Monday, June 10, 2013

BPMS Bulletin - June 2013

by Judge Bax0jayz
May was another great BPMS meeting. We had 22 members and 1 guest who brought in 19 models, 19 of which were for the quarterly contest.

May Meeting
NEW MEMBER: Angelo Takos from Queens attended three meetings and showed us some armor so we welcomed him in as a member! Welcome to the fold, Sir!

CONTEST NIGHT - 2Q13: The second installment of the annual contest is in the books. We had 19 entries with a good scattering amongst the categories. The variety was so impressive that we asked the members to tell the group a couple words about the models on display.

PARTS BOX NIGHT: Some members contributed to the BPMS parts bin. We have a nice assortment of parts in there now!

TROOP SUPPORT: With Hugh going into retirement Jimmy volunteered to take over the role as Wounded Warrior Project liaison. He’s gotten reports regarding what models and supplies would be most useful. As always, donations of any models and supplies are welcome. Jimmy mentioned in passing the cost to ship models to Texas, so we collected a couple dollars for a little relief for him. In addition, Jimmy was hoping to find some more support amongst the group for a raffle to benefit the troops. The idea would be to have a raffle in October of items donated by members and tickets would be $2 each. If donations are numerous enough, we might break it up into TWO raffles. We’ll see. Don I also found out more about a Wounded Warrior outpost at Fort Hamilton. More details to come.

RAFFLE: We had a monthly raffle with an assortment of items. We had something for everyone’s tastes.

PLEDGE: April was the last month to make a declaration. Now it’s time to get those pledges built!

PHOTO ROSTER: Hugh can provide the files and write up the process I use in PowerPoint and PhotoManager to put the pages together. Can anyone take this job over? Contact Bobby or Jeff at the meeting.

On the agenda: June
IT ’S HERE! The first BPMS theme contest of the year is upon us! All you had to do was build a model of something that showed up in a regular television show. More details HERE.

BBQ NIGHT: It’s not summer until the BPMS holds our BBQ Night! We’ll have burgers, hot dogs, salads, chips, and fixings. Cost should be around $5-6 per person.

Our next meeting will be on

June 21st, 2013
Same Time
Same Place

See you at the BBSC!

Download a PDF of the June 2013 Bulletin here:

Sunday, June 02, 2013

The BPMS TV Awards Theme Contest: June 21, 2013

The Rules:
Open to any model kit that has appeared in a TV Series on a regular basis.

A few examples:
  • 12 O'clock High - The constant then was around the crew of a B-17
  • The Munsters: The House
  • The Addams Family: The House
  • Adam 12, TJ Hooker, Car 54, etc: The Police Car
  • Lost In Space: Ships and Robots
The list can go on and on. It does not matter what year it was in. You need to provide a BRIEF HISTORY of the TV Series.

What will define a TV series: A program usually features a set of actors in a somewhat familiar setting. The program follows their lives and their adventures usually seasonal and ongoing with a duration of only a few episodes to many seasons.

The idea came from a closet full of models. I can almost say that each one of us has a model kit (or can be modified) for a TV series in our closet.

So get off the couch, Leave the remote and get building. The BPMS TV Studio is awaiting your model entries.

Contest Sponsors:
Joe B & Vinny R