Tuesday, October 23, 2018

BPMS 10/19/2018 Meeting

Photos of BPMS members' works at 10/19/2018 meeting is now up.


Monday, October 22, 2018

Russ H. at the IPMS 2018 National Convention

There is over 200 photos taken at the IPMS 2018 National Convention, courtesy of Russ H.

You can see the gallery of photos with the following link: IPMS 2018 National Convention

Tuesday, October 09, 2018


BPMS Bulletin 
by Bobby B2 Blue Pokorny

September meeting was pretty busy. We had 33 members and no guests who brought in 30 models, most were for Green Model Night! 

September Meeting 

GREEN MODEL NIGHT: For fun we had a GREEN MODEL NIGHT! You just had to bring something ANYTHING that is green to display. We had quite the assortment. Thanks to all those who participated! 

Holiday Luncheon: While it might be early to put in a reservation, it’s never too early to save the date. The group agreed to return to:
Nora’s Park Bench CafĂ©
3019 Quentin Rd
Brooklyn, NY 11234
on Saturday, December 1, around noon. 

RIVETS THEME CONTEST: With 1946 in the history books we can look forward to the December theme contest: RIVETS! Find contest details on the final page of this Bulletin. Sponsored by Russ Holcomb and Tom Knoll. 

RAFFLE: We had another fun raffle this month. We’ll likely have another for October.

On the agenda: OCTOBER

NOMINATIONS: What! Prez Joe and Veep Bob are finishing up their second year. Who will we pass the baton to next?

MODEL PLEDGES: I hope you’ve been working on your models all year because this is the meeting you get the pay off. Simply bring in your Pledge Model, regardless of completion or not. If you got the job done you will get a bonus FIVE Super Raffle tickets in November! Don't forget, you can bring your pledge back next month for the final quarterly contest of 2018

SUPER RAFFLE: The Super Raffle is in November, but you might want to start looking through your stacks for items you may want to donate. Thanks in advance! 

Meeting date:
October 19, 2018

Same time,