Tuesday, September 19, 2006

TIDEWATERCON Region2 Convention October 20-21 - Update

We are about a month away from the Region 2 Convention on October 20th and 21st. Please mark you calendars and plan to attend, this will be a exciting event. Let me elaborate on what is new.
- A FLYOVER by a Fighter Factory warbird. As you may have heard, Jerry Yagen has moved his operational planes to Virginia Beach. He has agreed to a flyby weather, airspace and maintenance permitting. We are optimistic! He is leaning toward either his Spitfire or Yak 3! The event will be sometime Saturday morning and I will send out an email when the time firms up. So plan to get to the show early, you don't want to miss this one!
- We also have a tour of the Fighter Factory operational hangars scheduled for Friday afternoon. There is no charge for this event, but given the late notice there is no bus, we will caravan in private vehicles. The hangars are only 20-30 minutes south. Departure will be 3:00pm from the Virginia Beach Convention Center and we will return by 6:00pm in time for the seminars to start. Included in the collection are a PBY, F4U, Avenger, Sea Fury, Spitfire Mk IX, Hurricane Mk XII, P-51D, P-40E, Stearman, Tigermoth, AD-4 Skyraider, PO-2, I-15 Bis and I-153. There is more info at his website: http://www.fighterfactory.net/ . There is currently no limit on this tour, but if you want to attend please email me by October 13th.
- Speakers - will run from 6:00pm - 9:00pm on Friday and 9:00am to 4:00pm on Saturday. Here are the highlights:
Friday: 6-7pm - National gold winner Joe Koenig on Armor Detailing or Professional modeler Richard Morgan on Modeling from Plan to Plastic
7-8pm - Author Lynn Ritger on the BF-109 (what else!) or Sci-Fi/Fantasy modeler Wes hawkins on Figure Painting
8-9pm - Entrepeneur Dave Klaus "How Meteor does historical Research" or locals Dave Thomas and John Gunther "your field/battle box"
Saturday 9-10 am - Author and Historian Dana Bell on "US Air Force Colors"
10-12 am - CAPT Dana Potts (former CAG) on the Legacy of the F-14
11-12am - Video star Floyd Werner on Modeling Techniques or National Gold Winner Scott Bregi on Working with Future
12-1pm - Noted illustrator and Naval historian David Baker (AD Baker III) on Boat Plans and illustrations
1-2pm - Dave Klaus on SBD Markings or IPMS Web warrior John Ratzenberger on modeling techniques
2-3pm - Andrew Rogers Preparing CAD Files for CNC/Stereolithography Work or David Jacobs Armor Weathering
The schedule may change so check the Region 2 website http://www.ipmstidewater.org/2con_home.htm for updates.
Vendors - Meteor (2 tables of their latest releases), Pace hobbies, Black Box, Cobra Co., Chesapeake Model Design, Nostalgic Plastic, Rare Plane detective, Iron Ship Wright.
Displays - The Elite Fleet RC ships, RC tank batleground, RC Big rigs, and a Monster stretched pickup.
There will be a Raffle both Friday and Saturday with some very nice prizes
Last but not least a contest that promises to bring out some really fine workmanship.
If you plan on attending - please send in your registration to save time and hassle at the door. If you need a hotel the great rate at the Double Tree is good through 20 September, don't wait to get a room.
Trophy Packages - We have too many packages left for sponsorship, almost all at the basic rate of $35 for category 1st, 2nd, 3rd and OOB. We have a few "best of" awards left - Diorama and Space Sci-fi. We would appreciate the assistance of clubs and individuals in trophy sponsorship. At no additional charge to you, we are adding an engraved plate with sponsorship information to each award. But there is a lead time for the engraving so please act now if you want to sponsor an award. Our websites lists the categories still available.
A lot of dedicated people in IPMS Tidewater with help from Hampton Road Scale Modelers and Northern Virginia have put in a lot of time to bring Region 2 and our friends in the surrounding regions an exciting show. This is an event that you do not want to miss! See you in Virginia Beach!
Best regards,
Charles Landrum
President IPMS Tidewater

Friday, September 15, 2006

Star Wars / Star Trek Theme Contest Reminder: December Meeting

December: Star Wars / Star Trek Anniversaries Theme

The December Theme Contest will be a combination STAR WARS / STAR TREK Theme Contest. This will commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek and the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars. The sponsors are: Jeff Eng, Rob Garitta, Ray Keegan, Scott Margo, and Bobby Pokorny. As you may notice, that’s a lion share of the sci-fi modelers of the club. I’ve designed entry forms that will have a registration number and not names on it. We will, likely, have other people judge this one so we may enter the contest as well. The theme: Build any Star Wars or Trek kit. This is to celebrate 30 / 40 years of the best science fiction that world had ever known. There are TONS of kits out there to kit any taste, style and budget. I recently ran a search for “Star Wars Model” on ebay and found anything from dirt-cheap plastic kits all the way up to limited edition resin kits. With that said we already have a plan for awards, and many certificates for certain works that may include:

“Most Bad-Assed Starship,”
“Best Cross-Over / What If,”
“Unusual Paint Job,”
“Best Hot Rod,”
“Best Legs,”
“Best Figure,”
“You came in that???”
“Best Weathered,”
“Coolest Hero,”
“Toughest Adversary,”
“Best Use of Lego.”

Who can honestly say they don’t have a single Star Trek or Star Wars model in their stacks? So we hope to see a lot of people try something different and build for this. If you should have any questions, feel free to speak with the sponsors directly.

Bulletin: September 2006


by Bobby the Blue

August had a great turn out. It appears that bbq has even more people coming out of the woodwork! There were 32 members and 3 guests in attendance who brought a grand total of 25 models.

NEW MEMBERS: It was the third meeting for Anthony and Matt L., so we just HAD to vote in this enthusiastic father / son team. Welcome to the fold, guys!

CONTEST NIGHT: We had our third installment of the annual contest. There were many spectacular models on the tables. The competition is fierce this year!

BBQ NIGHT: This was a brand new activity added to the roster this year. Vinny brought this to fruition; it was his idea, he made it happen, and he even did a lot of the cooking. $3 bought each person a one-way ticket to tasty grub (and gluttony!). Thanks to all the guys who pitched in and assisted.

LOSS OF A MEMBER: After the last meeting the officers were contacted by Mitchell Muntner. His brother, Larry had passed away from a heart attack. He was 59 and is survived by his twin brother, Mitchell, and bride of four months, Alicia Harris.

Larry was a life long Brooklynite. His High School years were spent at Erasmus Hall and he studied accounting at Kingsborough Community College. Earlier, he was a payroll clerk and for the last 20 years he worked as a mail clerk for the Department of Labor.

Since he’s been a member of the BPMS for many years (the Brothers joined back during our Floyd Bennett Field days), I think we will remember Larry best for his enthusiasm for so many aspects of the modeling hobby. He was part of a modeling team with his twin brother Mitchell and for 25 years they enjoyed building plastic as well as radio controlled models. More recently they discovered the joy of building wooden ships.

In his brother’s memory, Mitchell plans to keep the hobby in his heart and his life.

On the agenda: September

BLUE MODEL NIGHT: We’ve already had “Green” and “Gray” themed nights this year. We’d be very pleased if the membership would bring out some BLUE models for the September meeting. Any shape or form, as long as we see some blue on it! We’ll probably ask each person to tell us a little about his/her blue model.

SWAP NIGHT: Summer’s nearly over. You might want to make some space, so here’s a chance to bring in stuff you’d like to sell or trade. Don’t forget to bring money, too, cash is king and there’s no tab at this bar!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Speicher Support Update

Ship Date Ship Date
Item Total To Date 8-Sep-06 29-Aug-06
Model Kits 135 23 28
Brushes 10 0 0
Decal Sheets 8 0 0
Glue (Containers) 28 2 0
Knives 8 0 0
Magazines 16 0 0
Paint (Bottles) 65 5 6
Putty 3 0 0
Sandpaper/Sticks 15 0 5
Tweezers 13 0 0
Misc Tools 8 0 1
309 30 40
Kit Breakdown
Aircraft/Helos 93 20 15
Armor 14 0 6
Cars/Motorcyles 7 0 0
Figures 8 0 5
Ships 12 2 2
Miscellaneous 1 1 0
135 23 28

Friday, September 08, 2006