Friday, December 18, 2009

The Next Theme: SIZE MATTERS!!!

BPMS Joe Turner Memorial Theme Contest:

He terrorized Tokyo! He devastated Chinese Buffets! He built lots and lots of models! Joe Turner – IPMS #90 – was a founding member of the Brooklyn Plastic Modelers Society. He cast a giant shadow over BPMS meetings for 20 years. Modelers around the world knew, and scurried before, the Big Guy!

To remember Joe, our December theme contest calls on you to build a subject that was the BIGGEST or smallest of its kind at its time for its country or historic setting. The Titanic was the biggest passenger ship of its day! The Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus was the world’s biggest tank! The McDonnell Goblin was the smallest jet fighter ever built for the U.S. Air Force! All are available today as plastic kits!

The contest gives you lots of latitude in the BIGGEST or smallest at any time. What was the biggest American, British, or Russian tank of WWII? What was the biggest mortar/artillery piece? What was the smallest midget submarine? If Godzilla was the biggest lizard of his day and Rodan the biggest bird, what was the biggest insect? What was the biggest or smallest of those Gundam robots? Got a question about your entry? Just ask the big-hearted sponsors of this contest – Frank Colucci, Frank Tripoli, Hugh Alcock, and Bob Pokorny.

How do you measure up? All you have to do for the December meeting is build a model of the BIGGEST or the smallest of its time! Size of the subject, not the model, matters. Sponsors will pick winners based on workmanship and creativity. It’s what Joe would have wanted.


Bulletin: December, 2009

by Bobby P

November meeting was an action packed meeting with activity and planning. 30 members and one guest brought in 19 models.

November Meeting

HOLIDAY DINNER: We concluded discussion about the dinner. We had it at a Czech / German place by the name of SWEIK Y WBEHKA. The Bulletin went to print before the big event, so the run down will be at the meeting.

CONTEST NIGHT 4Q09: We had our final regular contest night. That was the last chance to grab some votes for the annual contest. Due to vacation and work I will try to have the results for the December meeting. If not, expect everything in January.

SUPER RAFFLE: Another grand super raffle. We had many fabulous prizes and a ton of fun moving them out! Thanks to anyone who donated to the raffle. Get started early on your 2010 Super Raffle ticket count by bringing in models every month next year!

T-SHIRTS: Charlie found a place that can make us up some logo shirts and showed us a nice design. At this we’re looking at $13 a pop.

You can see pics from each meeting either at the Club Website or on Gordon’s blog:

On the agenda: December

SIZE MATTERS THEME CONTEST: It’s finally here. The Joe Turner Memorial Theme Contest is upon us! Did you build something that was in some way extremely big or small? Then bring it in! The awards we will be amazing! Our awards master Ed D. really outdid himself this time! You’ll be glad you entered!

HOLIDAY DESSERTS: After a fine year we like to end it on a high note with treats and drinks. We won’t have food, but we encourage any kinds of cakes, cookies, sweets, and other yummies to be brought in by the members for the meeting. Thanks in advance!
Our next meeting will be on December 18, 2009.