we can look for in upcoming issues. I received an e mail today from Chris Bucholtz, my counterpart in Region 9, and a member of the new editorial team. From what he's telling me, we're going to see some fantastic articles, and the May/June issue should be in our hands shortly. The second issue from the new team also seems to be on track to astound and amaze. The popular "Chapter Happenings" section is slated to return in some form. The editorial team is scouting for writers to contribute articles on a variety of subjects. If you have an area you'd like to write about, consider submitting something for publication. You won't get paid for it, but we'll get to see your name in print!!

Also, I'd like to remind all our chapters that each of you are entitled to a quarter page ad for your event in the Journal. Noreastcon also is covered. The ad must be camera ready, not just a copy of your flier. Also be advised to submit this well in advance of your event. It takes a while to get any magazine ready for publication, so keep this in mind when preparing your artwork. Journal deadlines are in each issue, so please plan accordingly.

Noreastcon is rapidly approaching, so it would be advisable to make you reservations soon, if you haven't done it yet. John and his gang are hard at work getting everything set, and we'll see another memorable event this year. And seeing how I didn't mention trophy sponsorships yet, I'll do so now and ask all to consider sponsorship. I'll be announcing where Noreastcon will take us next year, and the winners of the Region 1 Chapter of the Year, and Person of the Year at the banquet.

I'll end this by wishing everyone out there a Happy Easter, this week or next, and a Happy Passover.

Semper Fi
Doug Hamilton