Thursday, April 28, 2005

Region 1 Update: 04/26/2005

Greetings everyone,

Time for a final update before our show of shows, Noreastcon.

Let's start with news of the show, being we're closing in fast on it. I heard from Armand Miale today, and he say's he and his gang are working hard on the show, and are expecting a good one. One thing he passed on that he would like shared with everyone is that there will be no banquet tickets available on Friday or Saturday. Banquet tickets must be purchased in advance. So if anyone is planning to buy tickets at the show, please rethink your position. The caterer needs at least 48 hours to plan the number of meals, and prepare the chow properly. So again, if your planning to attend the banquet, get you tickets soon. Contact Jim Elam to secure your meal tickets.

Armand also tells me there are some trophy packages still available. I hope every chapter in our region has either put their names on one, or are in the process of sending a check. This is one of the biggest ways to support our event, and it will be much appreciated if your chapter gets in on the deal.

In the regional news department, I've begun putting together the Region 1 Judges list. I'm asking each chapter in the region to send me a list of all members that are National judges, those that have judged at the Regional level, and others that may want to included on the list. Prior judging experience is required to be on the list, and a firm understanding of the IPMS Judges Handbook is also needed. Inclusion is voluntary, and the names won't be sold (Cheaply anyway!!) to an outside source. I'll be asking for information from all the judges at Noreastcon this year, and hope to create a great list for our regional, local chapters, and other regions to use in the future.

The latest minutes of the National E Board are now available for viewing on the IPMS web site. Please take some time and check them out. See where our Society is headed, and what our leaders are doing to move us forward.

With that in the bag, I'll close this. I hope to see everyone in Rochester in a few weeks. I know it'll be a great show, and also know you won't want to miss it. As always, please share this with the officers and members of your chapter.

Semper Fi
Doug Hamilton

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Pics from the March 2005 Meeting

Adrian dazzled the group with this ship. Look for it in an upcoming issue of FSM.

Check out the crew on the deck! This is 1/700!

Members discussing the virtues of teh ship with Adrian

More small scale modeling. This Armored car is in 1/72 scale.

Some 28mm figures were present.

Some Sci-fi. Look for reviews in the May Edition of the BPMS Bulletin.

Some modern armor...

...and some WWII!

We had a full house that night.

Find more pics from the meeting in Bobby's Hobbyfanatics Gallery.

April, 2005 Bulletin

March meeting had a huge turnout despite all our NJ guys not showing up. We had 29 members and 1 guest bringing in 22 models.


DECALS, DECALS, DECALS! The march meeting was essentially an all about decals night. The decal panel hosted by Kevin, Frank T, and Jimmy was very educational. They covered everything from varied brands of decals and dry transfers to decal solutions and over coatings. If you missed this discussion, you missed a lot.

PUSH FOR INCREASED BUILDING CONTINUES: Jimmy ran the second edition of the Re-Supply Raffle. This month he gave away some Future Floor Wax, glue, and Decal Solution.

On the agenda: APRIL

WORK IN PROGRESS: Bring in some of those models you have started on your desk and show the group. We’ll have tables set-aside just for the WIPs. This has been a tremendously successful activity in the past because of how enlightening it is. After the business meeting we ask the group to tell us a couple sentences about what they brought in. Maybe you can inform us on putties being used, or a handy tool, or different methods for painting, etc. This has endless possibilities! You’re cordially invited to bring in as many or as few models as you please.


IN THE MOVIES: Ted and Phil are sponsoring “In The Movies” in for June 2005. Basically build something, ANYTHING from a movie. This in from the sponsors: The parameters of this contest have been nailed. There will be no category judging just first, second and third places with honorable mentions. This contest is wide open, so build a scene, a prop, or anything else that is recognizable from a movie. It can be Godzilla leveling Tokyo, a space battle from Star Wars, a scene from Apocalypse Now, a monster from a classic horror movie, a plane from Top Gun, a naval battle from Ben Hur, etc, etc. This should be fun, its up to your imagination. Get ready because June will be here soon!

For December we have a CATS theme. Adrian, Russ, and Jeff have agreed to sponsor that one. Anything having to do with Cats will do. More details to come.




Region 1 Update: April 10th, 2005

Hi and howdy to all Y'all!!

From the above greeting, I guess you can tell I'm getting ready to go to Atlanta!! I'm getting psyched to head on down for the Nationals this year. I hear some good things are going on down there this year, and I know if you miss it, you'll be missing a great show. The vendor room is sold out, and the event hotels are filling fast.

Our own Noreastcon is about a month away, in Rochester. Armand and the guys there are also hard at work on a fine event for us. Please consider sponsoring a trophy package for them. It's a good deal, and really helps a brother chapter.

Two awards I have the honor to present at the banquet are Region 1 Chapter of the Year, and Person of the Year. This year we have two very worthy recipients. I will tell you that Region 1 Chapter of the Year this time around will be IPMS Niagara Frontier, the Buffcon Boys. These guys continually are at the head of the class in terms of service, club activities, and general fellowship. Attributes that shine from year to year. To find out who receives the award for Person of the Year, you'll have to attend the banquet. That award I'll hold close to the vest until I make the formal announcement. I will say however the recipient has demonstrated over a long period of time the qualities that make for an easy selection. We'll also find out where Noreastcon is headed next year. I know everyone wants and answer to that question, and I'll be providing it at the banquet. Be there, or be elsewhere!!!

The spring show season is upon us, and I hope all are successful. I attended the Wing and Wheels annual Valleycon last week, and will report it was a very good event. They used an Open type judging in the figure categories. I've never entered in this type of judging system before and found it to be well thought out and executed. The more traditional model categories were judged in the regular first, second, third manner. The raffle was cool, as was the vendor room. If what I saw in the model room is any indication of the quality we'll be seeing this year, man, we're in for seeing some really nice stuff. Good job folks!!

Not much happening on the National front at this time. The National election is upcoming, and if anyone here in Region 1 is contemplating running for National office, I would suggest getting your petition together with the necessary signatures and get it in to the home office soon. And I'll urge all members to vote when election time is here. Your vote does count, but only if you cast it.
There are some very cool things on the IPMS web site. Webmaster Bob Hester, and his crew of associates are working hard putting new information up for our viewing pleasure. Check it out, if you haven't already.

Which brings us to the end, one more time. Please support our brother chapters events by attending, helping judge, and sponsoring a trophy package for them. They'll appreciate the help, and turn around and support your events in the same fashion. Which can't be a bad thing!! And as always, share this with the officers and members of your chapter.
See everyone in Rochester!!

Semper Fi
Doug Hamilton