Thursday, April 27, 2023

4/25/23 BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting

Thirteen people attended the meeting. The in-person meeting last Friday was well attended and several people we haven't seen in a while were there. Lou reported a bunch of new releases from Hobby Boss: 1/48 - Hurricane 1, 1/72 - BM 21(late), Westland Lynx Mk 90, F8F-2 Bearcat, 1/35 - 152 mm ShkH Dana, Topel-M ICBM, Scammell Commander with 62-ton Crane Fruehauf semi-trailer, 10 mil gl Truck. Also, watch for Takom's Hetzers and Kinetics' F-16, Block 30. 

Jimmy and Jeff found the part Chuck needed for his Hasegawa F-18. Way to go, guys. Frank shared photos of the Memorial Museum of the Battle of Normandy in Bayeux, France, Kosta shared photos taken in Houston (Space shuttle Independence, Saturn V) and Galveston (Battleship Texas restoration, "When and If", George Patton's schooner) and Mark shared information of US Navy operations in the Pacific during WW 2. Noreastcon is this weekend at 225 Washington Avenue Extension Albany, NY. If you go, take lots of pictures. 
In progress and completed work included: F-16, XP-79, M-551 Sheridan, Sherman Calliope, Tu-2, Yak9, and several Me-262 variants (including the prop driven prototype). 

The topic was ways to keep track of your work. Many people mark up the instruction sheets as they go or even mark up the parts themselves, if they look very similar once they're off the runner. Making note of the brand and color of paints used on a model comes in handy when the build is interrupted for any length of time or if repairs are needed in future. Surprisingly, keeping a list of things to be done prior to completion (aka a punch list) isn't that common, at least with this group. A quick tip, steel guitar strings make good aerials. The next meeting is Tuesday, 5/2/23 at 7:30 pm. Invites to follow. Hope to see you there. 


Sunday, April 16, 2023

Minutes from the March Meeting

Minutes from the March Meeting
Members – 23, Guests – 2, Models – 25

Meeting was gaveled to order at 7:30PM.

Old Business: Many models were placed on the tables for “Green Night.”

New Business: Announcement of upcoming shows in the area:
April 1 – MosquitoCon, Wayne, NJ
May 4-6 – AMPS, Camp Hill, PA (Harrisburg)

Announcement: Next month’s meeting will be Work In Progress Night. Anyone with a model that Just isn’t finished yet and place it on the table.
Discuss was had about a missed email, where NJIPS was looking for a donation to help with their MosquitoCon show. Motion was made to send them the $35 requested. The motion was passed.

An announcement of Frank Colucci’s book The Sikorsky Aircraft Centennial -1923-2023 was made. It is available from Amazon.com. A reminder was made of the Remember the Members Night for the June Meeting That night will pay homage to the members that we recently lost. Look for more info upcoming.

The meeting reconvened with the Raffle for 10 prizes. Afterward members spoke about the models that they brought in.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:50PM
April Meeting: 
April 21, 2023

Location: Bergen Beach Sports Complex
Doors Open by 6:00 PM
Business starts at 7:30 PM
Featured Activity: Work In Progress Night. Show us your latest build and where you are with your annual Pledge Model!

BPMS Zoom MIni Meeting: April 11, 2023

Thirteen people attended the meeting. Lou reports the following new releases: Atlantis' 1/400 Boeing SST, and the 1/56 Bomark missile with Launch platform, Tamiya Panzer IV 70A, US 55 gal. drums, German drums, and Jerry cans. Rumor has it that "Eagle Moss" may be resuming deliveries soon.
Congrats to Vaughn for his upcoming move to a new place.  Get well wishes to Jimmy T, Russ H., and Don I, hopefully you'll be feeling better soon.Welcome to Paul F., a new face to the Zoom meetings. He builds everything, and plans work on a USS Enterprise bridge.In progress and completed work include  a WIP on a new Hobby Room (Don), A-6 (painting problems), XP 79B (canopy problem hopefully solved), 1/20 Alita Battle Angel figure, '73 Volkswagen Bus, a Lost in Space Chariot, an Atlantis F89 Scorpion, a B-50, Roto-Jeep, JU-88 with BF109, JU88 with FW90, an He162 with Arado 155, MPC Joker Get Away Car with resin Joker figure, a 1/48 Sheridan tank (difficult build) with available PE set,  Meng F-18F two seater.Topic was Do you use your tax refund to add to your model stash. Most of the replies were various reasons for a no, tho a 1/16 Tiger tank was a close to refund buy, also a GHAD double action airbrush was a tax refund buy.
Tool of the week was a lesson on converting a battery operated tooth brush into a mini sander with punch & die,  Velcro backed sand paper. Toughest part is reportedly pulling out all the bristles.
Announcement that NoreastCon in Albany, NY will be taking place later this month. Also upcoming is Armor Con (Oct.) and the HVHMG Annual show (also Oct.). Mark N's image of MosquitoCon contest roomwas shown. Discussion ensued about attendance, which then evolved onto young people or the lack thereof in the IPMS. One theory was that it originates at the local level where "oldsters"  scoff when the "youngster" brings in their choice of model- Sci-Fi and especially Gundam figures. Paul F. then put out and appeal for ideas for space themed models. Tom K advised of the JPL Ambassador Program,  then it was pointed out that JPL and NASA has numerous card models available for download. One only has to cut them out and white glue the model together. Kevin K mentioned he uses those paper plans to us as a template for building in styrene.  Bobby P. remembered that he had an endo-scope (from a previous tool tip) and now how to adapt it to image models.
There is no Zoom meeting next week in lieu of the In-Person Meeting. Next Zoom Meeting is April 25th. Invites to follow. (Any errors or exclusions were unintentional).  ;)
Second string zoom sec., ;)
Kev K

Saturday, April 08, 2023

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting: 04/04/2023

Fifteen people attended the meeting. Lou reports these new releases: Kinetic's1/32 S-199 and M3A3 Bradley, HK's1/32 B17F, Tamiya's 1/32 German Infantry set and Panzer 4 70/A.
Chuck is having difficulty finding a replacement part for his Hasegawa F-18. Contact him directly for details. 
We heard that Replicon was relatively small this year, but Mosquitocon had many entries. Julio had entries in both shows. If you're interested in 80's vintage kits (Sci-Fi, Maschinen Kreiger, Gundam, etc.), check out Wise Guys Hobbies, an eBay store with a warehouse in Williston Park (near Freeport). Owner Anthony Marafino's number is 516 765 1215. 
In progress and completed work included: A-6, Silver Knight (Joe likes how Vallejo metallics look on a gloss black base), Surveillance Robot (3-D printed), X-79 B (little canopy, big aggravation), BA 20 armored car, Yak-9, Tu-2, Sherman Calliope and Thunderbird 1. Acquisitions included: Darkness bust (from Legend) and MBT 99A. Gil told us about his latest tool, the GHAD -39, an inexpensive double action airbrush. 
The Challenge was designed to see how many A-4 Skyhawk kits the group has built and the results were surprising. Just two people, Frank and yours truly, built a total of six A-4s and five were Frank's. Hard to believe but Mr. K never built an A-4! 
The next meeting is Tuesday 4/11/23 at 7:30 pm. Invites to follow. Happy Holidays.