Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some local news

Today the Brooklyn Bridge turns 125!
More HERE.

The 21st Fleet Week is underway. More here:

A Phantom article

From Boeing, regarding the Phiftieth Birthday:


Thanks to Fernando for the link!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Phantom Phever at the BPMS Meeting on May 16th, 2008!

Big Thanks to Hugh A. and Frank C.
for sponsoring the "Phifty Years of Phabulous Phantoms"

Phantom Spotlight
Bureau Number: 155896
Camouflage Note:
In refs (a) and (b), the a/c clearly lacks the non-skid areas on the
upper fuselage; they are present in the photo in ref (c).
Added bulges over MLG mounts
Modified nose gear door to Navy variant with approach lights and
single round landing light
True Details ejection seats
Removed arrowhead strengthening plates from tailplanes
Replaced (involuntarily) lower pitot with tubing and wire
Dark Blue: Testors Dark Blue,
Green; TMM Flat White, Dark Sea Blue
Light Blue: As above, but with
more white
Alclad and TMM metallics
Overcoat: Poly S clear-gloss mix
Weathered with pastels and oils
M/S 72-0228 US ID 60 degree black letters and numbers
Other odds and ends
(a) Boeing web-site
(b) McDonnell F-4 Phantom,
Spirit in the Skies, Lake, Aerospace, 1992
(c) F-4A, B, G, J Phantom,
Koku Fan No. 35, March 1973
(d) F-4 Phantom in Detail and
Scale, Part 3, USN and USMC Versions, Kinzey, D&S, 1983

Phabulous Phantoms

Following information provided by Hugh A.

Model Builder, Model, Model Kit and Decal:

Ralph R.
  • 1/72 F-4B, VF-84 Jolly Rogers Hasegawa
  • 1/72 F-4S,
    VMFA 232 Italeri

Russ H.
  • "Itty-bitty" F-4s on USS Kittyhawk

Frank T.
  • 1/48 F-4J, VF-31 Monogram, SuperScale decals

Ray K.
  • 1/72 F-4D, USAF, 5 MiG Kills Monogram, kit decals

  • 1/72 F-4E Revell, kit stickers

Jeff E.
  • 1/48 F-4D, OR ANG Hasegawa, MicroScale decals
  • 1/48
    F-4E, NJ ANG Hasegawa

Frank C.
  • 1/72 F-4B, VF-111 Fujimi, MicroScale
  • 1/72 RF-4C,
    Spanish AF Fujimi, Cutting Edge decals
  • 1/72 RF-4C, USAF,
    Desert Storm ESCI, Xtradecal
  • 1/72 RF-4C USAF, Viet Nam
  • 1/72 RF-4E, Iranian IIAF Fujimi, Hi-Decal

  • 1/72 F-4C, HI ANG Fujimi, SuperScale
  • 1/72 F-4D, USAF
    Monogram, Fox-One decals
  • 1/72 F-4D, USAF Monogram, Fox-One
  • 1/72 F-4D, Republic of Korea AF ESCI, Cutting Edge
  • 1/72 F-4E, USAF Viet Nam Hasegawa, MicroScale
  • 1/72 F-4EJ, JASDF Fujimi, kit decals
  • 1/72
    F-4E, Israeli AF Fujimi, HiDecal
  • 1/72 F-4F, Luftwaffe
  • 1/72 F-4G, USAF, Desert Storm Fujimi,
  • 1/72 FGR.2, RAF Fujimi, Model Decal
  • 1/144
    F-4EJ, JASDF LS, kit decals

Hugh A.
  • 1/48 F-4C, 199TFS, HI ANG Monogram
  • 1/72 F-4C, MI
    ANG Revell
  • 1/72 F-4C, LA ANG Fujimi, SuperScale
  • 1/72 RF-4C, USAF Viet Nam IMC, SuperScale
  • 1/72 F-4G, USAF Italeri
  • 1/72 F-4J, VF-74,
    Bi-Centennial Revell, SuperScale decals
  • 1/72 F-4J, VF-92
    Revell, SuperScale decals
  • 1/72 F-4J, VX-4 "Blue Bird" ESCI,
    various letter sets

  • 1 Phantom of the Opera Mask Unknown

Totals Models:
  • 1/48: 4
  • 1/72: 26
  • 1/144: 1
  • Misc: 2

Award Winners:
Frank T.
  • Phancy Pheathers Phantom 1/48 F-4J, VF-31
Ralph R.
  • Phaded Phantom 1/72 F-4S, VMFA 232
Frank C.
  • Phully-Loaded Phantom 1/72 F-4D, USAF

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Phifty Years of Phabulous Phantoms

Phantom theme night: May 16th, 2008!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Region 1 Update 05-11-08

Hi everyone,
Attached is the latest Region 1 Update for your viewing pleasure!! As always, please share it with the officers and members of your chapter,Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there, and you know who you are, darlings!!


Post Noreastcon Debrief

I had hoped to get this out to everyone last week; however I’ve been as busy as the proverbial “One Legged Man” since we all returned from Schoharie. Two members of my staff have come down with medical issues, and it’s been crazy trying to provide coverage at these two facilities, interview prospective staff additions, on top of the regular BS. In short, sorry for the delay!!

Let me begin by thanking our hosts, IPMS Northeast New York for another fine event. They’ve do it so many times it almost seems it runs itself. But we know better!! Art, Nick, and the rest of the NENY gang get an everlasting tip of my cap for their efforts.

The base numbers show 110 Registrants and 343 models on the tables. 112 Walk in’s, and 30 families also came through the doors. What those numbers don’t tell is the high quality of the models on the tables. Best in Show went to Keith Bender for a very nice battleship, USS Connecticut. Congratulations to all that went home with an award!!

The business meeting was well attended this year, with 21 people in attendance, representing 9 Region 1 Chapters. I began by welcoming Region 1’s newest chapter, IPMS Penobscot Valley Modelers. Unfortunately, no one for this chapter showed up this year. I had been hoping they would have had a rep attend, but I guess we’ll have to wait till next year!!

I mentioned the IPMS Reviewers Corps is still looking for new members, and anyone interested should contact IPMS 1st VP Dave Morrissette for more information.

The fall mini-meetings were also covered briefly. I’m not sure if they’ll be held this fall yet, and if so, where. I’ll have more on this topic as the year progresses.

The IPMS Nationals will be held in Virginia Beach 6-9 August this year. All Region 1 members are urged to attend this year, as this will be about as close to our area as we can hope for it to be held. The main hotel is sold out, but there is plenty of other lodging available. Check the event site, which can be accessed through the IPMS web site for more details.

Everyone is urged to check the link to their chapters web sites on the IPMS home site. It’s been reported some of the links don’t work due to chapters changing sites and not passing along an update to the home office. Some have updated their info on the fact sheets, but that doesn’t always insure the links will be updated. Let me know if the link to your chapter’s site doesn’t work, and we’ll get it working again.

We talked a little about the Make and Take program, and some have indicated no response to requests to the IPMS Make and Take Coordinator. I’ve heard back from Steve recently, and he tells me he’s been behind the curve lately due to some personal issues, but is close to being back on track.

Finally, the banquet saw the awarding for the 2007 Region 1 Chapter of the Year award to IPMS Mid Hudson, the 2007 Region 1 Person of the Year award to Howie Belkin of IPMS Long Island, and the Noreastcon Cup awarded to our hosts, IPMS NENY, for the second year in a row!! It was a great pleasure to award Howie the Person of the Year award. Howie has been at this hobby a very long time, and he’ll be the first to tell you he has IPMS # 16!! He’s been an instrumental part of so many things here in Region 1, and he’s a really good guy on top of it all!! Congratulations again Howie!!

Next year, Noreastcon will again travel west, when we once again shuffle on off to Buffalo!! That’s right, IPMS Niagara Frontier will again be our hosts. And we all know the great job they do in hosting!! With our event being so far west, we can enjoy a good turn out from Region’s 4, and 2, as well as our Canadian brothers coming in force!! I’m looking forward to it!! While I won’t announce where we’ll be going after that, I will say we have a very cool host lined up, and I know we’ll have a great time with them!!

That brings us to the close of the Noreastcon debriefing for another year. Again, I’d like to thank our hosts, IPMS Northeast New York for a fine event, and remind everyone to model on!!

Doug H, RC-1

Historic Moment

Submitted by Hugh

Monday, May 12, 2008

Bulletin: May 2008

by Bobby P.
April was another great meeting with a turnout of 23 members, 2 guests bringing in 14+ models and WIPs for display.


SWAP MEET: Stuff was bought and sold, as it should be at a swap meet. Many members participated.

WORK IN PROGRESS NIGHT / FAVORITE MODEL: We had an entire table dedicated for this activity. My notes said that there were 7 WIPs on the table, but there had to be more than that. Each person spoke a few words about his WIP or his fav model. A lot of fun.

You can see pics from each meeting on Gordon’s blog:

On the agenda: May
Just how it sounds, Parts Box, bring in those spare parts that you don’t think you’ll need to share with the guys at the club. Guys part with some interesting pieces during this activity.

PHIFTY YEARS OF PHABULOUS PHANTOMS: We’re observing the fiftieth birthday of one of the most versatile and formidable jets ever built: The F-4 Phantom. Chances are you have a Phantom somewhere in your collection. Please dig out your Phantoms to bring in for this theme night!

CONTEST NIGHT 2Q08: This will be the second installment of the BPMS Annual contest. You know, the quarterly one that you put your work on the table and the members place their votes for their favorites. Those ballots will be combined with the votes of the other quarterly contests for the end of the year.

REGARDING PHOTO ROSTER STATUS: Hugh sent me a series of emails with the finished product. Let’s see if I can get it into the upcoming bulletins. Since it’s over six pages, I will, likely, be including one page per month, so you will have to save at least one page from the bulletin each month if you want to have the complete roster.
Our next meeting will be on May 16, 2008.